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101 Teen Beach Movie

Worst Disney Channel movie ever! Call me crazy, but I hate Ross lynch!

I hate Disney movies with musicals. high school musical rip off.

Really bad movie why would Disney bring back stupid beach movie they stopped making beach movies for a reason


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102 Charlie and Lola

Charlie and Lala is a great show for kids it shows that you should expand your imagination I love that show and uu people don't know good shows hey Shake it up is an awesome show 4 the people who can't see the msg must me blind its about following your dreams Duh uu idiots!

This show was good! Charlie was a good brother to Lola, and it was great about teaching kids to use their imaginations. My mom liked this show when I used to watch it. - Discord

1. This show is not Disney, so why is it on the list!? 2. This show was good!

FOOLS! This show was one of my favorites! This list was made by morons from an alternate timeline!

I loved this show, but seriously...what was up with Lola and pink milk?

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103 Bonkers

This show is a disgrace to all toons in general! - bigg3469

This Show Is Good But Not Always - Noah02

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104 Two More Eggs Two More Eggs Two More Eggs is a series of animated shorts produced by The Brothers Chaps for Disney XD's YouTube channel under the production company Citywide Hoop Champs Inc. in association with Disney Television Animation. The Brothers Chaps were well known as the makers of Homestar Runner.

Two more eggs is amazing! Most if the shorts are hilarious

Terrible animation, tarnishes the Brothers Chaps' reputation, and terrible voice acting. Homestar Runner is made by the same people that made this. What is this, animation hell!?

It's gross

105 Even Stevens Even Stevens Even Stevens is an American comedy television series that aired on Disney Channel with a total of three seasons and 65 episodes from June 17, 2000, to June 2, 2003. It follows the life of the Stevens, a family living in suburban Sacramento, California, mainly focusing on the clashing personalities of ...read more.

Anything but horrible. I just wanted to see it up here

I agree, even stevens is in the top 5 best T.V. shows ever (my opinion) I wish Disney channel had T.V. shows like this now.

Are you MAD!? THIS IS ONE OF Disney'S BEST! Shia lebeouf even won an EMMY for his performance as Louis. This show is how a comedy should be done if you want ti make kids-teens laugh because it's done SMART, and no Disney show has ever been able to do that

The show is good but the theme song is crazy it like bar in dolls.

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106 Jungle Junction

It's weird, my brother watches it. Why the heck are those animals on... WHEELS?

My friend mentioned it at school and the whole class laughed because they had no idea what it was.

Just a story a cars who look like animals. It's kinda dumb on my opinion. And who would build a road on the jungle? - MLPFan

They're so ugly

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107 PJ Masks PJ Masks

After seeing this show, I decided that after I died I wanted to be gutted and have my vital innards put in a tank of acid mixed with bleach, and my outer body cremated and have half of my ashes put in a firework and the other half brewed in a Keurig and the beverage given to the rats in my neighbors' basement. Okay that was an exaggeration but the show sucked.

First of all, if I were a super hero, I would try to assassinate the bad guy, not run around doing nothing. THIS IS THE WORST SHOW EVER

This show is horrible! Like when I first seen it IT SUCKED! I hate pj masks! This show makes me want to drown in a tank. Not just a tank. A tank with sharks in it!

This needs to be swapped with Gravity Falls. - Drewman1211

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108 Phil of the Future

I'm sorry to put this on the list but somebody needs to acknowledge how GOOD this show was they most definitely need to bring it back!

Amazing show, original plot and good life lessons

This was an interesting show!

This is horrible I want to assassinate the creators when I Saw the first episode I was like, seriously what is this thank you for canceling this Disney Channel

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109 Win, Lose, or Draw

I guess it's kind of exciting. All though, the idea of the game show isn't really creative. The host isn't funny, while HE thinks he's the best host and funniest guy ever. I like the idea that each episode has two Disney celebrities. In each show, only one team gets a chance to win prizes which I have to say, is unfair. In every kid games show I've seen, everyone wins a prize.. at least. I mean, look at BrainSurge. Sure, not everyone wins. But everyone gets a prize. I think that's what Disney should be doing.

It's awful! And the people who are on it are idiots! I remember one episode with this one kid who kept guessing random things that made no sense: It is a dancing, it is a moving, it is a legs! And it made no sense. The people are oblivious on this show.

I'm pretty sure these. People are paid to be stupid. I was watching one part and the clues obviously showed a shark. They put things like great white in the clues an I figured it out I like two seconds. However the diney actor, the little girl with blonde hair kept guessing stupid stuff and didn't get it should be number one stupid concept

Liked it

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110 The Emperor's New School

This was the "Old Disney." This show was really good." We've made it way past 10 now...

This show is based on one of my favourite Disney movies! Why is it in here?

That show was awesome and actually funny. I loved it when he doodled and made up some plan, like the one about going to the sun. laugh out loud.

An actually funny show with no laugh track. - NotYoursTruly

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111 Yo Kai Watch

The hate should be over. Its funny, has a good plot, and I think that people just hate it because it could get rid of Pokemon.

