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Kickin' It is an American martial arts-inspired comedy television series that originally aired on Disney XD from June 13, 2011 to March 25, 2015. Created and executive produced by Jim O'Doherty, the series is rated TV-Y7 and follows the karate instructor at an under-performing martial arts academy, more.


This is show is so bad. Why is there always a big fight at the end? It makes no sense at all. How many karate fights just break out in the real world. In one episodes the people they were fighting had swords! If one of those swords hit one of the kids, he/she could die! People are trying to kill people on a Disney Channel show! The absolute worst episode was were that crazy director kidnapped those 2 kids (I think there names might be Leo and Kim, I don't know) in arena in an actual fight to the death. When they escaped they didn't call police or anything.

This is a show about kids who are friends and practice in a karate dojo. Then, all of a sudden, they are launched into a secret agent society run by their TEACHER? And why is it that Jack has to always have a blonde romantic interest? After Olivia left, he started to fall for some annoying girl at his dojo and that was when my brothers finally stopped watching the show, thank goodness.

The story line is really not that good and it is kinda fake.

Some moments are offensive and racist, and teach kids that making fun of other cultures is alright. My kids started watching Kickin it on Netflix. They enjoy the silliness, but after watching a few of the shows with my kids, I will no longer let them watch. Why is the show's portrayal of Falafel Phil so racist? (Want an example, see Season 2, Episode 12 "Kickin it Old School") The character is from an imaginary country, Khakhmakhistan. Phil is a comic-relief character in a show that's already chock full of zaniness. He speaks with a heavy accent and the show pokes fun at Phil's homeland traditions. Do the writers really need to portray a character in such an offensive way?

This is the Best Show EVER! This is the most high-rated show on Disney! This show is brilliant! It has comedy, romance, adventure, and martial arts! The plots are Spectacular! Kickin' it in China was awesome! Ricky Weaver, The Wrath of the Swan, Wasabi Warrior, Buddyguards, Kim of Kong, Hit the road Jack, Capture the Flag, My left foot, Reality Fights, Indiana Eddie, Dojo Daycare, Rowdy Rudy, Rock em' Sock em', and the other episode have great plots! I'm obsessed with this show! Please do not flame on this comment.

This is pretty much the worst show (aside from Austin & Ally) out of all the Disney franchises. This show has a SERIOUS lack of plot, creativity, interesting characters, and good actors. I am thoroughly surprised it has had a three-year run and no person at Disney has the guts to cancel it!

I've only watched one episode and I literally almost punched the T.V.! It was that stupid Hunger Games episode. REALLY DISNEY?!?!?! You took a good book and crossed it up with this garbage! Disney doesn't even own Hunger Games, so they don't have a right to affiliate it with this terrible show. I didn't get that far into the episode, so I respect all opinions.

Why does every bad guy know karate?! Most people don't. Plus, I hate the new Milton' he's such a jerk. And all, jack does is fight and think he's "the big cheese" if you know what I mean.. 1/10 - Thatgirl

I just wrote 5 paragraphs about how much this show sucks I lost all my work cause my computer froze and I'm just not willing to retype it all just take my word for it though. Remember 5 paragraphs that's failure of the show to give me less reason as to wright about how all of it is garbage

This is so messed up. The jokes are so awful; they make me want to scream and cringe, the plot-- wait, silly me, how am I supposed to criticize a plot that does not exist *cue annoying Disney laughter*, also, the characters are so dumb. I have never seen a cast of more untalented actors and actresses.

The show is terrible I can't even watch thirty seconds of it. Lets just face it anything with olivia holt in it is stupid her catch frase "boom goes the dynamite" is so stupid they are not even good at karate I know a 3 year old does karate he is bad but better than the kickin it people

My only real problem is with Kim. Everyone else is funny especially Jerry. But I feel like they make Kim say the worst things and it ends up making her look like a complete retard.

Absolutely HATE this show. It has no plot or anything and the "karate" they do on there is a joke. A three year old could do better karate than them.

I've had enough of their horrible acting, lame jokes, and that thing they call "karate". Back flips are NOT martial arts!

This show used to be cool, but no teenager saves the world everyday, and I'm pretty sure that grown men would be able to beat teenagers!

I find it so predictable. Some bad guys do something bad, the fight them with cheesy sound effects, they win. Every... Single... Episode.

Disney is not doing any justice for their image jason earls should have found a better job after Hannah Montana. Also put all the weird awkward looking kids in one show

The only good season is the first one, then in the second all the guys went through puberty and got ugly, and now they are getting a fourth! Seriously they don't deserve it at all! The new episodes are dumb (er)

I love Kickin It. Great, real characters with amazing friendships. Especially for people who do, like, or are interested by karate should love this show.

Most these I actually like. I watch Disney Channel with my 11 year old nephew. But there are a few that I don't like. This is one of them - westofohio

It's better than the others since it (kind of) avoids stereotypes. But yeah, that doesn't save it from hate. In fact, I don't think any Disney show is saved from hate by a lot of people. - ObscuredBeauty

I like this show a lot because it is funny and interesting.

There's some people in my social studies class who like this dumb show. Why do people like this show? It insults karate so so much. - Anonymousxcxc

I used to love this show. But towards the end it just got boring and annoying

This new episode sucks hunger games oh so hard who says may the wassabi be ever in your warrior. Come on now please obama, please take this off T. V