A.N.T. Farm

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If you were to look up sadist in the dictionary, this show would be THE TOP example. I hate Lexi with passion. She is one of the meanest characters Disney has ever created. What pisses me off the most is that nobody does anything to stop her bullying. There was once this new girl to the A.N.T Farm, Violet, who saw Lexi's bullying and stood up to her...which made no one want to be her friend. This whole episode was about the gang trying to fix what Violet did in order for the school to go back to it's "natural order"; Lexi bullying who she thinks is beneath her. HONESTLY, DISNEY?!?! "Friends For Change" my ass! I swear every thing that comes out of that little slut's mouth makes my blood boil. She's worse than Nellie Olsen from "Little House on the Prairie". Another problem I have with this show is Chyna's older brother, Cameron. Give him a break! This kid is the Meg Griffin of this show. In the newest season, the characters moved to a special school for ...more

To me ANT farm is a joke listen I have nothing against the cast, but for real this show has nothing, but low quality, dumb characters, stupid plot and too much singing and I know some people won't agree with me and they'll probably say" oh ANT farm is a great show" ANT farm fans please just hear me out don't get under my skin just hear me out how how can you like ANT farm what is so special about it? Okay let's start from the characters Chyna:My least favorite character, nothing but an annoying show-off and I don't get why she is always singing she doesn't have good voice people don't get that she uses auto-tune and also she's not funny at all I don't get why people always move to her songs and laugh at her jokes. Olive:Why in the living hell do they put her on the show it's okay that she knows a lot, but she is usually a jerk to everybody I have no idea why people like her Flethcer:I personally LOVE Jake Short I really have nothing against him, but his character Fletcher ...more

My brain, it HURTS!

Okay so the fact that Austin & Ally has over 1000 haters and critics, while the same people who say such harsh, mean things about A&A, but they say that this show 'Eh, it's just okay' proves haw many idiots the Internet franchise has.

Let's get started with the plot. Mainly taking place in San Francisco High School Webster High (Z-Tech B. S in season 3) Whoa! Time out! If they're 11/12 year olds, how the heck are they in High School? It wouldn't been okay if this show takes place in Bulgaria since they allowed students to start from 5th grade, but why is in the United States? Anyways the show features the misadventures of these six characters who are more lacking characters then in a teen soap opera! The three protagonists Chyna Parks (a musical prodigy), Olive Doyle (an Eidetic memory) and Fletcher Quimby (an Art prodigy) and their three supporting characters Lexi Reed (High School Prep! ), Cameron (loser kid who acts like a Jock) and Angus (Computer ...more

I think this is the worse one ever. My neighbor loves it, and one time I went to her house for a sleepover. In the night she put some episodes on, and I just felt uncomfortable watching it. This is teaching a bad lesson to kids. If your untalented and unfunny then you can be on a Disney show! This is probably one of the worst lessons that kids can hear. We saw this episode where the principal trapped all of the students personalities into frozen yogurt, and Chyna had to save them by eating the frozen yogurt. Like what the heck? That is probably the worst episode. Who came up with that, and where they high making it? Not to mention the cringe-worthy characters. Here is just an idea on why the characters make me want to throw up.

Chyna- She is nice enough, but pretty dumb. She is good at music, but everything else makes her look dumb. She is also not funny at all. Is she trying to be funny or to make us all vomit?

Olive- She's a know it all. She acts like she knows ...more

God, this show was terrible. The characters were generic, the jokes sucked, and the episodes gave audiences nothing to take with them. Getting through one episode of this was a hassle and I found myself cringing in disturbance and wallowing in boredom whenever I watched it.

China is a complete Mary Sue. She's over-talented, never in the wrong, and praised by teachers and students, with her only haters being people who are jealous of her. Not a character that I, or anyone in her group could relate to. Not to mention, she's a self-insert, literally being named after her actress and being intended to "emulate" her personality, which basically means, they're depriving her of all realistic character flaws and making her a special little girl, with a bunch of talent, and an overall, one-dimensional personality.