They replaced Doraemon with this?

I don't understand where the hate is. The show is funny, it has a decent plot, and the main character is relatable.

It's ripping off Pokémon

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112 The Latest Buzz

Quite possibly the worst, "un-funniest" show ever made by Disney. The characters are forgettable, the storyline is predictable, and the jokes are as stale as they get. As a Canadian, this show is a disgrace to quality Canadian programming.

Stupid and annoying. Who the heck let's niners run a magazine company?

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113 Oggy and The Cockroaches

Seriously This Show took aired on Cartoon Network and now on Nickelodeon?! This show is stupid! I'm sick of oggy's dumb brain

It's a rip off of tom and jerry

Dumb crap made to look worse

Yay at tom & jerry ripoff

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114 Upin & Ipin

I hate this show especially their pronounciation in English

Background info:

This show is from Malaysia and it airs on Disney Channel in Asia despite not being made by Disney.

Horrible voice acting. Full of stereotypes.

This is the most crappy show I've EVER watched! Ugly animation, stupid story line and oh... Don't let me talk about the way they talk! Disney these days is messed!

It's better in Anterctica rather than in Australia, Europe, or North America. - SimaneMorteno

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115 The Buzz on Maggie The Buzz on Maggie

I want it back please all the shows you don't play anymore play them now

A reason to have fruit flies more than ever!

It's the best I want that show back

Even PETA couldn't save this series! - bigg3469

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116 Talking Friends

I already saw their Facebook accounts and all their pictures are edits. And on Talking Angela, Angela won't stop claiming that talking animals walking on 2 legs exist (No, not talking animaks... More liek mutants) Glad that this show only have 10 episodes. Sorry, but this show is just annoying. And in one episode, Tom made a studio and what did he name it exactly? Catsbah. And on episode 10, They keep saying that their favorite decade is the best one to live in just because of that question. And all they do is just singing. Really? - MLPFan

I want this included in the list because it's annoying and makes my ears hurt

The last episode (episode 10) shouldn't even be considered an episode. It's about everyone arguing over which decade is the best, and there's terrible parodies of 20th century music. - NotYoursTruly

This is actually a SHOW? - kawaiitohru

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117 BoBoiBoy

This show is terrible. Everything about it is terrible. The English is so bad I swear my 5 year old friend has better English than those guys. The show is so retarded and absolutely has nothing good to expect from the show whatsoever. I really hope they would take it down because my poor cousin lives in Asia and she hates that show and some of the other Malaysian shows too.

I LOVE this show and I'm just an 11 year old and lives in the Philippines even my brothers love this show even if they can't understand it. I would like BoBoiBoy back in Disney Channel

It's could to team-up with Powerpuff Girls, Totally Spies, & Winx Club. - SimaneMorteno

This sucks

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118 Sheriff Callie

Those, dam, squirrels, are, just, like, that, green, guy, in, Mike, the, knight, like, him, they, keep, on, disc rating, the, show

I hate the cat! My friend's name is callie, I love her, I hate the one on this show.

I hate this show honestly. It's so stereotypical

The cactus looks like a pickle lol

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119 Bizzardvark

I applaud Disney Channel as they finally make a show that doesn't involve a school, dancing, live action, or singing plot, but after watching a few episodes, "Bizzardvark" is just plain idiotic. It's about two middle school girls (Paige and Frankie) that create weird comedy videos and sing songs about the oddest topics (like a blob fish, loving haters, making comebacks, and bugs in sleeping bags) on their online channel called Bizzardvark. They hang out at Vuuugle (an obviously poor rip-off of Google) with their other weird friends. It's basically like iCarly clashed with YouTube in real life. They even do DML (Draw My Life), which was originally created by YouTubers. How original, Disney. Normally, you don't do a DML unless you reach a major milestone, like a million subscribers (which is how most YouTubers do it). Paige and Frankie only have 12,000 subscribers. That's barely nothing, but they act like it's a BIG DEAL. This show is obviously not realistic, since what middle ...more

It's just plain stupid. I can tell Disney is trying to impress the cool kids. It's funky and cheesy. They try way to hard to make it funny and "cool" It's all just about the Internet. And the charters are all so obnoxious. If they had a REAL YouTube channel they'd be called cancer and told to kill them selves. They act like little kids. I hope this show comes to a end.

Sure, Disney tried to do something 'In.' But really? It's stupid! The intro is dumb, the actors are terrible, the plot is also terrible. They try to act like youtubers but like the others said, they only have about 12,000 subscribers. That's nothing. Try again Disney. Try again.

Funky, cheesy and dumb. There just trying to impress people

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120 Dance-A-Lot Robot

The Show Sucks, the robot was annoying as hell I
Can't stand the robot!

Kids would actually never do these dances. Robot is so annoying, kids even more annoying. Kids would just WATCH the dances, instead of get up from the couch, put the cookies down, and actually DO the dances.

I feel like every character is high and wants to annoy you. I mean, this robot is part of worst animated stuff I've ever seen.

What is this show? - Anonymousxcxc

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