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81 Snap!

This show is horrible. Disney just doesn't seem right going in the reality show direction...

Disney can't pull off reality shows, and they were probably faking be hypnotized. Ever hear of the power of suggestion? Essentially you think you're sick so you keep worrying about, until bam you're "sick". You made yourself sick, you're not actually sick. Plus the people were either doing this or just plain faking it of money.

This show only had the pilot episode, until being canceled. Dcs dark age of attempted reality shows.

82 Lizzie McGuire Lizzie McGuire Elizabeth Brooke McGuire, famously known as Lizzie, is the main character in the show. She is portrayed as a caring, rational, and cooperative person, although her animated alter-ego displays her true feelings from time to time.

WHAT LIZZIE McGUIRE IS DOING HERE? It's a good program and if you hate it then start hating your taste of choosing...


Actually lizzie mcguire is kind of lovely, why is it on this list?

It was fine I guess. Not really that special other than the fact that the live-action shows kicked into full force when this aired. I mean the content wasn't bad and it wasn't until Hannah Montana that the live-action shows kicked higher into gear and were bad but this show wasn't that amazing. - Anonymousxcxc

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83 Good Morning America

Really? What idiot put GOOD MORNING AMERICA on a list for the WORST Disney Channel SHOWS? This is a morning news show! What

What the hell, who put this?!?! I'm laughing!

This isn't Disney, damn whoever put this on the list is dumb...

Haha I'm the one who put this here 4 years ago! Lol

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84 The Next Step

Out of all the terrible DC shows I've seen, this one put me off the fastest. For starters, that theme song is absolutely EYE-GOUGING; basically just a mix of dance cliches and electronic mess. I don't understand how my sister can still passionately dance to THAT. And it shows wide and clear that drama/reality does NOT work AT all on Disney... just go back to what you were originally good at doing, the cartoons and all. You can also tell they were just trying WAY too hard, like they always do nowadays, but all of the acting felt particularly forced in this case. I honestly can't sit through this show for a minute without running away CRINGING and I feel that this should be a lot higher than 47 ):/

I've never seen or heard of this, but what I'm getting is that this is the Canadian version of Shake It Up. No thanks. - Anonymousxcxc

The series was good, but it go downhill. Bad characters came (i hate hunter), good characters were gone (I miss Tiffany and Daniel), the characters changed (Michelle and Emily are now boring), couples broke up (James and Riley broke up BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER) and the show is now... boring?

I can tell you right now that I am a dancer (specializing in ballet) and they should be doing gymnastics classes because all they do is trick after trick after trick! Where is the real dance quality? And all the back-stabbing drama!? Like it happens only a little bit in the dance world but they take this one WAY too far, like 5000000000 kilometres past the line! My sister (also a dancer) actually LIKES this show! It is a disgrace to the dance community!
If the kids on this show want to go somewhere with dance then they should be taking dance classes (especially ballet, their technique is awful) and maybe they would get somewhere.
And what was all that crap about the sassy E Girls!? Seriously that NEVER happens.

Kissing more than actually dancing

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85 Camp Lakebottom


This show is so bland and unfunny

I go to watch this show a lot then after I click on it realize its not camp lazlo

I honestly liked this show. It's not the best, but I liked it. - kawaiitohru

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86 Puppy Dog Pals Puppy Dog Pals
87 Sheriff Callie's Wild West

If you thought Mickey Mouse was bad, think again! This show is literally a NIGHTMARE. Gives kids nonstop nightmares if you watch it every single day. - jackintheboxisgross

Those dumbass squirrels just annoys me - jbella9000

It's a child's show woman!

This is a not so hot show. - majormanafemale

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88 Gamer's Guide To Pretty Much Everything

I hate how Disney is trying to draw in a bigger audience with gaming when the show doesn't feature sny actual gaming.

If they put more of a plot in it should be better.

Not only is this show awful, but it is and offense to gamers! It is not funny, not good, and makes me puke!

I don't know why this gets so much backlash. I mean I'm a gamer and I find the references funny.

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89 The Octonauts The Octonauts The Octonauts is a British children's television series, produced by Silvergate Media for the BBC channel CBeebies.

Octonauts is not cool at all. The characters have random names and they expect the kids to remember them? They all have random accents too and that seal/otter/whatever he is guy is the only cool character. The theme song is the reason it's an OK show. - Discord

That seal otter thing you said is actually an otter and I love otters since they're so cute. And yes he's the only cool one and he's really smart too - IceFoxPlayz

WHO THE HECK LIKES THIS SHOW! And honestly most people who actually comment are at least 8 so if your 8 or older and like any show on Disney Junior your clearly crazy

My two little brothers ages 2 and 5 are obsessed. It is a little kid show, so you haters should STOP COMMENTING! I feel like it's a rip of of wild kratts, which is a LOT less annoying, and they look like walking, talking stuffed animals.

This show is really good. Its cute. I like how they teach about marine animals. I can see its educational value, its educational, unlike PJ masks (,which doesn't even teach kids anything.)-trollsfan536

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90 Sam & Cat Sam & Cat Sam & Cat is an American teen sitcom that originally aired from June 8, 2013, to July 17, 2014, on Nickelodeon. It is a crossover spin-off/sequel of both iCarly and Victorious.

This is not a disney show, but it's still a lame show with a poor plot.