Fletcher is an unfunny chew-toy-character and his only role in the show is to suffer through unsatisfying pain, and to be the butt of every lame joke. He's not funny to ...more

This show is pretty bad. I feel bad for poor Cameron, everybody in the show makes fun of him. In the show, Chyna stands up to Lexi all the time! Why won't she stop Olive for teasing Cameron? Also, on the topic of Chyna, why does she have to sing every single episode? We get it, She can sing! Stop shoving it in our faces! Why won't she let Lexi sing anyways? She's not a very bad singer, she should have a chance to sing! But no-oo, We can't have another singer in the show! We can only give the spotlight to our precious Chyna! (Sarcasm). Also, why does Fletcher, and Chyna, and Violet and those other "A.N. ts" have to be in HIGH SCHOOL? I bet, Fletcher and Chyna and the other A.N. ts won't be able to take all those high school subjects. I get Olive and maybe Angus, but the others, NO! I get it if they take special classes like special classes for music and art, but in the show, it shows them in all the regular classes!

Olive is actually really annoying, just like Chyna, ...more

Ugh. Okay, so first of all, this show is NOT funny. It has ANNOYING humour, made even MORE annoying with THOSE REALLY ANNOYING LAUGH TRACKS.

Also, the whole IDEA of the ANT program is stupid and pointless. Putting kids into high school just because of IRRELEVANT talents? No, just no.

When I told someone I was going into the gifted program, they immediately said "Oh, like ANT Farm? " NO. I actually really wanted to slap that person for saying that.

And then there's the characters! UGH. Olive's silly fears and Chyna not knowing how to play a triangle and things like that... Those are just part of this show's EXTREMELY ANNOYING AND UNFUNNY "humour". A lot of this show is about the characters having or trying to get boyfriends/girlfriends... THEY ARE KIDS.

Lexi is a WALKING STEREOTYPE for popular cheerleaders.


Olive, despite her memory, IS A IDIOT!

I doubt that the creators of this show have ever even ...more

I don't know why this show is on disney channel I mean Chyna is acting like shes nice but shes not with her music talent on the show she thinks that she is more higher then everyone and she rite songs that are horrible and she needs to stop being on disney she so mean she doesn't deserve any respect she thinks shes the best singer in real life too Olive thinks shes the smartest person in the world but she can be smart without having photographic memory Fletcher is cute and nice but he is act like he's dumb and sometimes awkward Lexi is so selfish but not so as Chyna Cameron and Paisley are dumb I don't know why ANT farm is even exist they think they are the number 1 show because they are so talented but in real life they possibly can't even make their lunch by them self they learn kids how to be dumb because their fans think they are the most talented kids in the world I don't hate their fans I hate ANT farm I can't believe they try to replace the Suite Life

Seriously? Do you have anger issues? And by the way, they "learn" kids? Look who's dumb now

Awful they can't sing and how are they in high school when all they do is sing and do art plus if this is supposed to replace suite life why disney why

Chyna is a stupid girl who can't dance and can't sing. She acts like she is so cool and funny. She says cameron is ugly, Well chyna is uglier. Olive is a Little know it all and think she bosses everyone around and thinks she is so cool. She is like " Interesting factoid ( I don't know how its spelled ) More like Boring dumb factoid. Angus is a gross little idiot. Olive was right to not go out with him. Angus is stupid with no life. He is fat and ugly. He thinks he can get every girl. Well if he thinks that he is dumb. Fletcher is stupid. He tries to get chyna to love him every episode. I always say " SHUT UP SHE IS NOT INTERESTED " But I don't get how a idiot can love a bigger idiot. Lexi is a little B I t ch who thinks she can boss everyone around and she thinks she is the most prettiest girl. I seen better looking walrus. Paisley is the funniest one but very stupid. - Matthewlee2003

Chyna can so dance and is an amazing singer. She is also gorgeous. And a sister calling a brother unattractive is just natural. It's sweet how in love Fletcher is. And every show needs an antagonist. This one is Lexi. Do you know nothing about T.V. ? Every show has an idiot

The only problems with this show is that some of the songs are terrible. If Disney thinks they can make it educational by making the character Olive spout out facts about things they are saying in the conversation, Disney is wrong. I haven't remembered any of these facts. It is not terrible, it just needs to fix their characters, to make them show their talents-(art and singing is a talent)-more often and make the characters change more often. Fletcher keeps trying to make Chyna love him, Olive keeps pushing Angus away, and all they are doing is changing the setting and what the characters do in the setting. But Disney is being consistent, a bit too consistent.

