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21 Wander Over Yonder

Get that show off the list! It's the best show on Disney Channel. Wander is cute and funny. And sounds just like Felix on Wreck-it Ralph.

Of course, if the show has a positive message it's considered "stupid" and "annoying" by today's society. Because people are so concerned with looking "cool" that they can't stop and actually BE NICE for once. This is my favorite show ever and whoever put it here is dumb.

This may be way down at 93 now but watch, this is gonna end up in the top 10! This isn't just bad, terrible, horrible, etc. There is NO human words to describe how awful this show is. No wonder most kids 5-15 are becoming spoiled dumb brats! I can't even believe kids are watching this crap and even worse: liking it!

Age: 13. Status: don't like this show. About: I was raised not to be a spoiled brat. - Anonymousxcxc

I Don't know what the orange thing is, it should be called the idiotic ball of hair, by humans, and the blue thing looked like a horse had sex with a giraffe and learned English by, I don't know, something, and the Skelton dude should fall apart, and his army of a puny 10,000 will get vaporized by nukes if they are enemies, but if we ally with skelly dude, we will kill the idiotic ball of hair with the mutant giraffe horse, P.S. I hate the show, when ever I take a p! $$ I imagine the idiotic ball of hair and the giraffe horse in the toilet, and I go explosive diarrhea of their faces. And I like Steven universe, regular show and especially the amazing world of gumball. If the shows I like we're real. Gumball will scratch the idiotic ball of hair to death. Morticai and Rigby will donut their golf cart until they pass out from dizziness, and the crystal gems will stab them with their spears, fists, shields, mans whips. I really want to kill the idiotic ball of hair and giraffe horse, and ...more

I love this show! In fact, Wander and Lord Hater are my fave cartoon characters so take it off the list! 😡

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22 My Babysitter's a Vampire

This show is the second worst Disney Channel show ever. It's worse than A.N.T. farm and it's almost as bad as shake it up (shake it up is the worst Disney Channel show ever! ). This show is too scary and brainwashing to little kids. I read a news letter from Canada and is says that a kid age 7 or 8 killed one of his parents because of this show. Look below on my opinions of the characters.

Ethan- he is not responsible, he is a dumb geek, he is afraid of almost everything because his eyes always turn white. He thinks he's cool but kids at school should bet him up for being a whimp. It's embarrassing that he has to have a babysitter.

Sarah- she likes to teach little kids how to kill people. She should get arrested for killing people. She has an annoying voice and her clothes look stupid. I saw that Vanessa Morgan (Sarah in real life) changed her skin color from brown to white (racist).

Benny- he always tells butt jokes and he is dumber that a person with no brain. ...more

Um that's not creepy at all. (Slightly sarcastic, slightly frightened voice. It's referring to the supposed news letter). - Anonymousxcxc

You ever see one of those parody sitcoms, ones that have no thought put into them and are idiotic and pandering? Yeah, that's this show. Created solely to cash in on the recent vampire craze, this show has flat, stereotypical characters, idiotic plot lines, terrible humour and no emotion or creativity in it all. But it's 'Citizen Kane' compared to Disney's latest monstrosity of a sitcom, 'Dog with a Blog'.

This is the last decent sitcom ever to air on Disney Channel, and Dog with a Blog is worse than this, too many laugh tracks happening every second.

This show is bomb the only show so far that is original and isn't corny you must dumb to call this! The worst Disney show I say Disney channel went down the toilet when they started adding shows like good luck charlie and Disney channel is now out of ideas and we all can see that just by them allowing a dog with a blog. I couldn't stand two seconds that show shouldn't even have the right to exist plus the bad acting doesn't help it any more.

Just by looking at the name of the show, I already know it's going to be terrible cringy ass. I've heard of this show like when I was 9 and it didn't interest me one bit. - kawaiitohru

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23 Zeke and Luther

Dumb. You can tell its all fake

Anyone who hates Zeke and Luther hasn't seen how bad Hannah Montana was, and hasn't seen enough of today's shows either, except for Gravity Falls, It had a decent plot and it didn't have a stupid laugh track, due to it's format, if you've seen Ned's Declassified, Then Zeke and Luther would've reminded you of that show, it was kind of a spinoff. - nelsonerica

Just plain weird I don't get it crazy actors too it freaks me out I would rather whatch a baby movie

