Jake and the Never Land Pirates

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Jake and the Never Land Pirates is an Annie Award-winning musical and interactive American children's animated television series shown on Disney Junior.


Tis a disgrace to the film Peter Pan and pirates in general! I mean, I know it's a kids show and all, but Captain Hook is supposed to be evil! I lost count how many times he sided with them! And where's the rest of his bloody, swashbuckling crew? Little kids can't be pirates in the first place! And what's with the "Yo Ho! " All the time? I've watched all the Pirates of the Carribean movies, and the only time I recall those words is when they sing the "Pirates Life For Me" chantey. I will never understand, in that show they help people? What? "Pirate" in general means to steal. What have kids shows gotten to these days?

Okay I don't remember if I made any comments that overreacted to a show like this, but if I did then oh well. Anyways I don't even bother going onto Disney Junior because it's not for my age group. However I do ramble on about new Disney Channel because that channel is supposed to be targeted for pre-adolescents and adolescents. As far as I'm concerned a lot of adolescents (and some pre-adolescents) haven't liked Disney Channel in a long time because Disney Channel really has gone down in quality. - Anonymousxcxc

First I want to get something down here this show is plain old crap. I was a nine year old thinking this wasn't too bad so when I watched one episode I FELT LIKE PUKING ALl OVER THE HARDWOOD FLOOR. Kids 3-5 to live a scarred free life DON'T WATCH THIS SHOW. Disney what were you thinking

I really, really love Peter Pan. It is one of my favorite classic Disney movies. This show is a disgrace to Peter Pan. I'm sure if Walt came back to life, he would sue the creators of this abomination for ruining his movie.

Cancel this annoying show right now, Disney. Because it doesn't have moral lessons, this show teaches kids on how to fight adults, then the stupid kids in this show going on an adventure without any adult supervision, this is not right. Viewers hate this show 'cause the song are annoying and repetitive. SO CANCEL THIS SHOW RIGHT NOW!

For those who say "it's for kids, don't judge so hard," there should be standards for kids. Little kids don't know what they're watching, so they sometimes end up liking really bad shows like this one just because. They deserve better than crap.

Key problems: Where are the Lost Boys, and the rest of Captain Hook's original crew? Instead, they want to go with the same old songs in every episode, and HYPER REPETITIVE dialogue?!

It's very unrealistic. Pirates usually have guns and what kid drives a ship with only three people as his crew? Pirates would've killed him by now!

It's Dora on a ship. Kind of creepy how Hook keeps going after them. As for give writing, it's as if they were trying to good through all the hoops -- have kids count the doubloons (why? Who's giving them to them? ), have staged audience participation a la Dora, have nonspontaneous movement sessions ("ok everybody, stick your arms out with me and fly! "), and dunk Hook in the drink.

This is another show where you play it for your kids when you are getting ready for work. I agree, this show stinks. Like seriously? Who is Jake, Izzy, and Cubby's legal guardian? The bird?

Yeah, where are their parents? Are they orphans? It is just weird that when my little cousin got this toy from the show and it could talk. It showed a message. LETS PUT FIRE TO THE BUCKY RIDE. see? This show is evil!

I HATE THIS SHOW. IT IS THE MOST IDIOTIC THING I HAVE EVER SEEN! I hope that some day their ship sinks and they all die. LOL! Cubby is a fat pirate obsessed with maps, Izzy is an annoying girl that has an unlimited supply of pixie dust, even though they have to use it in emergencies. They have this annoying talking bird. And then there is Jake, who should just die a painful death be cause he is sooo stupid.

I like Jessie, Austin & Ally, Good Luck Charlie & I didn't do it. I also like Gravity falls, Phineas & Ferb, Crash & Bernstein & Wander Over Yonder. But this? Why is it higher than all 8 of them!

Peter Pan will never be the same..
This show sucks the characters are annoying
They make Peter Pan look like a Moron
And the specials don't get me started...

Okay preschoolers show get a life freaks!

I am forced to watch this... ABOMINATION. I'm surprised no one has reviewed yet. First off, Sharky and Bones may be creative, but that does not excuse them for being the worst singers this side of Neverland. Second, they changed one of Disney's best villains in a child stalker and A... Caring... Compassonite... Person. Third off, if Jake and his "amazing crew" ever lose, they'll be like "WE'RE GONNA SET TINGS RIGHT PETA PAN". No. Accept loss, you little twerps.
Finally, there's Jake. Jake is a Marty Sue. That means he's a character that has no weaknesses, infinite knowledge, and pure athlectic skill that rivals a GROWN MAN.

Unhonorable mentions include Bucky the Pirate Ship, Captain Hook's fiance' the jokes, the animation, the stupidly named locations,... I mean, SHAKE IT UP isn't this bad! I mean, the characters are annoying, but at least they are real people!

I deem this show the worst Disney show ever. (Besides Shorty McShorts Shorts)

My cousin watches this show and he even said that it's boring. He is only FIVE YEARS OLD.

This is what they say " a good pirate never takes another person's property"

Me: What?

Yeah like pirates take other people's property like all the time. They're basically like gangsters on the ocean, so they're going to take stuff. - Anonymousxcxc

It ruined my memories with "Peter Pan", I loved and grew up with the original 1953 animated movie, but Disney had to destroy with this?! I hate this show!

This show is awful! Jake, Izzy, and Cubby say that pirates who steal are bad, when they're are no such things as good pirates, all pirates steal.

Can somebody tell me how Gravity Falls is above Jake and the Neverland Pirates AND Best Friends Whenever. - Anonymousxcxc

Kids don't even like that! My little cousin would watch it and would sleep the first two second in!

All I need to say is that this ruined peter pan

As horrible as this show is, it's technically not Disney Channel. Not that it's an okay show.

! This show isn't educational, realistic, or cute. I don't get it. They took Peter Pan and made it into an annoying show!

What! This show is so annoying. Stupid. Cute - NOT! I'd rather watch Mickey Mouse - I am old to watch it, but still it is good. I would also really watch Phineas and Ferb, lol...