Honestly, the biggest plot hole in this show is the fact that these kids are in high school. Disney T.V. shows obviously have a target audience that hone in on kids, but when I used to watch this as a kid, I would always wonder how these characters coped with high school work. There seems to be more focus on their talents (Art and music) than any brief mention of actual HOMEWORK. Is the fact that their talented the only reason they're in high school? Are all aspects of English, Math, Science, and Social Studies suspended due to their exceptional talents? And do they really get I-pads (the shows version of I-pads, 'ANT pads') JUST because they're in the A.N.T farm? That right there used to make me wonder just how the school sponsored this for only a select amount of students, that only being those who are 'advanced naturally talented'. Does no one else in the school get this privilege?
Overall, ANT Farm was ANOTHER disastrous show made by a deteriorating Disney Channel before it got ...more

I admit, when I saw the first episode, I was 10-11 years old. I thought it started off good. I mean, I was around the same age as these kids, and going through high school felt like a dream that I'm living through them. But um... this show went upside-down somewhere.

First off, the characters are once again flat. This is a recurring mistake Disney Channel has been doing for the past 7-ish years since 2016, I must say. Chyna, a talented multi-instrumentalist, was a character I had hoped I could relate with, since I too play several instruments. But then the show had to make her good at every single instrument, making her this character that was very different to me (as a wallflower, and she was a social butterfly or something). And then Olive, ugh. She was so annoying. She reminded me of this classmate I had, who tried to impress everyone of her knowledge when in the end a lot of people got fed up with her (I feel bad when I look back at it all). And Fletcher is this artist, who ...more

I kinda like this show, but sometimes the plot of the episode can be a bit boring and childish, and the characters can be annoying (especially Fletcher and Lexi) and chyna can get bossy and Lexi is a poor role model, so here are my character reviews:

Lexi, (Stephanie Scott)
Lexi is a cheerleader and a spoiled brat who gets what ever she wants 24/7 and her brainless "best friend" does what ever she wants. And she (Lexi), is very rude to the younger students, especially the A.N. ts, (chyna, olive, Angus, etc) and is just a mean and rude person, if you don't want your kids to act like her, don't let them watch this show, or any other Disney Channel shows.

Olive, (Sierra McCormick) olive is a human computer who memorizes everything she sees, hears, or reads. She is very talkative, but sometimes gets on my nerves, especially when she starts dancing, and says "holla" every time she stops being weird. And she is a total Know-it-all.

Fletcher, (Jake ...more

I hate ANT farm only because they try to turn kids into brats people don't let your children to watch ANT farm they give bad influence let's start from the characters:Chyna-so she's a musical prodigy, but she is very dumb I mean I never seen her showing smarts at math history english spanish science by the way she can't sing and she always act like Sonny:Olive-she's not that smart how can you call a person who blows a lot facts smart and I don't believe that she knows 57langueges I never seen her speaking spanish french japanese italian detush or any other language I don't want to mention the other characters so how can this show be like the old disney shows ANTfarm sucks

It's the worst show ever. It should have been called S.U.C.K. farm (stupidly untalented celebrity kraziness farm). It's sad China cannot play a triangle. Angus is unappealing and does illegal things like disguising illegal programs as video games. God Olive, get a life and stop being so scared off every little thing. The laughter track means they don't care about the jokes. Viewers that like this garbage have no life. By comparison, a 5 year old would come up with a better plot. I am erupting when I hear this show on. This should've been an insect documentary by animal planet based how many people panned this show.

Hate this show. I used to love disney channel but know I hardly watch it. I hate china she thinks shes amazing and fletcher is even worse, always obsessing over china and gibson is terrible too. Its predictable and none of the jokes are funny and seriously having paisley in it. It teaches kids that its ok to laugh at people who aren't as smart as them. Its not funny to laugh at people who have no brains. Disney has used paisleys dumb card too over the top. I can't stand any of the characters they all know their gifted and are stuck up because of it.

THIS SHOW WANTS ME TO BARF! Why did they even try to replace suite life. If Disney thinks that people really enjoy this show, they're crazy. Walt Disney would be so disappointed. Chyna thinks too much of herself. Do you really think that it's possible to skip 3-4 years just because they have some stupid skills. Then there are the ipads. I would be so jealous if I saw a bunch of kids walking around with ipads IN school. None of the jokes are funny, the plots are stupid. And the acting is horrible.

