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Crash & Bernstein was an American live action television comedy series with puppetry which premiered on October 8, 2012 and ended on August 11, 2014 on Disney XD. Created by Eric Friedman, the series centered on a boy with three sisters who wishes to have a brother. His wishes come true when a puppet more.


Worst show ever made by Disney. Crash and Bernstien is a terrible show. Terrible acting, unfunny jokes, and completely unlikeable characters. For some reason, Disney thinks that all they need is pop music and "cute" boys to entertain preteen girls, and all they need is farting and belching to entertain preteen boys. It's disgusting and sexist, just like this show. All the girls are dim-witted fashion, texting obsessed snobs, and all the boys are lazy disgusting idiots. The theme song is absolute crap, as so are the characters (if you'd even call them that) let's take a look at them, shall we?

Crash- An ugly Muppet wannabe, who's an unfunny version of Bart Simpson and Stewie Griffon combined. He's also incredibly stupid and unlikeable. His performer is a can't act in the slightest. I imagine that he was auditioning for the 2011 Muppet movie, but his acting skills were so bad that he was rejected, so he decided to make his own show, and hired the crappiest cast and crew ...more

Okay, at first, I wanted to give this show a try, even though pretty much loves making sitcoms with toilet humor, bland characters and bland plots, but I said 'Don't judge a book by its cover' I was wrong, very wrong.

So, this kid Wyatt enters a toy shop and creates this puppet, he names it crash, it later turns out it's alive and can talk (Wow, we haven't seen that before! )

Okay, that may seem a little like nitpicking, but that's not what bothers me the most, it's.

First off, the humor: it's pretty much just toilet humor, just gross, not funny, and trying hard to be gross but just fails at being too gross and fails at being funny at the same time

Then, the plots. They're just stupid and uncreative, not much to say

Now, here are the worst things about this show, the acting and the stereotypes.
Amanda, is well, guess what she is? She is a blondie. Then, you guessed it? She's an annoying brat that is on the phone all day! Very creative Disney ...more - BMEG

There were some shows I had expectations for, this was not one of them. I would seriously give you an award if you can handle more than 5 minutes of this horrible excuse for a show.

Where do I even begin? Oh, let's start with the fact that this show is completely pointless. Shake it Up and ANT Farm are awful and have terrible morals, but this show has NONE whatsoever.

The story: A kid probably 12 years old comes from a a family with lots of sisters and not one brother. He feels all sorry for himself like people wish that on him. He's a selfish jerk who feels all sorry for himself because of his siblings. Then, his saving grace is an annoying reject Muppet who might be the single most annoying character on Disney now.

He and "Crash" do asinine things everyday, like sailing off to an island and fighting Bigfoot who turns out to be some guy with a lot of hair. I facepalmed myself off the galaxy with that episode. And the other ones aren't any better.

Quite ...more

This show is just plain bad. First of all, the intro is so terrible I want to gouge my eyes out and rip out my inner ears. Ok, now we covered the terrible intro, time to get into the nitty gritty main course: the characters the "plot", and the so-called comedy. Well the characters all suck, and I personally want to beat the main character. The plot is based on a stupidly absurd idea, and the comedy is unfunny to put it lightly, and the overused laugh track only makes it worse. The show tries to appeal to older teenagers with its "more adult" feel, but in doing so it makes both kids and adults hate it. Tons of cartoon shows have put adult humor and stuff like that in their shows and you don't notice it until years after, whereas here they try to jam whatever excuse they have for "adult humor" down your throat the moment you start watching.

I've only seen part of an episode and I have to say, this show really sucks. First of all, whats Elmo doing on Disney? Really Disney, really? Is that what it's come to? Secondly, the intro is just horrible. So horrible I just want to jam my eyes out. All it the intro is is Crash rapping "CRASH AND BURN" then the fat kid saying "STIEN" over and over again. God, that's not rapping. Now let's talk about the show itself.. Basically about a kid with an all female family, thinks he's left out, and goes to some make a puppet place and makes Crash. He some how comes to like and agree to be brothers. Well, that's totally realistic. The sisters are just how all girls are. Especially the older sister. All she does is text and go out with friends. She doesn't even care about her family. In the episode, the older sister had to watch her younger siblings while her mom was gone. All she did was go out with a friend leaving the younger kids alone. Wow, what a lesson for kids! The jokes are horrible ...more

It seems Disney really loves feeding us with the flaws of common media today, and not the pros. My brothers used to watch Disney Channel, and this came on about four times a day. Somehow they enjoyed it, while I sat down and just wanted to get the remote from the table and change it. Seriously, what happened to Disney Channel when it was actual animation, and not this...?

First con of the show is the characters. Yes, it's full of gender stereotypes, sexism, clich├ęs, and unenjoyable acting. The biggest example are the two main characters; Wyatt and Crash. Wyatt has some of the worst jokes I have heard on television, and acts as if he is the only boy who comes from a family that consists of several girls. Don't get me started on Crash; the best word to describe him is annoying, don't forgot stupid and moronic. And second, the theme and plot of the show. Yes, the theme isn't even actual rapping, and makes Ice Ice Baby look amazing. The plot is even worse; Wyatt being a jerk ends ...more - Swellow

This is by far the worst show. Some boy with 3 sisters, a mother and no father finds this rejected muppet and it becomes his brother and goes to school with him. Seriously? Are you trying to teach kids that they wil become cool for bringing some puppet to school? It later becomes the most popular "kid" in the school. What the heck! What puppet do you know in real life that can speak on its own? Maybe this would have been an okay cartoon.