The other sitcoms suck, Liv and Maddie, for example is just two dumb blondes doing nothing but teaching fake stuff with little good lessons, but not enough, no matter how many episodes, Zeke and Luther had a real plot compared to today's sitcoms. - nelsonerica

To be honest, the only reason I voted for this one was because it freaks me out... Literally, weirds me out. I've never even been able to watch a full episode because of this, but from what I have seen, this is disgusting. The acting and scripting sucks, and it's the acting that weirds me out in the first place. Anyone who talks like this and moves like this and most of all makes faces like this in real life, people would probably assume they're mentally challenged. I'm sorry if that's offensive, but I'm not kidding. These overreactions, their facial expression, the constant screaming... It's just scary. Who on Earth would be behave like this? It couldn't even have been just one character, no, they all had to act the same...

It's better than the other shows we have now, it's more like Ned's Declassified than the others, except that it has skating, which is a unique trend. - nelsonerica

Only voting for this because Gravity Falls is back at number 20 and it doesn't deserve to be there. Plus this show isn't good anyways (I always thought that it was too awkward). - Anonymousxcxc

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24 Handy Manny

All of you say it's a rip off of the Bob the Builder, but it's not! I think Manny lives in his workshop... I mean the show never even shows his house! He won't admit he's in love with Kelly. Why didn't he take off his hat until the wedding episode? He needs to take it off every now and then, he just removed it so he can go to the wedding. And his ' grandpa got married! Why can't they have his sister get married or his brother instead? And Lopart is too old to live with his mom, what mid-aged man lives with his mom? And he's just stupid! Who gives their cat a bath? All the females have eyelashes except Dusty the saw. Why? The female tools look like their wearing mascara! Their eyelashes are too thick. I hate that show!

Let me just start by saying this is meant for little kids. But there is a couple of downsides. This show is a part-copy of Bob the Builder. And that annoying song happens every single episode! But there is one question I have: Why do you all watch this in your free time?

This show is all about manny taking credit for the work his tools do. But I guess that's how life really works.

I hate some of the characters they are either overly annoying overly negative or speaks too little english - Ihateschool

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25 Nina Needs to Go Nina Needs to Go ...read more.

This show just creeps me out! Nobody have ever tried to create an entire show in which the main character has to pee in every episode. And do you know what creeps me even more?! That there are actually people who like this show. Just read the weird and in the same time scary comment someone just made about nina : 'hi! My name is pedrophill56 and I'm a huge fan of the Disney animated shorts : nina needs to go. The first I heard about this show was when I saw the commercial. In that commercial, there were also some close-ups with nina at the pool wearing a pink one-piece sexy-looking swimsuit. Gosh, when I saw nina in that swimsuit I knew that I have to dive into this show. So, I watched at some of these animated shorts and I realized how hot is nina. I can't help myself staring at the way her little chubby legs move when she's doing the pee pee dance or at how desperate she looks when she has to pee. I just love how she 'curls' her little mouth when she really needs to go, I simply ...more

This is the most horrible show ever besides Wander Over Yonder. Want to know why? Because Nina is the biggest crybaby ever. She always has to go to the bathroom in every single episode, which does NOT teach kids about potty training. AT ALL. It's the same exact plot in every episode: Nina has to go, rushes to the bathroom with her grandma, and thinks it will never happen again, but guess what? THE NEXT EPISODE DOES IT AGAIN! AND AGAIN! AND AGAIN! This show has the most repetitive plot ever, because all of the other shows have a different plot in each episode. Were the creators lazy or something? I guess so. They might have run out of ideas and instead created a dull and crappy show like this. I have an extremely long explanation because it is so horrible. I'm never watching this show ever again. - jackintheboxisgross

I hate this show! I hate Nina! Why doesn't she use the bathroom before going somewhere? And it's so annoying when she says hat this will never happen again and it happens all the time. plus, she's super ugly. she isn't cute! Is annoying

This show is a disgusting example of children's shows becoming weirder and more random these days.

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26 Girl Meets World Girl Meets World Girl Meets World is an American coming of age television sitcom. The series made its debut on Disney Channel on June 27, 2014.

