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Dog with a Blog is an American television sitcom that premiered on Disney Channel on October 12, 2012, and ended on September 25, 2015. The series stars G Hannelius, Blake Michael, Francesca Capaldi, Stephen Full, Regan Burns, and Beth Littleford. The series was co-created by Michael B. Kaplan.


First of all, let's start with the title: dog with a blog, *sarcastic voice* "sure Disney, that's so creative" and the plot, a dog who has a blog and posts stuff about his family behind their backs!? And does this all while they're not noticing? Hmm, I'm not sure that's very believable. Personally I think this is worse than "so random! " and "Cory in the house" (there both spin offs of old shows- good shows) and then there's the characters- sure there's the usual dumb dad, brainless brother (Tyler), crazy little sister (Chloe), weird mom, and the smart middle sister who's the main character, oh yeah, and none of the cast can even act! Except for one person- the star of the whole retarded show! AKA G. Hannelius. Anyways, let's get back to the cast, let's start with Blake Michael, the guy who plays "math genius but refuses to use his skills in front of people because it's embarrassing" 16 year old brother, Tyler. Let's just say Disney didn't really pay attention while he auditioned, ...more

Wow. Totally unrealistic family life. The kids are such rude brats to their parents and they get away with everything while their parents either sit around and don't care or join them. And a dog that can talk and has a blog that he types up when his family is asleep? Seriously.. Talk about running out of ideas. Its another lame and pointless show for profits, and the sad part is that kids think it's the greatest thing in the world. Disney needs to start creating interesting shows with a meaning to it.. Just ratings and profits nowadays.

This show is the WORST!

Stan - The first real "talking" dog. Yay? No yay! I miss Kuma! Mick looks ugly for Stan. His eyes creep me out. Whoever plays the voice of Stan, great job, but it doesn't even look like he's talking. It's like he's opening his mouth up and down. Up and down!

Chloe - Francesca, YOU CAN'T EVEN ACT! Your not cute and you look horrible in the show. Chloe is a terrible 7 year old girl who... well... is STUPID! In the "Out of this World Weekend", you and Stan thought that Avery was trying to destroy the world with her spaceship. It's a float!

Avery - Your okay, but your a little bit like Olive from A.N. T Farm. You can't act G!

Tyler - Just like Luke from Jessie. Popular, cool, and sports. Okay, let's take the sports out. Blake can act, unlike the other parents.

Parents - Irresponsible!

Jokes are HORRIBLE.

Dog with a Blog: judging by the name you can tell this show is going to fail.

I watched the first episode so I could give it a chance but it was so awful. The parents are very irresponsible and always seem to be forgetting the youngest daughter wherever they go. The son is a math genius but doesn't like to show it because he thinks his reputation will be ruined. What is that teaching kids?

And the name, seriously? The show isn't even about the dog, it could easily continue without it. The only thing the dog does is makes unnecessary jokes and makes a blog at the end while the rest of the family is asleep. When he does it he tells everyone what the message of the episode is but they're actually really bad ones.there are loads of hidden messages. I think Disney just pulled a random noun out of a hat and then found something to rhyme with it

I CAN NOT STAND THIS SHOW! Every moment I see this on Disney makes me want to drown in bleach. There isn't one non cringe worthy second on this show. 1.The talking dog story line is extremely un creative. 2. The parents take no disciplinary action for their childrens obsurd behavior. 3. Their parents are also irresponsible, who lets A 7 year old, (Chloe), go to the park without parental supervision? 3. Tyler is so gross, he acts like he's dates all the girls at their school, what is that supposed to teach the kids watching this? Especially 13 year olds like my self? 4. AVERYS VOICE MAKES ME WANT TO CHOP MY EARS OFF! 5. Avery CAN NOT ACT FOR HER LIFE! 7. CHLOE CAN NOT ACT FOR HER LIFE. 8. Why do Chloe and Tyler call Ellen "mom" so quickly? I'd imagine them to call her elen for the first couple years. And why does Avery call Benet "dad". If anything she should be Calling him Bennett. And there was this one episode where they showed the wedding. The kids literally met the DAY OF THE ...more

I could go on a humongous rant on this show, but I WILL TRY to keep this as short as I can. Just when I though Disney couldn't be more unoriginal, they make a show about a talking dog like it hasn't been done yet. The show is also filled with Disney channel stereotypes that are found in nearly every other Disney channel show. There is a retarded guy character, a nerdy character who is usually a girl who excels at everything and is around just to be a smartass and put everyone down. The parents in this show are even more dumber than Ferris Buellers parents! And they are too awkward to be taken seriously and it makes it so unrealistic. I think the writers just wanted to do another show about a talking dog and tried to think of a word that rhymed. I loathe this show so much and I seriously think it should be number 1. There are many more reasons why this show is utter crap that rots your brain, but I have chosen to keep this as brief as possible.

