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161 Star Wars

Well think about it, the Pirates of the caribbean movies were awesome, and those were made by disney, as long as it doesn't turn into a cartoon full of singing and dancing, I wouldn't be worried.

Star wars was good before Disney took over so I'm pretty sure it is going too be terrible - Explode2011

I wonder how mickey mouse is going to help the rebel alliance anyway.

I just fart, and this is star wars, so I'm: FART VADER

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162 Hi-5 V 2 Comments
163 How to Build a Better Boy

Maybe they should learn how to build a better movie!

The person who added this does not have a brain. It's A MOVIE

Your stupid why would you say that so I think you're brain is crazy stupid

Love this move but as well as every other Disney Channel movie, they show it way too much making me hate it. I loved it but now I don't even watch it

Love it

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164 Suite Life on Deck 2

Based on the first suite life on deck, I'm glad this doesn't exist.

Its not real wish it were but even if they did do another spin off they wouldn't call it Suite life on deck 2

This isn't even a show!

If this were ever to exist in the future, it would be the WORST show about the future, such a bad plot for futuristic shows.

So good

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165 Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.

The Hulk acts like a know it all, and he tries to be super cool, but seriously, the hulk should be able to become banner, he's pretty cool. And the other hulks aren't helping. Hulk is my second favorite marvel character and I was so excited cause he was getting his own show! But I was disappointed. And I hate those cameras that follow them around. Hulk out. I dislike that too.

This is the only show that I can't stand in the marvel universe. Also why can't he turn back into to a human.

This is a crazy stupid show why is there so many hulks? And the hulk can't really say anything, so why is he so smart in this show? This show sucks

Disney should not have bought marvel - cartoonfan101

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166 Avengers Assemble

Oh why must this be here!?!? Except hulk should be able to be Banner... And falcon shouldn't be there... Sorry falcon... And Loki should be cooler... And bring in Wolverine more often...

Throws away means of artistic integrity such as story and character development just to advertise the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Horrible show. How did THIS replace Earth's Mightiest Heroes?

Pops from regular show: GOOD SHOW

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167 Timon & Pumbaa

A spinoff from The Lion King? Yup. I sure loved that cartoon show when I was a child. Wonder what happened to it? Will there be new episodes? I wish Disney brings back this show so that everyone else enjoys it.

I never liked this show. I dislike the fact that Timon and Pumbaa are able to communicate with humans.

Wow. This show is so stupid. First lion king and now this. This show is not funny and every time I war this my eyes like vomit.
Timon is a such jerk to pumbaa all the time and pumbaa is an idiot who is so new to everything when he has lived like 40 years. F this show

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168 The Naked Brothers Band The Naked Brothers Band

The name is stupid and sure to attract pedophiles. Also it's Nick not Disney.

I liked this show I expecially thought that alex wolff has cute but now that 5 years have passsed that I 4got about them I decided to search them up that alex is no longer cute my fave you tube video was the tic toc one HE USED TO BE so CUTE although he is 5 years older than me

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169 Evermoor

Loved it! But I don't understand the end. Did she delete the blonde girl for the boy or did she destroy her entire family. I would have hated it if she deleted her entire family

I loved this show but it was confusing at the end, did she give up her family for Cameron or what?

Never watched it, knowing that it was probably just Wolf Blood with a different title.

I don't get this show - cartoonfan101

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170 Tricks & Twists

Disney met an insane dude and said 'This is skilled'. Some skills are almost mentally impossible.

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171 So Weird So Weird So Weird was an American-Canadian television series that aired on the Disney Channel as a mid-season replacement from January 18, 1999, to September 28, 2001. The series was shot in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Loved this show! It was a "darker" disney. It use to scare me because it was so scary & Fi would discover the world beyond us (phenomenon world)

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172 American Dragon: Jake Long American Dragon: Jake Long American Dragon: Jake Long is an American animated television series. It was produced by Walt Disney Television Animation and created by Jeff Goode.

It is a good show that's what matters and don't stick on the bad side of everything there IS A GOOD SIDE TO. It has loyal fans what I'm not one but focus on some good points too.

This is a good T.V. show I like.


The series has horrible animation and is a rip-off of The Life and Times of Juniper Lee and the Harry Potter franchise. the animation make Jake's dragon look like a dog. The Huntsclan are a sick excuse to show KKK in a cartoon by making it a reverse version of Voldemort's Death Eaters fom Harry Potter.

173 Floricienta

The show is too repetitive and stupid, the characters act like retards and florencia is a zany brainless ditz.

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174 Miles from Tomorrowland

Jimmy Neutron look alike and planet sheen.

I love this show

175 Ninja Hattori

I'm not even gonna explain, just watch the series... NO the first episode, you would just wanna leave, at first I even thought this was some Disney troll

What! This anime is great. It's weird though.

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176 101 Dalmatians: The Series

Don't ask me why people like this show.

They like it cause its original

Dumb show ruined my childhood.

Another great Disney movie ruined

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177 What a Life V 2 Comments
178 Boy Meets World Boy Meets World

Whoever put bmw on the list is just plane stupid this is the best Disney show ever created

Wait when was this on Disney? It had some pretty mature topics from season 1 if you ask me.

This is the best show ever people. Cone on

I love it is so good

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179 The Weekenders The Weekenders The Weekenders is an American animated television series created by Doug Langdale. It centers on the weekend life of four seventh graders: Tino, Lor, Carver, and Tish. V 2 Comments
180 First Class Chefs

It is rubbish and the judges are just 2 actors off of Evermoor who probably know literally nothing about cooking

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