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Bizaardvark is an American comedy series starring Madison Hu, Olivia Rodrigo, Jake Paul, DeVore Ledridge, and Ethan Wacker. The series premiered on Disney Channel on June 24, 2016.


It is UNBELIEVABLE how much I hate this show. Thank goodness Jake Paul has been fired because no he isn't number one. He's the worst role model in history and Disney should be ashamed. Then they had to worsen things with Jojo Siwa! Really? Paige and Frankie have a brittle friendship as Frankie is a hot-tempered control freak and Paige is annoying. As for Bizaardvark itself, it's a simply atrocious mess that further highlights the fact that RANDOM DOESN'T EQUAL FUNNY. Seriously, how can anyone call such trash hilarious? What irks me the most is that Paige and Frankie are conceited. If there's anything worse than awful jokes and nonexistent jokes born from an over-used laugh soundtrack is when the person or people who perform these jokes think they're hilarious. They're not. Paige and Frankie's lack of modesty is unbelievable, and I remember one episode where somebody kidnapped them because he thought they were so funny they could make him funny too! But they're NOT funny, this was just ...more

Bizaardvark, the most stupidest show that nobody will watch! This show won't even last a season. Whenever I see a promo or episode coming on I turn the channel to something else like watching houses being renovated that is more entertaining and definitely better than Bizaardvark!

When Disney mentioned Bizaardvark on their channel, it already looked bad ( even when they were singing about that endangered species or whatever) Seriously, Disney has ran out of ideas! Mostly all Disney's 2016 shows are the worst!

All the characters are so painfully stupid, the plot is incredibly weak, and the jokes aren't funny at all. If Disney is going to try and ripoff YouTube, they could at least get some basic facts about it right.

Bizaardvark is literally just really annoying. Whenever they're promo or videos are on I immediatley change it to another channel, They literally sound like they're trying (Which they probably are) and aren't even funny. At All. I found old Disney better and this new show is completely sad. Some of their promos just get on my nerves, the one with the blobfish? Not even funny.

Show is so annoying and makes YouTubers look stupid and like their job is easy. I have more respect for the people who actually edit the videos. I mean seriously who goes on a rant to find a hater and shows up at their house? Disney is just going downhill all together. This show is truly one of the dumbest and most cringe worthy shows ever!

The promos are super annoying. Especially the out of nowhere aardvark that appears and disappear while you're watching a program. I almost can't stand watching Disney Channel now because of it.

It was honestly hard to pick just ONE show to vote down, but this needs to be higher up. I've kinda given up my faith in Disney already, but seeing all the ads for this show have just deepened the wound. Disney should just stop making new sitcoms and put on reruns from the good ol' days. Suite Life, Good Luck Charlie, Wizards of Waverly Place, anything but this garbage!

For some reason when I watched Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs on Disney Channel, the Bizaardvark logo showed up for some reason. It's dumb. I heard Disney is going downhill and Bizaardvark is supposed to bring back the popularity. Stupid. I predict that even Shake it up will be better than this trainwreck.

This is a really bad show. Paige and frankie are terrible role models. I'm doing a countdown to when this show will get cancelled. Do yourself a favor and watch mech x 4 instead.

This show is just plain disgusting. Bland jokes, basic plot lines, and they are not funny AT ALL. The theme song is disturbing too... nobody wants to look at a random foot and listen to those two girls "sing". Is this how Disney is trying to appeal to little kids who want to keep up with the social media trends? Pathetic.

Well when your theme song is literally the sentence let's go make some videos over and over again and the sequence looks nonsensical you can tell that the show looks bad without ever having to watch it. - Anonymousxcxc

I couldn't even make it through a 30 second ad, and I'm surprised nobody took the audience's thoughts into account because that would pull Disney out of the hell-pit they're in now.

My opinion is that this show is a total rip off Game shakers and Icarly just remove it it's so stupid No wonder Disney Went down the hill! I expected better from you Disney!

Not only is this show stupid it's also boring. It's basically a bunch of 14year olds or something, running around doing """CoMedY"""! RAWR it's a rip off of icarly and will put you to sleep. The skits are more 12 year old sleepover activities than """CoMedy"""! RAWR don't watch if you have something else better to do like breathing otherwise you'd just be wasting your time.

This show is about two annoying girls who run a crappy YouTube channel. The plot of every episode is that they get involved in drama with another terrible YouTuber (is this a Keemstar sitcom? ). The jokes are annoying the characters are stupid and the plot is boring and predictable. The show also contains two side characters (Dirk and Ameilia) who somehow manage to be worse than the main ones. Both of them are boring teenage stereotypes who somehow became popular on YouTube. Their side plots are both pointless and mindless. One example is the episode Crossover where there plot is Ameilia trying to give Dirk a makeover. REALLY! Also there is some weird little kid who is supposed to be the "manager" of Bizardvark. He only exists for poop jokes. This show is so mindless and stupid that you should never watch it, EVER! I find it hard to believe that this was made by the same channel as Gravity Falls.

If you want to see how bad this is yourself just watch the commercial. It is ...more

Most annoying promos for this show! I think the actual show is going to be just as annoying!

The acting is just so bad. Like seriously, I have never seen worse acting on any television show ever.

This has gotten to be not only the biggest Disney Channel disgrace ever, but also one of the worst shows I've ever seen. What ever happened to Jessie? That was an awesome show!

This show is honesty the worst show that was ever created. It is a worse version of ICarly which was a great show. These actors are are making the show even worse. First off, the jokes arnt funny at all. And what does Bizaardvark even mean?! The videos are absolutly stupid, and it is honestly the worst show ever. It won't even make another season. I'm surprised the show even aired. And what is that animal that Disney advertised? Like come on. This show has no plot and is far from entertaining. They over react about absolutly nothing. So unrealistic.

Awful television. Disney please cancel this show immediately.

Okay I haven't even seen this show and I already know that it's really bad (I've seen the promos and apparently my stepsister watches this as I have overheard it like maybe two or three times from the main T.V. in her house). - Anonymousxcxc

Horrible acting and an obvious poorly-done rip-off of iCarly. This deserves top 10

I hate this show with the passion because it's so annoying I wish they take this show off the air please!

It looks like Disney Channel just went down the toilet. It's basically another Hannah Montana style sitcom. Now, why did Disney Channel have to make Bizaardvark? Seriously, it's not funny! It's just plain dumb. This is definitely one of the worst T.V. shows I have ever seen! Bizaardvark is sending the wrong message to children watching this show. It has zero moral values and no respect. We didn't ask for another sictom to air on Disney Channel. Let's find out what went down on this piece of garbage.

The storyline looks like it was copied from a Nickelodeon sitcom iCarly. Two girls make their own website with cheesy music videos on the Internet. The green screen effect looks terrible with a bunch of actors singing along. People on the internet say mean comments about their videos. Ha ha not funny. Obviously, this mockery of the YouTubers look bad.

The characters are very, very aggravating and pathetic. Paige and Frankie can't make good internet videos to entertain the ...more