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Liv and Maddie is a live-action Disney Channel sitcom that started on July 19, 2013, and ended on March 24, 2017. It is about two identical twin sisters named Olivia "Liv" Rooney and Madison "Maddie" Rooney (both portrayed by actress Dove Olivia Cameron; born in January 1996 as Chloe Celeste Hosterman) more.


This show stinks. I saw the first episode and decided it was a stupid show

What the heck is the family doing to each other? The twins (Liv and Maddie) are constantly insulting people who are either aren't like them, (in their mind) not cool enough and sometimes, what they're wearing. I mean, there always has to be someone getting insulted, including their own family! I remember that someone said this show teaches you how to live life, but let me ask you something: Do you think that throwing a dodgeball at an elder at about 50mph is good choice? Heck no! Elder could have a heart attack! Bottom line is this show has crappy acting, crappy jokes and almost everything crappy mixed together in one pile of junk known as Liv & Maddie. No wonder kids these days are spoiled brats!

A dodgeball was never thrown at an old person at 50 miles per an hour ever in the show. That is impossible. No human could throw something that fast.

Why oh why is this not higher?! This show is stupid and has bad actors/actresses in it! It doesn't even make any sense! First of all, what famous Hollywood actress quits being rich and famous just so they can see their family? I understand how she misses them and all, but seriously?! You don't give up a once in a lifetime opportunity like that. And next time, make the paparazzi look real and put more than six people there. Real paparazzi are like at least 90 people with flashing cameras with screaming fans like come on?! Then the parents are like, were so cool we have a celebrity living here. What do they think of the other kids? That just proves right to my face that they favor liv over the others. And the school?! NOBODY ever sees liv as a celebrity, not one person! Why does Joey the unpopular kid have more friends than her? They tell me.

Bottom line I hate this show it's terrible.

It's so dumb and stereotypical. Liv is the "famous" brat girl and Maddie is always burdened by her sister. Maddie is smart and athletic, which apparently to Disney means you're a nobody. One episode was when they were getting their driver licenses. Their family made a surprise party for them. Liv came in happy as can be since she got her license. Then, poor Maddie came in. Somehow she didn't make it, which doesn't make any sense. Wouldn't the smarter person make it? Not for Disney.

Apparently, In Disney's point of view, to have a great life, you must be some famous superstar who wears flashy clothing, make up, and style your hair In any crazy way possible and also sing in a high pitched voice while dancing like a lunatic - MLPFan

I knew from the first time I watched this show that it was one of the worst shows on Disney Channel. Whoever was in charge of the plot deserves to fired immediately. The only Disney show worse than Liv and Maddie is Shake It Up. I can't believe the producers of Liv and Maddie would rip off 2 older shows, and even an episode of an older show.

1. This show rips off Lizzie McGuire because the characters address the audience similar to the way the animated Lizzie did so on Lizzie McGuire.

2. This show rips off The Suite Life of Zack & Cody because the main characters are twins, just like in the Suite Life of Zack & Cody.

3. This show rips off an episode of Hannah Montana, Torn Between Two Hannahs, because in that episode of Hannah Montana, both Miley Stewart and her cousin Luann were played by Miley Cyrus. On Liv and Maddie, both of the twins are played by one actress, Dove Cameron.

Writers, if you're reading this, ripping of multiple shows does NOT make it ...more

I feel so sorry fo Joey! What he said in the new episode is so true. Maddie's basketball games are always attend, and Liv's premieres, and Parker gets special attention. When have you ever seen Joey get praised. His parents didn't attend the Brain Olympics or any of his other events. When has the last time Joey got focused on his talents? Not as much as his siblings! Maddie insulted him in front of their mother and I friend?!?! My sister gets scolds when she does it, but his mother does it too. When Diggy and Joey were bonding, Maddie instead of letting them be friends, dug her way in and squeezed Joey out of the picture! Poor Joey! :(

Liv and Maddie might be one of the most annoying shows on Disney.

Liv: total dumb blonde. Her voice makes me want to chop my ears off! It's so high pitched! I've only seen about 4 episodes and all she does is snoop around in Maddies love life! Like Diggy was going to get her sweatbands, and Liv had to make it a girly gift, and she almost broke Maddie and Diggy up!