This show makes me so mad. Riley is so annoying. She thinks the whole entire world revolves around here. She thinks that everyone's main focus is on her. Lucas on the other hand has no expression or emotion what so ever. He's just a bland character. Another character I hate is Farkle. He is so stupid and thinks that he is like the dictator of his classroom. Also, Maya is just a bad influence on Riley. She's like teaching Riley how to steal and cheat. Riley's little brother Auggie is just a spoiled brat, especially his girlfriend Ava. Cory and Topanga act like Boy Meets World never happened. They let their children do whatever they want. Cory can't even control his classroom. He let's his daughter and friend leave the classroom whenever they want. Even in the middle of a lesson (which is going to be on a test. I bet she gets straight A's since the dad is her teacher ) she talks out loud about her problems. I don't know what this show is teaching kids. All of the lessons they teach are ...more - spongebobssister

Disney Channel is very low on he comedy factor lately and this is a pure sign that Disney is the next Nickelodeon, a huge importance to children in earlier years to a channel that's without any budget. Riley Matthews the main protagonist and the daughter of Cory Matthews, the protagonist from Boy Meets World. She thinks everything revolves around her as she's annoying too. The characters in the series talk very nonsense and joyful like all the time, like a SpongeBob episode, but with no funny factor what so ever. The scriptwriters must be on drugs because the characters are always saying stupid things. Now there is some factors to the series as it continues, and that's the character building. But the rest of the series is stupid to me. Not funny and very weird "happy go lucky" script. That's not how real life is!

I do not see anything about how anybody likes this show. Riley and Maya think they can break rules and go unattended on the Subway, the parents don't do ANYTHING about it. They think Auggie can do WHATEVER he wants. And Wes should've been on Dog with a Blog longer. He does not deserve a brat like Riley.

Riley is a brat who thinks she can get away with everything! In GIRL MEETS SNEAK ATTACK, she saw another girl talk to Lucas. Riley wanted Lucas all to HERSELF. So, her friends taught her to flirt, too.

Maya is a bad influence to Riley. She thinks she can set the smoke detector during class, cheat, and steal. Plus, Sabrina Carpenter's singing voice sounds fake.

Lucas made a bad decision. He does not deserve a brute like Riley. HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN WITH AVERY!

Parents act like BOY MEETS WORLD never happened. They let Riley and Maya go ALONE on the Subway, and let them get away with everything. Is this couple being TOO nice or being bad parents?

Farkle is ...more

I find this show annoying and hard to understand. I also think that peyton meyer (lucas) is a bad actor everything he says is boring, unnatural and monotone. He needs to add more facial expressions. I also find it disturbing that Riley's little brother has a girlfriend. I know people find it cute when a five year old is dating but I think it's wrong. Were teaching kindergartners that they need some one else to be happy and to be worth something. No wonder there are so many teen pregnancies.

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27 PrankStars

I didn't really like the show. Its like they jocked the show pranked that was so much better. One episode selena gomez only had a hat and sunglasses on and it was like. You really don't know who she is -_-. It seems really fake and rehearsed

Nothing about this show is real, it's obvious that it's all a set up and the Selena Gomez one, was stupid, she clearly knew it was her.

It was an obvious fake. The Selena Gomez one was EXTREME proof of that, come on, I thought she was supposed to be her biggest fan, but she doesn't notice it's her under only sunglasses and a hat? I am sure there were pictures of Selena in sunglasses and a hat somewhere! And how do ALL the parents have HD cameras to post to the host? If you were told your favorite celebrity was playing a prank on you, you would at least have some emotional expressions? Note: Also the girl who played Selena's biggest fan is an ACTRESS!

This show is obviously fake.

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28 Best Friends Whenever

Best Friends Whenever is yet another show focused only on girl problems. Not saying that's bad, it is just getting old. Speaking of which, another thing getting old is how the main characters in a lot of new Disney shows are two girls, one being a bad girl and the other one being a good girl. Anyways, this show is very bad. The humor is terrible. The acting is bad and the drama is unrealistic. The twins are so flipping annoying. The acting for them is bad them as characters are bad and they are always just destroying random things in the house and they physically abuse each other way too much! An example of bad acting in this show is that one really smart kid making really weird and creepy inventions in his trailer is really bad at acting. He tries to act but always just has a bland face on. Also if you look closely in some scenes with him he repeatedly glances at the camera. In life he's like 16 and should know better than that. Heck the kid who plays Auggie in the God awful show, ...more

I don't get it. How come Disney Channel doesn't make a lot of cartoons like they used to? Seriously, we get another lousy live action sitcom after another and it won't stop. It is not funny at all with poorly developed characters, laugh tracks, and badly written jokes. Unnecessary at all. I watched a bit of Best Friends Whenever and I hated it. It ripped off Back To The Future and turned it into another flop. Looks like Disney Channel reached the bottom of the barrel of disgusting.

