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Jessie is an American sitcom that originally aired on Disney Channel from September 30, 2011 to October 16, 2015. The series was created and executive produced by Pamela Eells O'Connell and stars Debby Ryan as Jessie Prescott, a small town Texas girl who moves to New York City to try to become an actress, more.


This is the worst show not only on Disney but on The Face of the Earth.

This stupid show is 3 things: Stereotypical, Racist, and Offensive.

If this was real life, I would call the CPS (Child Protection Services) first chance I get. Why: Jessie never does her job and cares more about acting then her actual JOB. Also there parents are never around, now that's awful parenting.

In one recalled episode Zuri throws pancakes at a gluten-free appetite character, and Jessie the "Worlds best Nanny" just sits there like an idiot watching and doesn't get up and stop the fighting.
Also There is a episode were Jessie, Bertram, and the three other kids go into space. SERIOUSLY? Why would NASA take four people with no prior space experience and launch them into space? Maybe they were thinking about just leaving them in space with no food and no fuel.
And the episode with Michelle Obama, I really have no idea why she would want to go on it, ...more

The point is that kids have standards too. You can't just get kids to watch something and automatically will like it. The kids will come to a conclusion to if its good or bad. This show treats it like that every kid loves this show. With a show like Girl Meets World, it's not demanding your attention, it's showing that people can break stereotypes. A show like Girl Meets World, it takes its audience seriously. This show does not take its audience seriously, it acts like they're a bunch of 5 year olds with crayons stuck up their noses. And that is my debate.

I agree completely. This show is ridiculous. Racist, suggestive, lots of potty humor, and the entire premise is insane. People adopt some kids... and then hardly ever see them, leaving them to some inept nanny instead? Who flies a helicopter? The absurdity level of this show is... well at least Disney has Girl Meets World which deals with stereotypes and life in a much more realistic manner, so there is hope. - EddieChaCha

I HATE THIS SHOW! All the good Disney shows ended when I was a kid and before we got Disney. The only good shows were Suite Life On Deck and Wizards Of Waverly Place and they're over now! Shows like Jessie annoy me so much because THEY HAVE NO PLOT! They do NOTHING in the show. It's the same with Shake It Up, ANT Farm and Austin And Ally! Mr. Kipling annoys me SO MUCH! His walking away fast thing and hitting stuff with his tail is so FAKE! But I have to admit Zuri is cute... Even if her name is a rip-off of Tom and Katie's daughter (Suri)

Best show ever. I'm 30 with 3 kids and me and my 8 year old daughter watch all the Disney shows. They are hilarious and the actors are amazing! - jennifermichelle

The acting is god awful. The characters are stereotypes and are portrayed in a racist manner. Ravi does not act like an Indian immigrant. In an episode, he puts a god in his exclamation sentence, which typical Indian people do not do. Emma is portrayed as a blonde pre-teen who does stereotypical teenager stuff and likes boys much older than her. The worst episode is when a nanny creates a Facebook-referenced, yet offensive blog that make nannies look bad. This is part of the problem with Disney Channel: controversial humor in live action shows on a family oriented channel. Gravity Falls does suffer the same problem. Fish Hooks seems to be just a watered down Adult Swim style spin on Spongebob. A child wants cartoons, not teen sitcom wannabe promoters. Please, there was once an incident with an inappropriate commercial. Get rid off anything sitcom on the channel. Air Gravity Falls as normal with offensive jokes removed. As a good restauranteur says: money is important, but customer is ...more

If you were Debby Ryan, why would you spell your name wrong? Debby ryan? Really? Even a 10-year-old knows that's not how it's spelt. Don't make me laugh. - ShyChilds

Also, how can it be possibly bad that they are expressing their opinion? - ShyChilds

You need to be quiet and what you are doing is bad and guess who I'm Debby ryan don't make me debate