Maddie: the tomboy girl. I didn't like her. She was way too competitive. Hey sweetheart, what's gonna happen when someone better than you beats you? I can already tell: Maddie would either beat the girl up or would fall into a state of depression. That's how competitive this girl is.

Joey: the bullied nerd stereotype. He looks like the boy version of Delia from I Didn't Do It (another terrible show) and he pretends he's so manly, but Liv could probably beat him up.

Parker: he was ok. The acting wasn't super bad, but really? Super scientist kid who tells butt jokes?

Karen: the least likable ...more

It COULD be decent, but the writers are showing obvious favoritism... I mean they always show Liv like she's perfect when she's my least favorite character on the show. The other kids are way more deserving of the spotlight (especially Maddie) but, alas, Liv is famous. So she gets pretty much anything she wants. Liv always has to be involved in everything and take everything she wants from everyone. Maddie has been shown to actually be nice at times, but I can't stand Liv, and I can't stand this show. Just watch, it may be low on the list now but it'll make it to the top ten once it's been around longer. Not to mention it's a total rip-off of Suite Life -_-

If you thought the original Liv & Maddie wasn't unoriginal and boring enough and a rip-off of Hanna Montana and Lizzie McGuire and The Suite Life, Disney Channel once again has totally gone bottom of the barrel with "Liv and Maddie II - College-A-Rooney"... the test pilot was HORRIBLE. Half way through Liv's usual overreacting to finding a beer in their room, you want Maddie to beat her senseless with it as soon as Liv goes "o m wowza." And Maddie - time to dump the "Bam! What?! " catchphrase - no one says that in Elementary School, much less college. Who writes this crap for Disney? The cast either can't act or in the case of Dove Cameron, can't sing either. In this lousy reboot - Liv and Maddie go to college and most of the material appears to be plagiarized from old reruns of Saved By The Bell The College Years with a bunch of Legally Blonde Reese Witherspoon blonde jokes shoved together for Liv. With this, I'm convinced Disney is out of steam on ideas for live action sitcoms. Dove ...more

My main complain is that the acting is some of the worst I have ever seen. Every character on the show is a cliche in one way or another (except for dumb dad we get dumb mom and even then the dad can be worse than the mother). There is forced love interests everywhere which is a massive pet peeve with me. Plots are uninteresting and the writing is either lazy or cringe worthy. Every joke they try to tell is just forced, the laugh track makes it feel both awkward for the actors and the audience. Also the transitions from show to commercials is the worst ever as it literally cuts out mid scene to a Disney bumper. Did the editors get lazy, what is wrong with traditional fade to black?

It has the same plot every disney show has 1. Someone is famous or trying to become famous. 2. The kids have odd names (like I heard next year they're adding some show with a kid named sticky) 3. A track laughs at everything the people say and do including when kids insult people including their parents and they NEVER ever get told off because the idiots that run the channel think the kids getting into trouble once in a while wouldn't be entertaining.4. Someone in the show has to be so stupid it's hard to watch.

I do watch liv and maddie I have no idea why but liv is a brat. She changed the role of Tristan in "Space Werewolves" to a girl just because she wanted that role. So she basically ruined it for the fans if a boy wants to play katniss they wouldn't change katniss to a boy! Just audition for peeta or something and stop being a selfish brat by ruining it for the fans. The mom is annoying by copying liv's style I mean she's like 40 and copying a 16 year old! Also all maddie cares about is sports and winning and when Joey "won" horse because maddie gave him four letters he didn't wanna be beat by maddie so he says he's retired from all competition and the plot is that liv comes home to spend time with her family after acting in a T.V. show but she's still getting acting jobs? Ik there in Wisconsin but acting on a set takes all day so she wouldn't be able to spend time with her family! There's not much to say about Parker but I hate his friend Evan! He's annoying and an ironic joke was I ...more

I hate how Liv gets more attention than Maddie. Liv is all bratty and spoiled. It took her 10 minutes just to howl like a wolf in an audition. All she cares about is being famous, fashion, boys. She is a stereotypical dumb blonde. Maddie is a bit cooler an laid back but she should get more attention though. Seriously, it's LIV AND MADDIE. Not just Liv.

