Worst Disney Channel and Nickelodeon Teen Sitcom Cliches

This list sums up every teen sitcom cliche in Disney Channel and Nickelodeon.

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21 Annoying content

See Mean-spirited undertones. - opinionsarenotwrong

22 Overrated Nickelodeon prisses
23 Teenagers as main characters
24 Bad-tempered, female, straight teenagers having arch-rivalries with spoiled, bratty, prissy teenagers
25 The unpopular/weird friend

How I feel about these characters vary. Most of the time they're stupid, very annoying, and practically embarrassing. They usually dress like an idiot and talk like one because they're trying to be funny, and it's just obnoxious. On the flip side, they could actually be likable and NOT a total ninny, but the main character treats them like crap because they're not popular. There's almost always episodes where the main character would ditch them for the populars, even though this person is supposed to be their friend! Whether this character is likable or not, this cliche sucks and these friend duos rarely have any reason as to why they're friends. - Cesium

26 Love interests

This is why 10-year-olds(or younger) want boyfriends/girlfriends. It's not realistic and it's just stupid. Also most of the character love interests are just liked because of their looks and have barely any personality. And they basically become a Mary Sue/Gary Stu. - Cesium

27 Dumb plots
28 Dating episodes

You have watched Save The Date, the episode on The Loud House? - DynastiSugarPop

29 Bland Acting

The God awful acting is unbearable! A plank of flipping WOOD could act better than the stiff, robotic actions and sayings of almost every sitcom character!

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