Character Review in MY opinion:

Chyna: Some stupid, ugly girl who is apparently "talented" or something. Yeah, right. She thinks she can sing and dance but, NEWS FLASH! She can't. She gets everything she wants. I HATE her! She is the worst character. And whenever she cracks a joke, I want to barf.

Olive: Some smart, unfunny girl. She thinks she's so pretty and everything. She's not. She is SO ANNOYING! She's always going "interesting factoid" and I WANT TO PUKE!

Fletcher: Yay! Another ugly, annoying boy who has a crush on the main character. GOSH. How many times does Disney have to do these boys? He's so posed to be good at art, but no damn child can do art that good! HE ANNOYS ME SOOO BAD!

Lexi: Blonde. Pretty. AND SO DANG MEAN! Is Disney trying to teach us to bd like that? Are they trying to teach kids that you should despise cheerleaders because they are that mean? My cousin is a cheerleader and has never been that ...more

A.N. T Farm stands for advanced natural talents. Seriously? Sending under-aged children to high school? What about all those other hard subjects? These people are also so dodgy. Advanced Natural Talents? More like Annoying Narcissistic Turds! Chyna is no where close to a music prodigy. Interesting factoid: Olive should really shut the hell up! And that idiot Fletcher is dumber than my sister who is 4! How is he in high school? This show sucks!

I get that age doesn't matter and that the subjects are still the same, just more in depth, but still there are things like stereotypes and unfunny humor in ANT Farm. - Anonymousxcxc

You are making horrible points. Have you even watched it recently

This show is one of the shows that made Disney even WORSER. Disney expects shows they buy to be watched worldwide! This show? It's just a wannabe iCarly.A.N. T Farm, Shake it Up and Dog with a Blog are the worst Dosney in history of Disney. This has done no good to Disney. Also, they show kids crappy jokes by playing a dumb laugh track. When I first saw this, one show came to my mind iCarly! Chyna (a kind girl and has good grades just like Carly) Olive (just a know it-all like Sam) Fletcher (a nerdy guy who has a crush on Chyna just like Freddie and Carly but later Fletcher and Olive were a thing just like Sam and Freddie! I grew up with up with both Nick and Disney and it annoys me to see how unprofessional and uncreative they're being. A lot of 90's kids are known to have the best childhood due to the shows in Nick and Disney but has anyone realised that Nick and Disney are doing the same to this century

This show is terrible, unrealistic, annoying, stupid, and unfunny, the third season is the devil's incarnate in children's television! Campaign prodigy? WHO THE HECK SKIPS A PERSON FOR A FEW GRADES FOR BEING A CAMPAIGN PRODIGY!? I could make an awesome campaign... For something and then OH MY GOSH I'M A CAMOPAIGN PRODIGY! Not really, but... You get the point, right? They're treated like geniuses even though they're really dumb kids. And don't get me started in the change of cast. They removed all the memorable characters and replaced them with dumber characters. I used to like this show. I ask myself why.

I hate this show. I'm training to be a music teacher someday, My parents have a business where they teach music, a school. My parents started teaching me at a young age and I could (more or less) play the same amount of instruments Chyna can play on the show when I was 12. I still go to a normal public school! I'm still in the same grade as my schoolmates in kindergarten. Why don't I get to skip several grades?

Do you know why?
Cause I didn't know how to do advanced math, science, English, and a bunch of other high school subjects. What makes her special? I'm now in grade 12 and earning my high school diploma without cheating my way out of it like Chyna and her stupid friends.

Ant farm is a really a dumb show it shows kids to be stupid. China can't even sing she's a wanna be to even add it shes ugly all famous people aren't suppose to be hideous. Look at Selena gomez's face and compete it at chinas. Selena can sing and china can't, famous people are suppose to be talented. China is a stupid ugly and a stupid clown. That's my opinion

ANT Farm is a amazing show its teach kids about music, subjects, art and technology China is not stupid her prodigy is music and its her choice not yours Olive might know everything if you want to know everything then study all night and day and her acting is not terrible and her dancing does not suck Fletcher is not annoying and awkward and sure he has crush on China but you can't help obvious you don't know the meaning of true love and so his prodigy is Art so that his talent and he is not boring and he is funny Lexi sure she is mean and she is the Cheerleader captain Paisley so what if she dumb she might have been born like that and Cameron is not dumb if you agree with me thank you you are a true Disney fan