It's just a bit better than I Didn't Do It. But both of them are still really, really... bad! Very, very stupid! And I Didn't Do It is much, much much worse! - funnyuser

I agree with all of you. Liv is a stuck-up snob who whines if she doesn't get her way, Maddie is a selfish jerk who only wants to win. Parker is a little brat, the mom and dad are terrible actors, and Joey, well, Joey's okay but he's annoying. AND IT'S SO UNREALISTIC! No Hollywood actress leaves to spend time with her family, NOBODY notices her at school, and in the birthday episode, the mom somehow transformed a low-class rectangle cake with buttercream frosting into a 4 layer cake with classy designs, and the last layer was a basketball. She did this in 2 HOURS! Like, how did you make all of that in two hours, how did your icing skills just MAGICALLY improve, and where did she get all of that mix? Like, do you just have a cabinet filled with Betty Crocker? Seriously, this show is stupid.

I am so disappointed of how low Disney Channel came all the way down to the bottom of the barrel. Will there be another cartoon that will be Disney's solution to fix its reputation? Or will there be another dopey Disney Channel sitcom with bad actors, terrible plots, aggravating laugh tracks, and no moral values while being filmed with multiple-cameras for 30 minutes per episode? This is an outrage. Liv and Maddie is a major flop and a devastating disaster that destroyed Disney Channel. I call this sitcom "Stink-A-Rooney".

I think this show deserves to be number one. This show makes series like Dog with a Blog and I didn't do it deserve an award. The humor is pretty cheesy, Liv annoys the HECK out of me, Maddie isn't any better, and not to mention some cheesy singing. Disney should make shows to appeal to people who actually want to watch something good as mostly 9 year old girls watch. I do have to admit, this show CAN BE GOOD sometimes and has potential but Disney Channel needs to try harder I think.

Singing is bad and lazy (seriously, "better in stereo" makes no sense, they just needed something to rhyme with "know") Acting is bad and lazy. Plot is boring and lazy. Writing is beyond lazy and Horrible. This show is just lazy and unnecessary

Liv's voice is just horrible and squeaky! It makes me cringe. I've only seen parts of this show, but I can see it's not even close to memorable or original. Those "sisterly" moments just make me laugh hysterically at their bad acting. It looks unrealistic! And of course, there's the typicall twins, consisting of the "funny" athletic twin and the fashionable popular twin! I just have to get my opinion out there and say, Disney Channel has gone bad, and it ruins Disney Studio' s image! I love Disney, but not Disney Channel.

At first I thought I could relate to this show but then I realised how ENTITLED everyone in this show is. Like, Liv is an amazing singer and actress, Maddie is great at basketball, Parker practically made a whole system of tunnels under his own house, the mother is like the queen of the school, and the dad is still loved with people his age. The only one normal is Joey, and... not much of it.

Holy mangoes I somehow didn't realize that. Suddenly my opinion towards it is becoming a little less neutral and more disliking. (I know the mangoes attempt is lame, but I don't want to say crap all the time). - Anonymousxcxc

I watched the first episode because I thought the plot was OK so Disney might've made a good show. I was wrong. It would be okay if the stereotypical-blonde stuff wasnt there, or the girl didn't SING EVERY SINGLE MINUTE FOR NO REASON.

You guys already know my opinion on this show so I won't say it again, but just because I find the first two seasons okay doesn't mean that I'll willingly watch the show during my freetime. Although this might cheer up Disney1994 (who I don't find a bad person at all, which a lot of people seem to disagree with) but he's not the only adult who likes Liv and Maddie. There's this girl in my social studies and science classes who has a 24 year old married sister who is OBSESSED with Liv and Maddie. So no Disney1994 you are not alone in the adult audience of Liv and Maddie. (The actual girl though hates Liv and Maddie, it's just her sister that likes it). - Anonymousxcxc

Is it me or are these shows getting worse by the series?

I'm sorry to be mean, but this show insults stereotypes of certain individuals in reality. Liv is so annoying because she is so bubbly and so bratty. Maddie seems to be the one who is such a tomboy but she seems a lot nicer than liv. Joey is so weird and so obnoxious. Parker seems to be the one who is the most Normal. I am sorry. That was my honest opinion.

I'm not gonna lie the most interesting things about the show were the sister bond in the first two seasons (which I only watched if I was bored) and in the later seasons the shows within the shows (again I have to be really really bored to watch this show). Like seriously if Voltage and even Sing It Loud or whatever were made into shows then I would watch them, but not really Liv and Maddie. - Anonymousxcxc