Character reviews-

Bernstien: this kid couldn't act for his life. He is a nerd who is tryin to be popular and get girls (what else would a main character on disney do :/ )

Crash: as I said, he's just a dumb puppet that's supposed to be some sort of funny but he's annoying and his voice just creeps me out. he's a puppet right, that means some creepy man must be controlling him.

Bernstiens little sister: shes a spoilt brat that cries and gets what she wants, as is every little girl on disney.

Bernstiens older sister: A ...more

I'll admit though that there are so many problems with this show. Where do I even begin: The comedy itself is kind of mediocre at best. None of them made me laugh in a slightest with some exceptions. And it feels kind of trying too hard. And none of the characters are memorable or likable in the slightest. Crash is an unlikable jerk and Wyatt is a bit bland and none of the supporting characters help the show either. So yeah, It's kind of a mediocre show for me. Won't recommend it to anyone though but that's fine if you like the show

First of all, it has a HORRIBLE theme song, I mean all they say is "Crash and Bern-STEIN! " over and over again with a 5 second long verse. Well, besides that... the acting is terrible, I can't see a single character of that show proceeding with their acting careers... Now let me get started on the puppet (Crash), the whole puppet becomesaliving creature bs is the stupidest (I am aware stupidest is not a word) thing I've ever heardof, and not only is he a living creature, but he is a home-wrecker, no, not the kind that ruins relationships, but he litterately wrecks their house apart. Now the kid, he is Crash's little puppet (ironic huh? ) he follows everything Crash says! Besides that, the mom: she will let her kid do anything he wants with Crash, despite her dislike of Crash
The teenage daughter: Stupid, bratty, texting and boy obsessed... yup.
The dark haired girl: I'm pretty sure no girl her age wears clothes like that, and by the way what is with her and her brother sharing ...more

Crash and Bernstein is a terrible show. Yeah, there's a fat kid who's best friend is a rejected muppet, kids can TOTALLY relate to that. I like good luck charlie because kids CAN relate to that and the plot is interesting. Also I don't care what this blog says I LOVE Shake It Up.

I think it is horrible and there, and there are so many reasons why, I will only tell you a few. The first reason is the theme song. The second reason is they copy and make the muppets look bad. And the last reason is, how does cleo get all the money to produce her products when her family is really poor. There the reasons why I hate crash and Bernstein. Thanks for listening.

A fat, obese boy bored with his life. A package comes and pops out a MUPPET WANNABE! Seriously, if a puppet TALKED to me, I be scared as heck! The boy just has sisters and claims that he's miserable and stuff. Then, they get in trouble and everyone gets caught up in it... BLAH... GRUMBLE... BLAH. It's the same thing. EVERY. SINGLE. EPISODE.

The most stupid show ever. I saw my friend's little brother watching it and all it was, was just a stupid puppet and a kid who is way more stupid than the puppet. I have no idea why it isn't #1. - camcrib333

Terrible show, just another one of those sitcoms that'll be taken off of television and put on at late times. The children act like idiots, and I swear it's not even funny it's just plain weird. They use FARTING JOKES, really Disney? I actually find it quite said how Disney changed.

It's horribly sexist, and promotes gender stereotypes that we seemed to be getting away from as a society, but apparently not. The entire premise is that girls can't possibly like "boy things" and boys can't possibly like "girl things" and it's just a bad mindset to promote to kids

I could barely get through an episode of this show. The quality is terrible, the cast is gender stereotypical, and the plot is just sad. I mean, come on a puppet and a boy becoming brothers. One of the worst shows I've ever watched.

Crash and Bernstein is a terrible show! If you are really putting ideas into kids' heads as if all puppets will do some Pinocchio crap and come to life. Wyatt is just a fat idiot who can barely act. I don't know where they got the cast from. The only person I feel for is mrs. B who has clearly been dragged into a show she does not feel comfortable with

This is one of the stupidest ideas of a show I mean seriously, a purple thing that wears the same stuff everyday and you can see that it's a puppet. I don't get the plot at all it has no lessons to them at all and the only thing good about this show is the pranks giving things they did every year.

This show is not funny at all and it may be slightly inappropriate for some ages. Disney is running out of ideas and they should not air pointless shows like this. At least take time to come up with a good show..

I watched the first 10 minutes of an episode and almost cried. This was (no lie) the WORST show I have ever seen. It should be #1 on this list. IT'S SO DUMB! The jokes in it aren't even funny. With a lot of Disney shows, I let out a small laugh at least once...But with this...TEN MINUTES AND NOT ONE SMILE. Agonizingly terrible...

Oh... My... God. This show sucks! Who ever survives this I would give millions of dollars to pay for the medical bill! I would kill! Yes kill! If I ever had to watch this! They have officially run out of ideas for cartoons! God I'm kinda peeved - Apple2467

I took one look at it and told my parents that I wasn't sure if Foxtel was worth it if that's what they were broadcasting. There are some shows that I got bored with, others that I hated with a passion and a few gems hidden in there, but this show is something worse. It's the type of show that I was only disgusted with, that they would actually have my parents pay for me to such something so awful. Needless to say, as soon as it was cancelled, I had a Disney marathon with popcorn and happy dancing.

This show is probably the worst to me. I cringe every time I hear of it. Can someone please tell me, what is so appealing about this show, because I can't find anything. I've tried to watch some of it, after about 5 minutes I couldn't take it anymore. Disney has officially run out of ideas.

The main character, Wyatt, is just a fat idiot who can't act and Crash is just plain stupid. Plus the the theme song is the worst Disney theme song ever!

I absolutely DISPISE this television show. My brother watches it and it's so annoying! And the purple puppet thing? So unrealistic. And they annoying little brunette along with the preppy, stuck up older blonde. And might I add, she has the most annoying voice I have ever heard. This is my number one most terrible disney show out there. Overall stupid.