You guys are just jealous because you can't make it and write your own TV show. Like I said haters are going to hate. How about you make your own TV show . I bet I see in the top ten worst Disney Channel shows. If I saw your show my eyes would melt. You guys say you want morals I'll give you one overall moral for all of these so-called worst Disney Channel shows. Now what!

Shake it up- there will be a lot of bumpy roads (a lot of them) in friendships but you will get through them together

Ant Farm- Once good friends, always GREAT friends

Austin and Ally- follow your dreams

Dog with a Blog- No matter who or what you are family will always love and accept you

Fish Hooks- (For parents who have children who don't like school) You will make it through school and you also love it
Jessie- Family will always be there for you

Hannah Montana- Even though your friends are famous you will have to overlook that be a TRUE FRIEND

Jonas L.A- Be who you want to be

Phineas and Ferb- (For parents who have children who go on the phone when there bored instead of going outside to enjoy the fresh air) Like Phineas and Ferb, make something fun not big but make some type of game

Crash and Bernstein- No one can bring you down if you don't let them

If you have a negative opinion and you say it Remember (Galalations 6:7-9) What YOU REAP IS WHAT YOU SHALL SOW

Now I just showed you 1 overall moral for all of these shows. Tell me I'm wrong that just means you don't listen, hear, and understand these shows. if it's and adult who reads this and you don't understand that just shows how you don't pay attention. All of this in this comment is coming from A LITTLE KID.



I agree. We learn so many positive things from those T.V. shows. It just seems pointless to diss them. - visitor

Those shows suck though. They may try to give a good message, but they screw it up in "Modern" Disney. Old Disney was SO much better. - visitor

As with the positive, comes the negative. And in some shows, the negative outgrows the positive. Jessie feels like there is no positive, as going a week without electronics is pretty easy if you live like them or are in nature, Shake It Up feels like the characters all hate each other, while claiming to be friends. This is coming from a girl who's in the pre-teens. Enjoy.
-Iisanyab - visitor

Why don't fans ever have an account? It's not that hard. P.S. Disney messes up the morals by adding lying and stealing and stereotypes and etc. That's why no one likes them. P.P.S I'll never make a show then give it to Disney because they'll makes everyone stereotypical. - Thatgirl

Some of these shows REALLY ARE OR WERE decent. - visitor

I know some of the people where rude with their comments but by being telling your post in a rude tone, your just sinking to their level. Also you have to understand though T.V. shows have morals, it's how they portray that moral that matters and sometimes Disney Channel tells the moral not very well. But yes haters will hate and lovers will love. - ThatkidwiththeContacts

And why would we write a disney channel show if we hate it? Why do you keep on bothering to click on these lists? If you LOVE disney channel, than go find dumb sites saying best disney shows or whatever. - visitor

That was a great point thank you - simpsondude

Some people seem to think that Disney can do no wrong. Untrue. I think Walt Disney himself would be sickened at some of the stuff they put on the channel named after him. - Therater2

They are awful. Done - visitor

I can write a decent story... I'm not jealous. I'm going to make one up as proof.

I look out the raindrop-filled window, bored to death. The gray, cold sky threatens to rain harder, and I look back at the board. My teacher is talking about math, and I stared down at my notebook. My classmate sitting next to me shows me a picture of the teacher as a half-duck-half-human, and I start to giggle. The teacher then stops the lesson and walks up behind us. Oblivious to the surroundings, I start to scribble a drawing of her as a pony, then show it to him. He tells me that ponies should burn in a hole. The teacher clears her throat, and I feel like a sword will stab my back, and look behind me. She asks in an authoritative voice what we're laughing about. The rest of the class giggles, and she swiftly looks behind her, and stares them down like a swooping hawk looking for prey. She puts attention back on us. I gulp and show her the picture I drew. She smiles, and asks for the other one. I start shivering, because along with fright, I forgot my sweater. My classmate finally takes his photo out, and the teacher says she'll show the class. I feel embarrassment, and I think my classmate did too. She holds the up, and the class laughed. She asked which one complemented her look better, and they pointed at mine. I had a look of happiness. My classmate looked at me, and I said sorry.

That's the end for now. How was it? Hope you liked it!
-Iisanyab - visitor

Just make an account. - cosmo

Why are THESE considered Hogh-Quality blogs? - Puga