Okay, so here we go. Good job, Disney. You made yet another dumb, pointless show. My younger siblings (10 and 6) watch the Disney Channel a lot and this seems to be their favorite. NOT MINE! I loathe this show a lot more than any of the other Disney Channel shows like Austin and Ally, K.C. undercover, Liv and Maddie, Dog with a Blog, etc. Time for character reviews--

Jessie- The irresponsible, self-obsessed nanny. Seriously, Ross parents, why would you hire her?! She barely watches them, makes fun of them (mainly Ravi), and cares more about her acting "career" than her JOB! She's supposed to be from Texas, which she refers to in every episode, but where is the accent?! Debby Ryan is an awesome actress, but why Disney?!

Emma- Another stereotypical dumb blonde on Disney. Is this seriously comedy, Disney?! My blonde friend is the sweetest girl I know. Not all blondes are like that! All she cares about are boys, texting, dating, friendship, clothes, shoes, money, ...more

Let me tell you how bad this show is:

Zuri-(-10000 out of 10000)
She is such a brat and there are no words that can explain enough of how much I hate her. My sister is starting to act a lot like her. This is a bad show that influences bad things.

Emma-(1 out of 100)
I give her this score because I feel bad how they make her a "dumb blonde." Disney what are you trying to teach these kids?

Luke-(-10000 out of 10000)
This guy is always make "suggestions" that are very inappropriate (sorry I keep forgetting how to spell this word). I honestly feel like he is going to grow up to be a rapist.

Ravi-(-100000 out of 10000)
This kid is always somehow insulting India. I have never been there yet I have so much respect for every country.

Bertram or Bertrum-(100 out of 500)
I feel sad for him a little because they are always making fun of him being overweight. Disney teach the kids right. You might as well make this show for ...more

To the first reply: I get that, but Ravi the character kinda ticks me off a lot because of how stereotyped he is. Not all Indian people are like him. - Anonymousxcxc

This show is racist, offensive, and poorly developed. Here's a summary.

The theme song says she's "the new girl in town". What town, you may ask? New York City. The most populous city in North America. No one cares or is concerned about if one person moves in out of the thousands who visit every day, but they overdramatize it to make it all around Jessie.

Jessie - Texan girl who makes stereotypical remarks on Texas and Oklahoma. She grew up in military bases and always talks about her former Texan life, and makes dumb jokes about rodeos and horses and cowboys (because every person in Texas and Oklahoma are rednecks, clearly). She's known for randomly coming up with poor jokes now and then.

Zuri - Cute little girl, worst developed character. She grew up with a first-class white family in a millionaire mansion, however is a sassy kid who has a habit of saying "Mmmm-hmmm" and making random smart-aleck remarks, and was born in Ghana and always ...more

OH GOD, where do I begin?

Let's start with JESSIE IS THE WORST NANNY EVER! She barely watches the kids, is worried more about her acting career, and every few minutes she tells another one of her endless boyfriend stories! Honestly?

The blonde is, well, the "dumb blonde" of the show. She constantly talks about fashion, makes an annoying joke, looks at a magazine, or is doing something stupid. Every other line she says has to do with "Cute Boys". This is really what we want to feed our kids' minds?

The "Indian" kid isn't really Indian at all. His accent is poor, obviously doesn't know anything about India "If you want to see a real catfight, you should watch Housewives of New Delhi", and is pretty much the smart one of the group.

The other kid pretty much has no purpose, except the writers needed the "Brain dead" character. He's always using some toilet joke, hitting on Jessie or acting like a complete ...more

Again with the if you hate it so much thing. If I hear of a show, and I want to know more, I either watch it or look it up. He might've done that and hated it. There. Finished.

If you hate it so much why do you watch it so much to even know the characters and what the show is about

Okay, jessie is really annoying, let me put that out. they try to hard to be "touching" or "funny" but its not really working :/ sorry.

