RickyRants I: A Response to the 'Haters are gonna hate' Blog.

Here is another rant on this Ridiculous 'Haters are gonna hate' blog

You talk about the morals, but Disney is saying something else. And I am going to explain them:

Shake it Up: You talk about Friendship and all that, but at the times the characters make fun of CeCe, the girl is dyslexic for God's sake! how can you make fun of a dyslexic person and calling her dumb and all that? Is that what you think is good? And that episode that they made fun of anorexic people, even Demi Lovato had to say something about that...

A.N.T Farm: My God, they stereotype Paisley and Lexi, that is blatantly stupid and to make things ever worse, THEY'RE BLONDE, and how Paisley is portrayed is just plain stupid! even Lexi is portrayed as the mean blonde! and she is a cheerleader, not only do they stereotype blondes, they portray Cheerleaders as mean too!

Austin And Ally: Austin steals Ally's song and all of a sudden he becomes famous! Is that a good lesson to teach little kids? stealing can solve life's problems? and lets talk about the plothole that was there in the first episode and one of the later episodes. Austin gets interviewed by a radio guy and wants Ally to come along, so they get Trish to be Ally, but Ally is already famous, the Helen Show where she accidently caused a catastrophy on stage and it was uploaded on the internet, AND GOT A MILLION VIEWS!!! so how did the crowd not realise that Trish was an imposter? answer: The laziness of the writers. Speaking of Laziness; How Trish is stereotyped as a lazy individual who is always fired from every job she applies for...

Dog With A Blog: I Hate this show for the lazy writing of this show, really, A Talking Dog, yeah we've seen those a thousand times, and the cherry for the top of the cake, THE DOG BLOGS AS WELL! I mean, that's just downright lazy. And the Show isn't even funny, the moral you say is the only thing I actually agree with, but I don't even watch this show at times, but these dim-witted characters (Tyler) is getting old

Fish Hooks: Saw a few episodes and it was just God-awful, A rip-off of Spongebob and the jokes are just dumb.

Jessie: Oh Where can I begin, This show is just stupid, why hire someone off the streets, to be a Nanny for adopted kids of a model and a movie director, isn't that a bit unusual, even the way they ALL treat Jessie at times is a bit cruel and the kids. Ravi - a clear Stereotype of an Indian Kid, who isn't funny, Emma, another dumb blonde to invade Disney Channel and all she does is fangirl over guys she likes and is ALWAYS on the phone, Luke: Yay! Another Dumb Character! and has a crush on Jessie, who is old enough to be his older sister, and that creepy comment he said when there were two Jessies, and the other creepy comments when he is around Jessie, Zuri, why is Disney stereotyping Black Girls like this?! its not funny, that Diva attitude is just wrong and is that what they are teaching Kids? I am appalled, And we have Bertram the Butler: He is so Lazy and now Disney have decided to stereotype fat people?! and all the kids are nothing but spoilt brats!

Hannah Montana, Jonas LA and Phineas and Ferb are decent Disney Shows

Crash and Bernstein: I haven't watched this show and I am thanking God that I havent from what I heard.

My conclusion: You talk about morals, but you are missing the lessons that Disney are misinterpretating, stealing songs to become famous, if you are a blonde, be mean and act like a b***h to others. And the Stereotypes that Disney Creates can be offensive.


Thank you so much for writing this. Some of Disney's morals are out of whack. - Therater2

I agree with you - funnyuser

I also agree, the person who wrote that blog just said we were jealous and that if we made a show it would suck.. Why would we make a disney show? We're not JEALOUS. We just hate disney channel because the new shows suck. - visitor

Agree, Viva la... oh wait foreign language syndrome right there (viva la... ) XP - CerealGuy

Viva la France! No, just kidding.
-reference to Epic Rap Battles of History, check-
-Iisanyab - visitor

I hate Disney, and that is exactly why. - CardboardBox

Jessie sucks - visitor

You sir nailed it - EpicJake

All those shows are terrible. - Garythesnail

Every show on this blog sucks - Connor360

The person who made that blog is an idiot - visitor

I must agree with your way of thinking. And Disney, making fun of eating disorders and dyslexia?! HOW HAVE PARENTS NOT FREAKED OUT?! Derpy gets "fixed", yet this can slide?! This is horrid! The haters gonna hate guy really screwed up and forgot about this!
-Iisanyab - visitor

I COMPLETLY agree with you. - Minecraftcrazy530

I hate Disney! - cosmo

I agree and I hate those fan-splosins "oh your jealous! This is the best show ever! You suck if you hate it! " it's so annoying! - Thatgirl