Yes I do agree that Best Friends Whenever is not a good show, though I agree even more when they say that Disney is all about the girl issues. Sure I'm a girl, but I'm sick and tired of Disney having these shows about girls with one stereotypical girly girl and another stereotypical "tomboy" going through life in some sort of special treatment way that's supposed to "teach life lessons" and having them sugarcoat everything. Especially their "insults" if you ask me as much as it kills me to say this, I would be more willing to see Donald Trump on T.V. than sit around and see these new Disney shows. Though I apologize to the actors of these shows who are probably watching these for this comment and the previous ones before.

This was also me before I got an account, though I am sincerely sorry about the Donald Trump preference, but it's just not…understandable. Doctor Who forever! - Anonymousxcxc

God damn I hate Best Friends Whenever! The plots are dumb, the jokes are vapidly unfunny, the acting alters between forced and awkward, the characters are shallow and annoying, especially Naldo. Naldo is just Dez from Austin & Ally on steroids and if he was kicked in the nuts about 50 times. The difference is, Dez has a personality and is at least funny.

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29 How to Be Indie

It's not even funny, I'm sick of it.

It a bad movie I has to be gone for ever but it's a bad thing what I am going to say that she's a nice girl

WORST. SHOW. EVER. No seriously, it's not even funny by a bit, but they still put on laugh tracks. The bad acting should be the reason it's labeled "comedy"

This sound like a racist show - cartoonfan101

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30 Sofia the First

Sofia the first LAME princess... Did she sneak into that castle illegally and demand equal rights?

I hate this show. Sure, it's for kids, but Sofia doesn't even teach any lessons/she teaches lessons that you/everyone else might already have learned. It is your opinion but I personally hate Sofia the first. It is a ripoff of Tangled! - Gamecubesarecool193

Gah! I hate this show so much! It's as dumb and lame as heck as Winx Club, Dora, Lalaloopsy, Diego, Ni Hao Kailan, LPS (2012 edition, where they rip off Ponies! ), And Care Bears! The show is completely mindless. Just dumb and they made Some Disney Princesses who were actually better into as annoying as Sofia and Amber. It started very annoying. Sofia used to be just a regular girl at the village who lives with her mother who has some sort of small shoe business. And one day, the king needed a pair of new shoes and The King and Sofia's mom get married and Sofia turned into an annoying princess and Amber, the king's daughter got jealous because of everyone seemed to love sofia more and blahblahblah... (I hate it so much, I don't want to continue) Where is the real Queen? Did something bad happen to her? Well, she should've live (on my opinion) longer so sofia's mom won't marry the King (well, that way, Sofia can't be Princess) And Sofia is the most mary sue character at this show, she ...more - MLPFan

I agree that the new shows on Disney Channel all involve kids in the story who are super spoiled and get away with saying things that are terribly rude or doing bad things, and, parents in real life would not let them get away with it.
But Sophia the First will only make kids expect more and it will not teach kids valuable lessons ( it's about royal children getting basically what ever they want). I want to see a show that teaches kids lessons ( but doesn't bore them to death), has good role models, and doesn't make adults look like they are manipulative.

Sofia The First isn't a good show at all. Hopefully it's Sofia the First and Last, because I cannot stand her at all!

I don't care if this is a kids show, It sucks. It's also lame and stupid. - kawaiitohru

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31 Kirby Buckets

I have to admit, this show has a cool concept. Drawings coming to live? How neat is that? But knowing Disney, they have to mess up a perfectly fine idea as usual.