Lets start on the plot, jessie just becomes a nanny for some rich kids, because people like watching rich people? Okay. jessie doesn't have enough cab fare, so she suddenly becomes a nanny for rich people, and she doesn't even do her job when she gets one. she lets the kids be spoiled. she always makes mistakes and lets little girls bully her.

Emma is the worst character, the typical "dumb blonde." she only cares about fashion and bullying people who are not "cool enough". wow so interesting. the creators tried making her funny by making her a spoiled rich brat, but that's just sad, and sets a horrible role model.

Luke- the cute boy all little girls fan girl over ;). again the writers tried too hard to make him funny. he hits on his nanny and fails real bad, and he tries too hard to be cool. ...more

This show is infuriating! Nothing makes sense, and the four incredibly spoiled children just do whatever they want! Each character has changed in negative ways, and just has become sickening to watch! Don't get me wrong, most of the actors on this show, are pretty good, but it's the characters that are annoying. Emma is the stereotypical dumb blonde, luke is the disgusting "ladies man," Ravi, is the common sense lacking, foreign kid, and Zuri, is the "oh no you didn't" girl! How can parents let their children act this way? If I ever said "oh no you didn't! " to my mom or dad, I would be living in a shed! Just do the Disney community a favor, and seal every important Jessie document in a wooden crate, and drop it off the Sears Tower or something. Then take a blow torch and burn the box to ashes. Then collect the ashes with a vacuum and send then into the sun! I actually like Bertram, the butler, who is a (sort-of) unique character! He does take aspects from ...more

This show actually made my sister RACIST. Before she discovered this trash, she completely ignored skin colour/race. Now, she thinks,"he's Black, he must be really sassy." She once whispered in my ear, "are Indians actually that smart? " I said, "They are like any other person you will meet." She replied,"LIAR! How come Ravi is so smart then? "

She actually believes in racial stereotypes now. Jessie, the best role model for children (sarcasm).

That idiot Jessie (I don't know who plays her character, and I believe she also helps write the show. Correct me if I'm wrong) is the fabulous white chick that is the star and will always save the day. I didn't mean to offend white people, but I think that's how she sees herself.

Ravi: Indian nerd, likes spicy food, plays with dangerous animals, and knows pretty much everything about India. How degrading.

Emma: dumb blonde. Not much else, her character's bland and also degrading to blondes.

Zuri: sassy black ...more

Oh My God this is the most awful, disgusting, insufferable, garbage that has ever met my eyes and I can barely fathom the words to describe its terribleness. It started out with a realistic setting, New York in a cab, then she got thrown out, then it suddenly became very stupid when that brat picked her of the street and appointed her to be the nanny. This random, filthy, person off the street who could be a murderer or a terrorist that they just let into their home with four of those bastard kids to take care of, and there's that poor butler guy who not only has the rest of the cast make fun of him but is forced to spit out those garbage lines that degrade himself. Anyway, there's Zuri, which is such a racist character, because she was raised by classy white people and that's all shes ever known but shes suddenly acting like a stereotypical sassy black person, and the writers have no idea what to use her for because they're making her this sweet little girl in one scene and then she ...more

This show is terrible. I normally like Disney Channel shows, but this isn't even a show,

Jessie- She isn't good at playing this character. Derby ryan is a good actress, but not on this show. She never even punishes the kids. She just watches them torture each other. I rate her a 0.1 out of 10

Emma- A stereotypical dumb blonde.. All she does is text and date boys. She thinks she is so pretty, but I've seen better. Her acting is very bad. I rate her 1 out of 10.

Luke- He is just like Justin Beiber, and we all know how he turned out. His acting is pretty bad. I rate him a 1 out of 10.

Ravi- My least favorite character. He is a nerdy Indian boy with no friends. It's like making fun of that couture. His accent is terribly fake and he has obviously never been to India before. He is a bad actor. I rate him 0.0001 out of 10.

Zuri- She is the spoiled brat. Once she stayed home from school and played with her dolls because she didn't like her teacher. Jessie ...more

I think show is terrible. Lets start with the characters.

