I Didn't Do It

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UGH! I hate this show!

Lindy- The responsible one. Yeah right! She is a whiny brat when she does
Not get what she wants. And shes selfish. She went crazy when she
Couldn't use her phone, and NOBODY acts THAT crazy! I don't hate
Olivia Holt, I just wished she stayed on her old show instead of
Joining this sad excuse of a show.
Logan-Dumb Blonde!? Oh wow! So we have a dumb blonde in Liv and Maddie,
Jessie, and Austin and Ally, so Disney decided to add ANOTHER dumb
Blonde? And he is so irresponsible its annoying.
Delia-Every show has the creepy/dork/unpopular as a friend. Shes like
Joey from Liv and Maddie. And apparently for Disney, its okay to
Have a friend like Delia and make fun of her.
Garret-Cautious and smart one. Hmmm sounds like Ravi from Jessie. I can't
Stand him. He is annoying as crap.
Jasmine-Oh god. EVERY show has the annoying best friend. She is SUCH a
Cliché teenager! She spends to much time on her phone, is ...more

To be honest this show is actually pretty good. Besides the stupid name for the show, it is quite funny! And I don't care what people say. If they think the shows I like are bad, I will beat them up. This is my 3 favourite show in whole world after Good Luck Charlie and Liv and Maddie. I don't care how much it's rated. If I like it that's all that matters.

Okay guys here's the point where I ask myself: how are this, Stuck in the Middle, and Bunk'd below Phineas and Ferb. Sure Phineas and Ferb got too repetitive quickly, but at least that show had somewhat more originality than "five friends, each with a stereotype, get in trouble all the time and get away with it in addition to being total brats" or "annoying 'engineering prodigy' girl has to deal with...a big family? Oh yeah and the kids are all annoying while the parents are the dumb parent stereotypes" or "Three annoying wealthy brats, who are loaded with stereotypes, that people with Modern Disney Channel loving younger siblings thought that they never had to see again after Jessie ended go to...a summer camp in the woods with bad maintenance? Oh and more annoying characters, along with Mrs. Benson from iCarly as the 'eeevil' camp supervisor". - Anonymousxcxc

One of the other Disney Channel shows had just ended and Disney has to make another one in its place. But the have absolutely no ideas. They work for months trying to create a plot for this new Disney show. They are all tired from work and decide to let loose. So they go to a bar and get really drunk. That was when they created the plot for this show. The show is about a bunch of kids that get in trouble a lot and all yell simultaniously yell "I didn't do it! " That is literally the plot of every episode, expect for the fact that after ten episodes they stopped yelling "I didn't do it! " at the beginning and end of every episode. Like, what! The jokes aren't funny, the acting is awful, the characters are extremely annoying. The worst Disney show.

Olivia Holt was WAY better on "Kickin' It" than this garbage.

Lindy - Lindy is the main character who only cares about getting good grades and winning. And she acts of Logan is some idiot who is only "there" to pose.

Jasmine - Jasmine is a drama queen who only cares about clothes and makeup. In the first episode, she said she was "behind" on boys. In 9TH GRADE! Really Disney?

Garrett - Garrett is some germaphobic who is a nerd.

Logan - As I said above, Logan is Lindy's brother who is "there" the pose as her idiotic brother whom she "corrects." Another thing, why are the guys always DUMB? IT DDOESNT MAKE SENSE!

Delia - Delia is. Delia.

So, Disney should cancel I Didn't Do It. Now. Please. I beg you. It's that bad.

I must admit, the first season was horrible, but when the second season came, it was actually decent. It not Good Luck Charlie or That's So Raven decent but, it's actually good. I started watching this show because I heard that the writers of good luck Charlie we're going to start writing the show in the second season so I watched it and it was funny.

Is it possible for an actor to get worse at acting than when they were on another show? In Holt's case, yes. Firstly, Disney brings in the stereotypes of all these kids and sets them into overdrive. Two blonde "popular" kids, an obnoxious and foolish football boy, an annoying nerd-girl, and an unsightly fashioner. Every time this comes on I want to rip out my eyes and feed them to a stray cat.

Absolute the most idiotic show EVER! They can't even act! They suck! If they won the roles I don't even wanna see who else auditioned!

ONE OF THE WORST SHOWS I'VE EVER SEEN! Lindy (the uptight one) is always whining when she doesn't get her way, Logan is just plain Dumb, Delia is stupid I mean seriously what teenager acts that weird, the other girl (forgot her name) thinks that she is so popular and perfect, and Garret is really awkward. I als hate how in every episode it begins with "I didn't DO IT" I mean seriously that gives the whole thing away. Besides every episode has the same plot line. It wouldn't even suprise me if they cancelled it.