The show follows a boy named Kirby Buckets, an aspiring cartoonist. The show also features his two friends as they experience wacky shenanigans. It doesn't sound too bad, right? Oh, but it is. The humor consists of a lot of toilet and gross humor. Fart jokes, puke jokes, you name it. The acting is terrible and the characters are dull and lifeless. How are we supposed to care about these characters if the actors don't even seem to care about their characters? Not to mention that the characters are not interestinng or unique whatsoever. These characters have 1-2 character traits and go through no development at all. I thought this was because the show was just starting out, so I was able to let it go. But now the show is at its third season and it's still making these problems! Terrible show. I doubt it'll ever get ...more

The guy in this show can't draw, his drawings have no effort in it and he makes the worst cartoon characters ever. Even I can draw better and make better characters than this guy. Even some people in my school can draw better than that guy. The show is also gross.

This show gave me ebola with it's fake ass animation. - MeaganSaysHI

The show has a kinda cool concept, but they ruined it with the super gross toilet humor.

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32 Kick Buttowski

It's so stupid all it has in it is a stupid kid with a big bottom that sticks out it just teaches kids to care about them selves

This show is ridiculous, stupid and annoying! I'm really tired of seeing promos and ads for this shows!


Definition of cringe. It's gross. - kawaiitohru

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33 Little Einsteins

This show has no common sense! The animals have instrument voices (were the creators drunk when they made the show? ), every human that isn't the little Einsteins speaks instruments (were the creators stupid? ), and how do the four dumbass midgets even understand instrument!? Do you want to know what is even worse? They get some of the greatest music of all time and turn it into crap! And worse than that is the fact the kids who watch the show will become retards because they will think animals speak instrument! So parents, before you show this abomination to animation to your kids, teach them the REAL sounds of the animals, or even better, don't show them this piece of crap at all! Disney, you have just made the biggest disgrace to entertainment and music ever!

I thought at first it was going to be a show about science for younger children. But no, it's a show about 3 years old flying around in an unrealistic spaceship teaching kids about art and music. Kids are now going to think Einstein was a musician not one of the worlds greatest scientists. I had to watch the show because of a younger sibling fyi

Honestly if the animals are going to make kind of sound then it should be their real sound! NOT instrument noises! Geese aren't meant to sound like trumpets or saxophones!

The only thing I like with this show is the theme song...lmao 😂 "we're going on a trip In our favorite rocket ship, Zooming through the sky. Little Einsteins"

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34 Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja is a Disney XD show created by Jed Ellinoff and Scott Thomas and produced by Titmouse Inc. The characters were designed by Jhonen Vasquez, a creator from a Nickelodeon show, Invader Zim . ...read more.

This show is stupid, the plot is stupid, the characters re stupid, especially the ugly blond fat guy

This show makes me want to cry. Stupid characters and one of the worst parts is the stupid book. It tells him literally everything and he doesn't have to ever figure out on his own how to defeat a bad guy. lets lay down the plot for every episode. Randy and Howard want to do something that would probably be cool ( have fun on winter break, go to a party, concert, or amusement park). suddenly the Namacon (sounds like some stupid convention) sucks him in and tells him a lesson, which he usually ignores. Then, McFist (literally the only villain in the show) who by the way is voiced by Joe DiMaggio (jake the dog, Dr. Drakken) has a plan that interfere with what the boys are doing. fast Forward: Randy and McFist robots or whatever get into a fight. It looks like randy is about to lose but then the same lesson comes up telling him exactly how to beat the bad guy. End of episode. No plot or point whatsoever. Gravity falls has original plots and you can tell the episodes are leading up to ...more

That show stinks I mean come on.

Okay, why the hell does the haters of this show blind because Jhonen Vasquez also working on this show as characters designer. Two, the haters hate this show just because they think Randy chosen as a ninja is random, what a bad reasons and biased. Get the fact, right, okay. Randy was chosen to be a ninja because The Creep expect him that he will become a ninja after he accidentally cut off stanked Marci's apron using Ninja of 05's sword, not because he is RANDOMLY chosen. Oh, by the way, the reasons why people love RC9GN is because it shows how Randy must sacrifices himself from all his daily life and his best friend to become a ninja and save Norrisville. Plus, it's NinjaNomicon, not NinjaNamacan! NinjaNomicon has many good messages that we can used it to our inspiration (check it on RC9GN wikia about NinjaNomicon at Quotes bar). And most chosen heroes ARE NOT REALLY BAD! Did you guys know about Miraculous Ladybug? Marinette and Adrien are chosen by Master Fu to become a Miraculous ...more - ChatNoirFan18

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35 Lab Rats

Lab rats is so interesting and it isn't supposed To be. On this list

It's stupid and it's not at all what Walt Disney finds pleasing, it's just a disgusting abomination.