Jessie, the stereotypical adult figure who has NO common sense. She spends all her time getting acting gigs and finding a guy. She has terrible jokes and gets paid for doing NOTHING! She barely watches the kids! And if she is from Texas, where is her accent?

Bertram, stereotypical fat guy. I feel TERRIBLE for the actor, being made fun of on T.V. by other people. This is the only character I can stand. The kids don't even thank him for all the work he does for them!

Emma, the character I just can't stand! She is the stereotypical blonde girl, dumb, boy-obsessed, loves fashion, and has no common sense. Shes also a very spoiled brat.

Luke, don't get me started. He hits on a 19 year old girl!? Disney, what the crap!? And I hate how lazy he is.

Zuri. she is a stereotypical black girl, with her catchphrases. And shes always sassy. And she gets what she wants by threatening people!? Oh my god... And ...more

If you hate it so much why do you watch it. The thing that you are leaving out the good parts. At the end they get consequences and then it shows what will happen to the kids if they do bad things. I know I watch this show every night. This show also could make a frown go upside down. Some shows are not the greatest but they all get punished at the end. It shows you what will happen if you are a brat it. It shows you what happens if you text all day and think about boys. It shows you what will happen if you are calling people fat. It also shows you what will happen if you act stupid all the time. All you do is take all the bad things out of the movie and say what those bad things are. you never told them what are the good things of the movie. you have to say the whole truth. I could agree that they are racist but your kid should know best not to do those things. If you have a kid that are doing the things on T.V. you have to explain. This show also shows you that when your parents are ...more

I've lived in Texas my whole life and not all texans have accents. I don't. Pfft, and you say the show is racist.

JESSIE should be number one on this list! It's so annoying, and the characters are not funny! To me, it was like Jessie was the hot girl whom everybody loves, Luke was this annoying, terrible character, Emma was this dumb nerd somehow, Ravi was the idiotic one, and Zuri was the brat of the series. The woman named Chesterfield, oh god, mercy! She's trying to act hot and whatnot, but it's just so gross! And I hate how Mrs. Kipling's actions, walk, and tail are so fake! There is absolutely no point of this show! Tony has a stupid accent and last, but not least, is Bertram; he's probably the only character that made me smile. Moreover, I hate how they copied the idea of the adopted children and the famous celebrities from Angelina Jolie's life with Brad Pitt. This show is probably the worst show I have ever seen! However, this is my opinion. I respect the other opinions. Peace!

Jessie is the WORST, most talentless, boring show on earth. The kiddie theme makes me want to kill myself! It doesn't even make sense! She gets kicked out of a taxi and some stupid annoying brat automatically takes her in as a nanny... Debby Ryan is an annoying actor, I hated her as bailey and I absolutely despise her as Jessie. The worst episode is when she and emma fight to go out with some celeb and keeps saying that she's too young and crap. I hate all the stupid songs on the show. Might as well merge Disney with Disney Jr, they're both the same anyway, laugh out loud!

Let me tell you that commenting about someone's acting style is not very nice how would you like it if you were Debby Ryan reading this comment

Debby Ryan is an amazing actress and this us an amazing show. Me and my 8 year old daughter always watch together! - jennifermichelle


This show is horrible. There is absolutely no plot! They just do whatever and whenever as long as it makes sense and covers up for the horrible acting. The characters are so filled with stereotypes it makes me sick.

Jessie- not really stereotyped, but has to crack a lame joke at almost everything and it's so damn annoying.

Ravi- They make the smart Indian kid bad at sports and understanding the American culture. Hello? Racist!

Luke- They make the average white kid amazing at sports but dumb in school and chasing after the nanny. Stereotyped!

Zuri- Probably the most stereotyped character on there. They make the ONE African-American character have the sassy, slightly ghetto attitude. That's super racist! They make it seem like all black people are like that. Me, being a black girl around the same age as Zuri, can say for myself I am nothing like that whatsoever.