Lindy: the leader, even though she treats her brother like a bastard and has no personality.
Logan: everyone likes him but there is nothing to like. He also gets whatever he wants without working.
Jasmine: she has no substance wheres way to much makeup and frankly isn't fashionable.
Delia: the Joey of the show.
Garret: don't get me started.

Jasmine: Stupid girl who only cares about herself and makeup.

Delia: Very annoying, disgusting girl who obsessed with world history.

Lindsey: Annoying blond loser. Every Disney show has one!

Garrett: Don't even get me started on him.

What's his face lindsey's brother: Annoying slob who cheats, And is too lazy to get a bowl, So he puts milk in the cereal box, And pours it on his face.

Terrible show. Teaches kids the worst lesson: to lie and to lie horribly. Almost every episode they end up on some dumb over exaggerated situation that doesn't relate to anything in real life. If a kid were to avoid trouble by telling the insane stories from the episodes of this show, that kid would probably be regarded as someone with special needs. CANCEL THE SHOW ALREADY!

Just when I thought Disney Channel shows couldn't get any worse, they did. This show makes me want to rip my eyes out. The stupidity that goes on in this show is not even funny! The acting is not even good! The character Lindy annoys me so much that I just want to explode! I HATE this show so much! I just wish they could make better shows like good luck Charlie at least that show teaches kids things.

Kind of how like Jessie copies Fresh Prince, this show copies Friends:

Lindy: Monica

Logan: Joey

Garrett: Chandler

Jasmine: Rachel

Delia: Phoebe

Rumble Juice: Coffee Perk

The Basement: Monica's Apartment

This is for sure the worst show Disney ever had. One can tell because these kids are retards, get in trouble all the time their excuse to get of it is "I didn't do it". You are obvious showing kids nothing about life and I can see the actors after this living the rest of their lives in shame and humiliation. Even more, Disney ordered a second season, it was renewed. As in "back by popular demand". Disney gave them another chance and they blew it. Just end your misery now while you still have the chance.

This show is so stupid! They have these people who are 16-18 in real life playing 14 year old freshmen!

Oh god this show. I hate it with a burning passion. Disney Channel's worst show to date.

First off, the main characters (Lindy and Logan) cheat, steal, are selfish, lazy, stupid, and bratty. None of the other characters have personalities.

Now, the morals. This show teaches kids it's okay to lie, and you can get away with it. What the heck, Disney? Whatever happened to shows with good morals?

Next, the plots are very lacking. There was an episode where they got spegahtii all over a friends house. Zzzz, boring. And by the way, Dora the Explorer had better climaxes than this crap.

Fianally, humor and acting. The jokes suck hard and this show has the worst acting I've ever seen.

Overall, horrible show. After cancelling their only decent live-action show, Good Luck Charlie, and replacing it with crap like this, I'm beginning to lose hope in Disney Channel. I give I Didn't Do It... -1,000,000,000 out of 5 stars. It's that bad.

A shameful Disney ripoff of Friends - a really popular show from the 90's and early 2000's. Basically, some FRIENDS hang out and get into some sort of trouble and then get OUT of there trouble, via stereotypical and dry personalities. I absolutely HATE this show, and if you want to see a well-acted, well-scripted show with great plot and lovable characters, watch Friends. Not this hunk of crap.

This show has absolutely no plot or setting. Like where the hell does it even take place in. Awful acting. And no one can relate to the show. It doesn't even seem like humans are in the show just annoying teenagers who haven't mentally hit puberty

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This is the most horrible show in the world it's crap

This is SO dumb! Like they couldn't go a day without going a day without their cell phones because they had no weather app, so they walked into a storm and ruined their makeup.

I really dislike this show, but the brunette with glasses really gets under my skin. I'm not even going to bother with trying to remember her name, bad actress, horrible character, even worse show.

OH GOSH! I couldn't go 1 SECOND watching that crap! I can't even get pass the theme song. Olivia Holt please stop singing like a goat! You're making my ears bleed! The acting, jokes and originality are like every single show in the world. When Disney lose their specialness.

This show was nothing but STUPID! Nothing nice or "real life" relatable about it. Everything they did on there was stupid. Also the actors stunk! The show is nowhere as good as Hannah Montana or Suite life of zac and Cody. (Just my opinion)) glad this show is off the air!

Hannah Montana is horrible, however the Suite Life of Zach and Cody is amazing. Yes this show sucks. - Anonymousxcxc