The main character annoys me way too much he's just a brat and a little wimp that gets everything he wants from whining if you took him and his mom out and made it about a single father raising bionic children I might like it

They could make this show amazing, but no its just robots surviving highschool with the main charecter leo who in my opinion isn't even needed. They could make an amazing show where its set in the far futer and the world is ending and a panic stricken scientist resorts to a plan that was created years ago but was never intiated, it is called the lab rat operation, where indestucble human like robots have to be trained to save the world from the appending apocolpse (sorry about my spelling)

Die Lab Rats Die!

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36 Pair of Kings

The planned addition of no-talent Adam Hicks will end this show. The premise of a third king is stupid and the preview of him in the show is stupid. It's like adding Luther from Zeke and Luther without missing a beat. Disney's writers and producers are really bad right now. They must have worked on the movie John Carter too. I am so disappointed in Disney giving Adam Hicks another show. The last thing anyone wants to see is a cheesy, rapper-want-to-be with pasty white skin. Please just stop.

Look you should think before saying Adam hicks is amazing and I beat he is a better person than you

I HATE ADAM HICKS! God, Disney, are you trying to kill me? Every time there was a new one before Adam Hicks, You couldn't tear me away from the T.V.! Now, I feel like actually tearing the thing apart! Curse you Disney! Adam, I hope you realize that because of you, there is nothing worth watching on Disney. The only show I like, Phineas and Ferb, I can watch on Disney channel. I HATE THIS SHOW NOW!

It WAS funny until adam hicks came along and ruined it. Even doc shaw was funny until they made the switch. The only goodish episode is olanada.

Boring and unoriginal - cartoonfan101

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37 Pickle and Peanut

I never thought there would be a worse Disney show than Jessie but I was totally wrong! This show is absolutely stupid! I have a theory that this show was created mainly to draw in the fools that love the idiotic non-funny "humor" on stupid shows like this, just to get them to start watching Disney Channel and Disney! I actually thought that the Pickle and the Peanut things were adorable when I saw a picture of them... But then, when I actually saw a commercial I wanted to sue Disney! The idiotic shows on Cartoon Network, and some off the cartoons on Nickelodeon are just plain stupid! Disney is above all of that! They are better than Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network! Their movies are inspiring, they created the most magical place on earth, and they make more per year as it is! So why do they need to sink so low to steal viewers from other channels, and make an random "comedy" cartoon? I personally own some Disney Stock, and I'f I owned enough to be in charge, I would cancel Pickle and ...more

How is gravity falls 20 and this show 87? They literally decapitated grandmas and they murdered animals, it should be at least on the top ten. Noah, you are clearly and idiot. If Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon had this show, I wouldn't be so raged. But it's on Disney. I can't believe people like this show it's the worst show in existence. The theme song is not even a theme song, it's a four year olds shopping list. I hope this gets cancelled in summer or I'll have a army.

The commercial for it is just horrible why is Disney trying to be cool by making this "random" show

What can I say about this? It kinda looks like 12 Ounce Mouse to me. The animation is too lazy. - Anonymousxcxc

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38 Higglytown Heroes

What kind of show is modeled on matryoshka nesting dolls? Put it on 76 on the list

Put this on the list because it's weird and

It its not even on anymore its that bad!

This show is weird and has horrible animation - cartoonfan101

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39 Slugterra

REALLY?! HOW IS GRAVITY FALLS HIGHER THAN THIS BULL CRAP?! I HATE THIS SHOW AND IT DESERVES TO DIE! It's just a stupid Pokemon remake! Gravity falls is SO much better than this... I-I can't. I can't handle this. This list makes me sick right now. Oh my God! Just- UGH! - dipperpinesfangirl618

This show should not have hit the light of day. Why should it be on any channel? What?

Shooting slugs, how cute! Not! This show should've get bury by salt. That's right, slugs hates salt.

Unoriginal and disgusting - cartoonfan101

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40 Future-Worm!

The commercials look bad from when I saw them (I don't even touch Disney Channel anymore). - Anonymousxcxc

Dumb plots with even dumber characters

Worst show ever

The animation is so ugly it is worse than pickle and penut

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