This is the worst spin-off ever!. Like other people say, it's not even on Disney. I liked ICarly and Victorious. But liked Sam and Cat better when they had there separate shows. Seriously the same plot reoccurs every single time. They get in a problem and then it gets fixed. Why did you have to ruin ICarly and Victorious. My two favorite Nickelodeon shows. They should've just left those two shows where they were at. Seriously Nickelodean you should've re-thought several times before you put this show on Nickelodeon.

Not a Disney show but let's be honest iCarly was good and so was Victorious but Sam & Cat not so much reason being you can't take supporting characters from a cool show and make them into lead characters on a sponsor off from their previous damn show.

Remember that scene where Sam Puckett and Cat Valentine fought each other by boxing each other on ground?! They are no better than Rocky & CeCe as best friends (more like worst friends).

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91 Lou & Lou Safety Patrol

Should be retitled "The Buttinsky Twins" because they're a couple of buttinskies and why is it they always pick on that poor kid Lester? - bigg3469

Lou and Lou safety patrol are such of Brats

Replay 1000 times don't forget the flu nobody likes that show

I hated this show back in the day. lou and lou annoy everyone with safety facts - cartoonfan101

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92 Rated A for Awesome

This is a parody of Phineas and Ferb, but worse. The animation is bad, and I find it so annoying, I lock my bro in his room, so he can go insane.

God I saw ONE episode and I hated it; it should be renamed Rated A for Awful because that's what it is. - Discord

This show is really really really bad! The plot is stupid and the animations are so weird! Don't bither yourself and watch this show!

U all should get a life

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93 Star Wars Rebels Star Wars Rebels Star Wars Rebels is an American 3D CGI animated television series produced by Lucasfilm Animation. Set fourteen years after Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith and five years before Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope, Rebels takes place during an era when the Galactic Empire is securing ...read more.

Ok, I get it. Disney has some pretty terrible shows. But there's one thing that makes all of them slightly more bearable than this one: they don't desecrate Star Wars. This show is super-lame and while it doesn't have the absolute worst writing, it's pretty close. This show is an insult to Star Wars and unlike the rest of these crap-fests, you can't just pretend it doesn't exist. I'd rather watch Shake it Up to be honest because it doesn't tarnish my childhood.

This is actually a great show. It doesn't rely on toilet humor like other shows on Disney, and the voice acting is great. Animation is alright, but I don't mind especially considering the tight budget.

Some episodes are good though the movies are better, even the Phantom Menace. Plus I wish they had more well-known characters besides Asoka and like 13 overall minutes of Darth Vader.

This show's actually pretty good.

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94 Lilo & Stitch

Woah, woah, wait. Lilo and Stitch? That's a great T.V. show! It's FAR more better than any other god-awful sitcom that Disney's shown so far. It's original, interesting, and has PERSONALITY in the characters. I don't know who put it up here, but obviously, you don't know a good cartoon when you see it.

Oh no! I accidentally voted this one!
D: I loved this show when I was a kid!

I love lilo and stitch it rocks

Pleakley ruined the whole SAGA

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95 Doc Mcstuffins: Toy Hospital V 1 Comment
96 Overruled!

This is an extremely awful show. I died after watching one quarter of this episode:(

Overruled? More Like Overrated! This Show Sucked!

One of the most unrealistic shows on disney.

what? - cartoonfan101

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97 Bunnytown

I loved this when I was little. Guys, some shows aren't meant to teach kids lessons! And they aren't meant to be entertaining to 7 year old weirdos who still watch this for some reason. It's just meant to entertain 3 year olds.

This show did not last long, So I can see why you put this on the list.

Weah, it's, just, like, max, and, ruby, because, it's, full, of, bunny, rabbits

This was our show whenwe were kids I miss this show a lot and I always found these bunnies cute and funny - Cartoons4life

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98 Famous 5: On the Case

This is the best show of disney

what? - cartoonfan101

99 Backstage

I feel like this show is something that could've been great, but Disney didn't execute it right. I mean, the camera is pretty great but the whole "talking to the camera thing" and trying to make it seem like a reality show just makes it extremely obnoxious. I know they're trying to let us know how the characters are really feeling, but that's what subtext and good acting is for. It's like watching a series and, instead of letting the show lead you into knowing how the characters feel, they walk up to the camera and go like "Oh, I feel sad". And speaking of which, some of them are good but this series has a lot of bad actors. I feel like this show would be a great drama series with a few tweaking here, but lose the whole "reality show" things. It's almost as stupid as Liv and Maddie.

This show has some of the worst acting I've ever seen. Disney obviously cannot do anything remotely to drama or reality, they should stick to sitcoms. I cringe every time I see the acting. Even though the characters are believable, the actors are bland and make them, well, unbelievable. I hate it so much.

I think Backstage is a great show! Some actors aren't very believable at times though, but I think it covers good topics for teens and it's one of the enjoyable tween-teen shows you don't see on Disney a lot.

This is disney's horrible attempt at a drama. I'd rather watch liv and Maddie or good luck Charlie than this crap. I'm so glad my sisters don't watch it that much anymore.

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100 Boyster

This show is bad version of The Amazing World of Gumball. Boy with oyster as friend. Worst plot ever. Episode named Muscle Boy, this name is unoriginal regular show reference.

What kind of name is BOYSTER

Good show

This show trying too hard. This is Johnny Test of Disney. This is one of worst mistakes (from 2014).
This show have been cancelled.

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