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Good Luck Charlie is an American sitcom that originally aired on Disney Channel from April 4, 2010, to February 16, 2014. The series' creators, Phil Baker and Drew Vaupen, wanted to create a program that would appeal to entire families, not just children.


I am very surprised that this was on the list. Personally, I thought that this was one of the best Disney Channel shows produced. It doesn't compare to the unrealistic series that Disney has already made. "Good Luck Charlie" was something that, not only could a small child relate too, but something everyone could relate too. Multiple life lessons were taught. I enjoyed every second of the realistic comedy. Don't hate something that has given children the sense of enjoyment. It really grabbed the essence of what life was really about. You can't get that anywhere else. I understand the "rip off of full house" comments I have been seeing, but the T.V. shows have two different family characteristics. It would be a total rip off if there were aunts and uncles living in the same household as the Duncan family. This show is about two parents living normal lives with their five children, living through normal problems as any other family would have. You guys probably don't care for my ...more

This is a Full House rip-off. It's bland, stupid, cliche, and actually not funny at all. Teddy is a cool character and cute, but not funny. Amy is hot. Bob is a cool dad, but not funny. Charlie is a cute and precious child. Gabe is your typical troublemaking kid, but not funny. In a new season his voice gets deep. Oh no, Gabe is growing up! Lastly, PJ is okay, but like the others not funny. I feel bad for Jason Dolly being on two terrible shows. He went from Cory in the House to this garbage. It's kinda ironic how both of the characters he portrayed in the two shows are not very bright in the head, he just can't win. Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen did a better job than Charlie did on this show. As you know, in this show Amy was pregnant again. I was surprised that there was no spinoff called "Good Fortune Toby." Obviously Charlie got less attention than she had at the beginning of the show. What the heck? This is a huge disgrace!

We're not crazy, stupid, or immature just because we hate a KID'S SHOW. I actually feel bad for the people that somehow enjoy this garbage because this show is so boring yet has so many fanatical, narrow-minded fans with no respect for the opinions of haters that I bet people only talk positive about the show because these fans make them feel like they have to. Even Jessie isn't as bad as this show because at least it's fans don't demand that we watch the show despite our differing opinions let alone treat demand we like it. I also love how fans put this higher on the list by voting for it just to whine about how this show is on here. It just goes to show you this show's fans are all the same: young and immature. This list is for haters and since I'm one of them, suck it!

I have gotta give good luck Charlie credit it's the best disney show right now

Has really meaningful life lessons, and the characters are potrayed by really talented and believable characters. It is wonderfully written and the jokes are actually really funny. Unlike Jessie, it does not tell the story of a random event changing someone's life. It tells the story of a normal family, with normal parents who have normal jobs, who live in a normal house with normal children. It is the best show so far.

Ooh, I compared Good Luck Charlie to a better show. I must be SPECIAL! Yeah, right. - Toontownlover5

I'll give it credit, at least it's a normally functioning family that isn't ultra rich for once and the premise of Teddy recording a video diary for her little sister is definitely one of the more interesting ones they've done. But the thing that really turns me off about the series is that the fangirls plummet this show down your throat, and are constantly putting this on a pedestal. It's not nearly as awful as most of the other droppings Disney's been pushing out but it's still very far from being a sitcom classic.

Good luck Charlie is definely the best disney channel. Like without a doubt. But honestly I do miss the old shows like that's so raven and kinda Hannah montanna (only because it was seriously better than the shows today). And whoever out good luck Charlie on here has no brain or taste and needs to stop living under a rock... Whoops I forgot that a rock is all you could afford

It's just like ICarly in the sense that it's barely about what the show was made out to be, hell, Charlie barley has any relevance in the episodes at all, and when they actually do get to what is supposed to be the main plot (in ICarly's case, the web show, in Good Luck Charlie's case, the video diaries) It just feels tacked on and pointless, it's like the episode is just going along with its main plot all normal and whatnot but then just stops dead in its tracks for these scenes that really don't have any relevance whatsoever.

When I saw their first episode, I was not too enthused about it. I can't remember their firs episode but I think it had to do with Amy having to make up a story (lying) to her family or something. As I struggled to watch more episodes, by the last season, I ended up LOVING THIS SHOW! And as sad to see it end. As always, something descent, Disney cancels. I can't tell you whom I loved the most and least as they all ended up being my favorites.

Good luck Charlie is the best show ever I don't know why they are canceling it.

This show doesn't really appeal to my age anymore (I'm a teen), but it's a LOT better than other shows on this list, at least it HAS a plot, AND decent acting, AND AT LEAST IT HAS SOME MORAL. I would much rather have my little sister watching this than like, a Shake it Up, where it teaches girls that fighting is a great way to solve their problems.

This is the best show because it doesn't have a stupid plot and is normal like the old Disney shows. Its based on a normal storyline about a family and how she makes video diaries for her sister. The only time they have stupid things is at the end of an episode just to close the show. However it's a very good show compared to all the rest now days.

This show isn't as bad as Jessie. I will give it that. But still, you people have to admit that some of the crap they put in this is seriously crossing the line. Example:
Disney writer: Hey, Disney says we should put a homeschooler in an episode. Do you know how they act?
Other Disney writer: Nope! But they're probably unsocialized idiots who go to college at home!

Okay first: anyone who ever made this is crazy! You just don't appreciate the people who watch those shows, who find disney shows so entertaining, or maybe just want a laugh.
Second: Good Luck Charlie is my life, and now that it's over I go to Liv and Maddie. And I'm in love with it! You might break others, but you will never break me. So go ahead! Write a list on Disney shows. But next make it something good, because you just took a big part of my life and made it nothing. ( Watch your back)

I've been stuck in a hotel watching Disney Channel all day for a month. Good luck charlie is the best Disney has to offer. It is funny and well acted. The black characters are okay, Teddy's best friend and the geeky friend. All of the other shows, especially Austin & Ally have one thing in common besides not being funny; all bad guys are black.

This show is like Full House 2.0. With many people now hating DC, maybe the writers for this show need to write for all the shows because in the last 3-5 years this was one of the very very few good shows. This show actually gave away some good advice unlike Shake It Up, Austin and Ally, and Jessie

Shake It Up, Austin & Ally and Jessie gave away some advice. You are obviously just not mature enough to see it. - Toontownlover5

This is my favorite show on disney channel. Love it

This show definitely should NOT! Be on this list.

This is the best show on Disney that didn't end yet. Why is it on this list?

Good luck Charlie is the best show on Disney. Not only is it funny it also has good life lessons

This is the best show on Disney, I can't believe they are cancelling it!

I like this show! To me it is one of the only good shows left on disney!

I do not want the show to end. This is my favorite show to watch with my daughter. I love the comedy with all the cast.

Love this show can't believe the last season is almost over:(

This is the last show ever to leave Disney station with all the other best shows. Now the newcomers (new shows) came to Disney town. This is what they did. They make the town being terrorized and terrible; making Disney a bad channel.