So bad that it's somehow good. Some of the jokes are written and told so badly that they are somehow funny. It's hard to explain. That, and did I mention that this show is literally about a dog who has a blog? Stupidest premis ever, that and it's trying to be taken seriously, which adds to the "so bad it' good-ness. ) None of the characters are likable but they sometimes manage to crack a smile. Except for the parents, of course, whose conversations are just boring. We all know that the show is absolutely awful (and it somehow manages to literally slow down time when you watch it, ) but it's strangely funny at times, but mostly for the wrong reasons. - worstmusicoftheyear

I would like to point out that I watched the older Disney shows when I was younger and I really liked Kim Possible, Wizards (I know its not that old) Phil of the Future, totally spies, and Even Steven. Some of the old shows I don't want to watch again cause I watched some and think wow how did I even like this the acting is horrible, the plot is stupid, and it doesn't make sense. I don't want to ruin my favorite shows when I was younger so I don't watch. So young kids like ten or eight don't care if the actors can act or if the show makes sense they only care that the show makes them laugh. Before you judge so hard on the new shows remember that the old shows probably were stupid to the older people in your family.

Yes maybe, but in the mind of an older person in the family if they thought that the old shows were dumb they could at least think that in their minds that the old shows were dumb but at least they had actual plot. Now I definitely think that the older shows are amazing, but even those who were adults when the older shows came out could at least tell that kid's shows had plot at that time. Now kid's shows like Dog With a Blog have zero plot in their episodes. (I don't think that the old shows are dumb, just to clarify). - Anonymousxcxc

This show is by for the weakest, most uncreative pile of garbage on Disney Channel, and a good example of why Disney is the weakest kids channel out of Nickelodeon, CN, and the Hub.

Just how was this show even considered? Disney claims this show doesn't appeal to the people reviewing it because it's supposed to be for "younger audiences". If that is true though, then why is it on Disney Channel? It needs to be on Disney JUNIOR. Another thing! These people are terrible examples. They are downright disrespectful and if anyone acted like this in real life, no one would even want to be friends with them because they treat everyone rudely. And probably the biggest problem out of a lot of them (I would have written more, but ain't nobody got time for that. ) is that the show is just unrelatable. The "younger audiences" that this show is made for can't relate to middle school and high school problems. So the little kids that this show is apparently made for would much rather watch Dora or something like that. And if the kids don't watch it and the older audience doesn't like it then how is anyone even watching this show? This show just a mess.

I think the show could go on without the dog. I mean half the time he isn't even in the show. He's never the in the main plot of an episode and whenever he is in an episode he only says one or two lines for the whole episode. When it first came out I thought it was going to be abouta DOG WITH A BLOG but it's really about 3 idiot kids putting themselves into unrealistic situations and all the dog does is tell them to do something that ends up failing. The parents have problems too. The mom needs to get a life and the dad must have been beaten up a lot as a kid. Bottom line is the show is just plain stupid along with other Disney Channel shows.

I hate this show with a burning passion, my eyes bleed, my ears ache, my brain hemorrhages when I turn on the television and this show turns on. Watching it is my own personal dungeon. The jokes are drier than my lips on a winter morning. The acting is so bad it should be considered on of the seven DEADLY sins. The characters are so annoying, I'd rather have mosquitos flying everywhere in my house than to watch this pile garbage. The plot LACKS POTENTIAL, and is uncreative. Walt Disney is crying tears of sadness from his grave. This show is so HORRIBLE it makes me want to drown repeatedly in a sea of shark infested acid.

This is the stupidest television plot I have seen in a while. The jokes are not funny, and why should I call them jokes. The characters are downright annoying, the script is awful, and do not even get me started with the talking dog. Avery is an annoying snob who thinks she is better than anybody else just because she is smart, Tyler is an airhead who likes to pick up girls whenever he wants to, seriously, if that happened in real life, girls would think that guy would be a total jerk. Chloe is sort of okay, but still not funny. The parents are very irritating and selfish. The dog is just... I DON'T KNOW! The worst thing about the show is the terrible acting.

This show... Oh this show... Where do I even start? I mean, THE DOG TALKS, knowing Disney they actually could make this work, if this was in s the me sort of magically world or something. But no, this is in suburbia. How the dog talks is never explained, and how could they keep something like this from everyone? And the way that the little redhead goes from stupid and silly to the 'wide eyed innocent who only wants be close to her sister' so quickly and without reason just pisses me off and I just want to beat the crap out of her. And all of the other characters for that matter.