Emma- The teenage girl. This is hella stereotypical. They make her a dumb blonde. She's all ...more

Shake it Up is not a bad show. Jessie sucks! The characters are spoiled and do the same things over and over again.

Jessie - Phony and embarrassing. Sometimes she stutters and lets the kids boss her around! Jessie could be arrested.

Bertram - Lazy-ass butler who is unneeded in the show whatsoever!

Emma - Stupid teenager with creepy obsessions. She only talks in slang English. She's a whiny complainer who is so ahead of things!

Luke - He's mean, annoying, and CUTE! But still he stinks (smells) and then gets blamed for everything. He's probably the best one out of all the Jessie characters.

Zuri - Annoying bee-otch who has nothing to do with anything she gets herself into. She always thinks she's the boss and EVERYONE LISTENS TO HER! It makes no sense whatsoever.

Ravi - Really racist and lacks comedy at about Season 2. His Indian accent is really stupid! He is the smart one though and is always treated horribly and underestimated.

Tony - ...more

Actually Maia Mitchell is Australian and she's okay, though I think she's better in The Fosters in my personal opinion. - Anonymousxcxc

At first Jessie seems like a Disney show that is finally multicultural instead of defining each show by a family of a particular race (often white). With children of different backgrounds together going on wild adventures with their nanny.

Then you slowly realize that it is actually worse then the traditional barely or non multicultural disney show. (barely as in one friend/influential non related adult who's not white).

The plot is a bodunk naive girl comes to NYC with a dream to be hardworking & successful. (Stupid her. She's broke and you can't get anywhere in life if you start off broke! ) Luckily she gets an offer from a generous rich couple to save her from herself. 'Adopting' her into their family of other saved souls...

This rich couple have generously adopted children from Detroit, India, and Africa who otherwise wouldn't have a chance because they would have been raised without money... (not because otherwise they might not have had a family capable of ...more

This show totally sucks! Most of the actors are bad, the plots are stupid, and the characters are irritating. The show is basically about some Texan girl who
Moves to NYC to follow her dreams. She has no money for a cab an gets thrown onto the street and then some brat finds her and KABOOM! She becomes the nanny if some crazy rich family. The rest is about the family's "hilarious" adventures in NYC. First of all, Denny Ryan sucks at acting and singing. The probably cast her cause of her looks. Her character is one of the wort nannies I've known. What kind of a 19 year old becomes a nanny?!? She doesn't take good care of the kids and is most interested her silly acting career. Then there's Emma the annoying, sassy teen who cares about fashion and texting. She overreacts about everything when I watched a Christmas episode last night, Emma Luke and Jessie get thrown into jail by some elf midget dick. Emma freaks out and starts screaming my life is ruined I won't have kids blah blah ...more

First an eighteen year old who skipped college to become and actress falls out of a taxi. Then a girl who seems sweet at the time but is actually a huge stereotype invites her into their home and POOF she's their nanny. That doesn't happen in real life. The kids are all stereotypes and huge brats. Mostly Emma and Zuri. Then Jessie (who constantly reminds us she's from Texas but doesn't have a Texas accent) is just sitting around and trying to start her career while she lets the kids do what they want. I feel sorry for Bertram. He has to deal with them. I mean if you think about how each kid mistreats him. Let's use Emma as an example. She get tired of standing, so she makes him kneel so she can sit on him. She plays several mean pranks on him with Luke and Zuri. He is dragged on their vacation by Emma so he can be their servant there too. She doesn't want to walk so she makes him give her piggy back rides. That doesn't sound so bad, but then she buys him a saddle! She doesn't know how ...more

