Teen Beach Movie


The plot line was just super random and I was hoping for more than just some cheesy musical that's trying too hard with the jokes. The characters are just so stupid and they have not much of a good personality. I especially hated the ending 'cause the girl just ended up staying with her boyfriend not knowing anything of what to do with her future instead of getting an education. Bad lesson, just stay with your love and follow your heart without folowiing your brain as well.

So my mother grew up watching 80's movies and she wanted to watch this so we started watching it together and only about 30 minutes in she stood up, said "You can shut it off now" and quietly walked out. She never wanted to talk about this monstrosity ever again. I ended up watching the whole thing and the effects were absolutely terrible and the acting and songs were extremely dreadful. This movie is dog crap. And the mad scientist part was just ridiculous.

First of all they copied the movie Grease, and who the hell surfs and then get stuck in a movie? Plus Disney channel wouldn't shut up about the movie, and then once it was played for the first time, you'd think its over. But no they still won't shut up they have a sound track and a sing along ugh!

The first time I saw it, it was okay. Now I can't even stand watching it. They're singing like EVERY SINGLE MINUTE. It's really annoying, and the actors suck. What annoys me the most is that Disney keeps airing it over and over again each week to make people watch it. They also call it "Disney's Hit Movie". That's a matter of opinion.

HORRIBLE. The setup is bad, the music is bad, the plot is bad, the characters are boring, the love is unrealistic, the movie is unrealistic, the villains are dumb (as always), there is no real danger, it's cheesy...I could go on and on. - emraldYE

Who the hell surfs and land in a movie? Plus they basically copied grease! And really evil scientists? Plus that maia person can't really sing. She isn't horrible but she isn't very good either.

At least come up with a good title. Teen Beach Movie? Wow, way to be generic, guys. And the plot? Must've taken, like, 10 seconds to think of, right? Or maybe even 11 seconds! Wow! - Garythesnail

It has Ross Lynch in it. Enough said. But really, no one with intelligence if any kind could POSSIBLY like this. This is EASILY the worst movie ever made anywhere. The songs in the movie are actually worse than the movie itself, as I always say the music on Disney is the worst. If you want proof that everything with Ross Lynch in it sucks, listen to the band R5 (worst band ever). - therootbeer

Why would they even make this? The plot is lazy, and it's just about the two worst actors in the world who are trapped in a 60's movie! And, this movie was practically encouraging having a boyfriend/girlfriend

I feel like I've said a fair amount of this movie already since I couldn't get past five minutes of it and I watched the entirety of ' Foodfight! But eh this by quality is definitely the worst of the DCOMs that I've seen so far, however I feel like this is one of those movies where you get what you expect, a corny and overly hammy cash grab that's only really watched if someone's rushing their kid through the morning. Nothing special or agonizingly anger-inducing that films such as Descendants carry over, it's just one of those films that you expect to be bad. Also was this their working title and they just forgot to change it? - Anonymousxcxc

I 100% agree, and I didn't even see it. The preview and acting looked too horrible to see. my fried said he wanted to see it and I was bewildered. The plot is stupid, also. I was shocked when I saw how lox Disney had stooped to.

My goodness... This stinks. It is just full of horrible humor. The plot is just nonsense. The characters have no backstory whatsoever. The songs are like those awful songs like Friday. And the acting is. So. CHEESY! Don't get me started on the title. It needs to be called Teen Beach Garbage. Story=1/10 Acting=1/10 Characters=1/10 Songs=1/10 Total=1/10

I saw so much potential in this movie back when I liked Disney. I saw it and was angered and sad about the potential going down the drain. What I want to know is this: HOW DID THIS CRAP GET A SEQUEL!?!?!?

I was actually looking foward to this before it came out. But after the first ten minutes I knew it was going to be torture watching the rest of it! The characters and the plot is so dumb! And the worst part of it all is that my little sister loves it so she puts it on every chance she gets! I'm so sick of this movie! So disappointing!

I wanted to like this movie. The idea of getting trapped in a movie. (If there aren't any other movies with a plot like that. ) was awesome! But in the end, I was disappointed. It was High school musical at the beach. Cheesy songs, bad acting and singing, terrible plot, bland characters, cheap sets, lame "villans", and a rancid moral to top it all off. Not saying that it's as bad as Lemonade Mouth, HSM, and How to Build a Better Boy though.

I thought it was very good actually and Maia Mitchell can sing. But it was hard for her because she had never recorded in a studio before. You probably actually you definitely couldn't have done any better than Maia did.

I really hate to say this but Lady In the Water sounds more interesting than this because at least that movie seems to have a "so bad it's funny" type of plot while this is just weird, awkward, and not very good. - Anonymousxcxc

I am so glad it's up here. In less than five minutes I stopped watching and moved on. Same with the sequel. - Anonymousxcxc

For your information, Miss Elementary School, it's not Forest Gump, it's Forrest Gump with two R's. And I do agree that the name is really stupid, but it's a good movie!

Yes, I was 13 when this movie came on and I just thought, 'What? ' Disney Channel showed it way too many times and it got old fast. Not that It was ever that good, though.

This is honestly an abomination of film. I understand that it's made for children, but when my 6 year old niece calls it "trash" you know you did something wrong.

Will think teen beach movie is cool and I love it they are saying it so many times because people like it to and it is big and if you don't like it who cares

God, this movie is just as annoying as ZOMBIES. It was awful script. The director should've thrown himself off a cliff instead of making the sequel. Though I have to admit the songs are pretty catchy.

Ross Lynch being his overrated and show off self. Mia Mitchel can't act to save her life. Imagine this is getting a sequel and not lemonade mouth

Disney Channel Original? There is nothing "original" about it. - RalphBob