Everything about this show angered me, from the awful plot and characters to those "Dogs Rule! Cats... Not So Much" shorts that thankfully didn't stick around for long. When I heard that this show was ending, I was incredibly excited because it was going to be the end of a horrible addition to Disney Channel! Thank god. Then they got rid of the early morning reruns shortly after the show ended, and the channel never said another word about it. I think they realized what they did wrong the whole time this show was on, and I'm hoping their upcoming sitcoms are definitely going to be much better than this and all of the other "funny" shows from the early 2010s that have since vanished into nothing. - Target

What? I thought this would be a good show, sort of like Good Luck Charlie. But NO, Heck was I wrong! The only episode I watched shows random clips that are out of order. Stupid, Stupid, STUPID! If you're going to watch Disney Channel, watch Gravity Falls, a MUCH better show instead.

The plot is the worst thing about this show. I mean, who is going to read Stan's blog? Chloe walks around as this weird girl who carries spaghetti in her pockets appearently, which is passing off as comedy these days. I don't even get how all three kids have different color hair. Probably a moral that disney is trying to teach kids like "everyone belongs" or something. The parents are the most ridiculous actors I've ever seen. Yeah they have been on past family shows before, the dad was in sonny with a chance as the reporter ad the mom was in I'm in the band as the mom. Disney, that doesn't mean that they are good and you should hire them again. Plus I just can't get enough of how tight the dad's shirts are. Like, really, they are skin tight. Oh wait. The voice of Stan is also a past disney character, Steven Full from I'm in the band. Yeesh. Now don't even gt me started on Avery. She is as thin as a rod, she is 12 years old, she has a boyfriend, and she is a horrible actor in Dog With ...more

How this doesn't have #1 on the worst show is beyond me. First the jokes are not even funny. They are not funny to ANYONE! Second. The acting is horrible. For instance when ever a serious moment happens you can tell a "funny" moment is coming because they act stupid. You would think that at least Disney could afford you get GOOD actors instead of actors that could receive " crappy actor of eternity award".
3. The story line is about the stupidest think you could imagine. Really people? A talking dog? Do people really think all kids are dumb these days?
I counted through half the episodes and it didn't over 10 seconds with out hitting the laugh button!

I did try to watch this show. As I expected, I was treated to terrible acting and uninteresting plots. However, my biggest problem with this show is actually everyone except Stan the dog. I noticed many of the characters in this shows "family" as being supporting characters in some of the older Disney shows. I think that choosing these specific characters for the roles is probably the worst thing they could have done since these characters seem odd in these new roles and display nothing even close to competent acting.

The premise of the show is stupid, I mean, "Dog With A Blog", really? And the characters are annoying, the parents are dumb, the oldest brother, Tyler, is a idiot, Avery is the smartest but the most annoying.

Any who, let's just say that none of the "actors", can actually act, besides Miss Genevieve Hannelius. And Stan, on the other hand, has the voice of a forty year old man! And the little sister, Chloe, is just plain weird, and Ellen, the mom, is A rip off version of Amy Duncan, (who was actually funny) from Good luck Charlie. All in all, this show is stupid, stupid, stupid.

Wow this show sucks. I'm so glad it ended. It honestly gave Disney a horrible look.

The Dog: Really? A talking dog? Just as I thought Disney couldn't get any worse.

Tyler: Stupid. The acting is horrible. What a great example for children.

Ellen: don't even get Me started. The acting is absolutely terrible, and she acts really stupid. Probably the worst character in the show. She's so annoying and gets on my nerves easily.

Avery: This character is OKAY, but she acts like your typical know it all.

Chloe: She's ok.

Bennett: Gets on my nerves, but as annoying as the mother

Okay, maybe I could tolerate a show with a talking dog, but come on really, the dog has a website. Disney tried too hard to make a show modern by giving the dog a website. Also the teenage daughter is the most annoying character I've ever seen on Disney Channel. She is socially awkward and is supposed to a teenager but she looks 11 years old.

A talking dog? Really? And the characters are so bad at acting! The children are better actors than the parents, too! This show should get off the air FAST.

I don't get it. With every Disney show they do this - in the beginning of their series every female lead character has their own personality - like Avery in the beginning of the show. She followed the rules and she was good at art. Then towards the middle of the show they changed her personality to an above advanced student and a singer. Or in Austin and Ally and Ant Farm. China and Ally were first just prodigies on instruments like the piano. Then they both became singers. May I list more? Shake it Up, Good Luck Charlie, Jessie

I hate dog witha blog it's by far the DUMBEST show EVER I mean G hannelius is so annoying all she teaches is to manipulate your siblings change yourself just for a boy. Her voice is so annoying and I mean she's so skinny and ugly. I mean in one episode she just taught kids to not help her parents to go to a party then when her friends told her the boy she likes was coming to her party she changed her mind and starting helping her parents with the Halloween party like are you kidding me! Don't even get me started on the mom she's so annoying her jokes annoying and not funny at all! The show would be a lot better without Avery and the mom because they are so stupid! Really disney I didn't think you could get any worse