HEY JESSIE! HEY JESSIE! IT FEELS LIKE A... You sound worse than nyan cat! Ok I seriously don't like this show! To be honest... Shake it up should be 10 instead 1! Character personalities: jessie - 20 year old non-responsible nanny, lets the kids get away with EVERYTHING! And takes it out on them for her making them brats - Emma - ugh! As much as I don't like her she almost KILLED JESSIE! Wha? WHA? I wish she could go to jail! Likes dating and boys and texting! And obviously tries to kill people to get boys! Brat, rude, evil.- ravi - hmm... Lets say he's weird dude who makes fun of indians...rude, a little bratty, weird. - luke - smartypants on fire! Loves girls like emma likes boys! Oh hey they would MAKE THE PERFECT COUPLE! Girl-obsessed, little rude,... - now for the worst... SURI! - ugh! Stereotypical brat who thinks shes a princess! Zuri "that's mrs suri to you! " jessie "uh.. No! " - suri gives jessie gift - jessie " oh thank you mrs suri! " THE END! ...more

Really it's a kids program it's their part they have to act like it that's why it's called acting get you're facts right. Like I said it's a kids program why worry so much if it was teaching people bad stuff why is it still on Disney and why do loads of people love watching it you people are all the reasons why Disney Channels are going these days you just care about 'oh no he poked her gonna have to make sure this show is cancelled gosh you people are so annoying

Jessie is just terrible. Almost EVERYONE in the show is based on a stereotype!

Jessie-She is supposed to come from Texas, yet has no accent. In Suite Life on Deck, I was cool with her. Not now. The only reason she was even the kids' nanny was because she was kicked onto the streets in front of a hotel containing a penthouse, which I assume has NEVER HAPPENED!

Emma-She is the character representing the "dumb blonde" trope. She is always obsessing over fashion, texting, and boys, and is also pretty dumb.

Luke-The stereotypical heartthrob type. He is hitting on Jessie, which is way too old for him. He usually makes fun of Ravi, a character I will get to in a moment. He is extremely athletic and popular, and has many friends. Because only athletic people can have friends and be popular, RIGHT Disney!?

Ravi-Ravi is my favorite character, and represents the "nerd" stereotype. He has a pet Asian water moniter, which I don't get. He is basically ...more

I could go on about this show. So Jessie gets kicked out of a cab ( stereotypical New Yorker ) (insulting ) and ten seconds later she's a nanny. that's THE STUPIDEST THING I've EVER HEARD.

JESSIE: I know not all texans have accents but I'm from Texas. ( I moved ) and still every once in a while I talk with a southern accent. She is a terrible nanny and acted much better on suite life on deck.

EMMA: stereotypical blonde that's like : shoes, shoes, shoes shoes, shopping, shopping, boys, boys, boys... And is very rude. Ex: when Jessie grounded her she was like " oh, I don't want to end up an old maid. I'm talking about you Jessie! " Wow, jeez, from a girl that took care of you for the past TWO YEARS you'd think she'd get more respect.

LUKE: stupid one. He makes fart jokes like " I moved a skate board by farting! " STUPID.

RAVI: he teased because he's smart. I hate when people do that. Although, sometimes he's basically ASKING for a wedgie.

ZURI: one ...more - Thatgirl

In my opinion Jessie is a fairly good show that has some very good effort put into it. But I have found some errors in the show as I was watching it. First, the plots could have been better. Second, when Jessie broke up with Brooke right on their WEDDING day, I was mad. They were indeed a very cute couple, but really!? I understand that Brooke might be acting up or something that Jessie wanted to break up with him, but really!? On their wedding day? That is a very bad thing to do, and it would be embarrassing for Brooke in reality. But on the bright side, I thought Jessie was going to end up with Tony, but the new episodes I've seen, there was no chemistry or conflict between Jessie and Tony at ALL! I was disappointed in how they did the relationship. But the acting was fairly good, thumbs up. Also the episodes like going into space, time travel, body switching, come on, I know Disney Channel tried to put a little twist in things I guess, but TIME TRAVEL!? The realism was lacking in ...more