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Phineas and Ferb is an American animated comedy-musical television series. Originally broadcast as a one-episode preview on August 17, 2007 and again previewed on September 28, 2007, the series officially premiered on February 1, 2008 and ended on June 12, 2015 on Disney Channel, and follows Phineas more.


I've have seen a lot of bad cartoons lately, but Phineas & Ferb is one of the worst cartoons I've ever seen. As I decided to go see it, I found out that the voice acting is dreadful since Vincent Martella can't voice act neither can Ashley tisdale. the second found out that the characters are rip offs of better cartoons, Phineas is like Spy Vs. Spy and Candanee looks like Mimi from What About Mimi, Perry looks actually Courage The Cowardly Dog, Dr Heinz looks like Mad Jack The Pirate, and if you can compare the character designs to any cartoon, you figure out the rest (I'll show you in a minute), I mean really, nothing about it make sense, little to no effort went into making it work & the artwork is horrible. Everything about this show is horrible. This should have be called Perverted & weed. What's even worst is that most of the guest stars such as Lacey Chabert, Charlie Adler, Phil LaMarr, Tom Kenny, Corey Burton, Rob Paulsen, Pamela Adlon & Jodi Benson (Who I know can act) are ...more

To be honest... When this show started, I praised it, since it was the first original cartoon Disney came up with in years... Then I realise the dark side of this thing.

- Same formula episodes

- Bland characters that are Phineas and Ferb: Phineas and Ferb you can not convince me that they are step brothers... You can't cause not in any episode have I witness them arguing between them... And every brother I don't care if they are not from th sam mother, they tend to clash constantly. Like seriously?! Isn't there a time were the two deformities ever wanted to build something different from what the other wanted? And you mean to tell me this two guys never show any other emotion than just being happy... Yep this guys are not human and never go throughout character development.

- Cadence: I feel sorry for her. Some times she is annoying but I mostly feel sorry for her.Cause she is just tortured for fun and why can't she ever win for real?!

- The Adults: All of ...more

OK, what the hell? Before I tear this show apart for being repetitive as all hell, let me tell you one thing, people say that the writers make the show repetitive on purpose, and I have to ask, where's the joke in that? People say that the joke is that the show is repetitive and that being repetitive makes it all the more interesting when the show deviates from its formula. And I have to say that it does not work at all! Because of the fact that it's repetitive I can't get invested into the story because I know what's going to happen, I can't be put into a state of suspense when something goes wrong because I know how it's going to end, I can't get invested in the bland characters because I KNOW HOW IT'S GOING TO END!

Do you see my point? The show substitutes humor for immersion, and that's its biggest weakness. If I know what's going to happen then, where's the drama, where's the suspense, where's the investment, where's the substance?

Trust me when I say that this show ...more

This show was only thing I truly ended up watching on Disney Channel during the time I had cable (2009-2011) since I really didn't care for the live action shows that were dominating the channel. It wasn't a bad pick to be the only good cartoon survivor at that time since it had an interesting concept and fun characters but I could completely understand why some people just aren't afraid to bash on this show. The plot can certainly get repetitive and sometimes they just don't give enough originality but the flaw that REALLY bothers me and can even sometimes cause me to ultimately stop watching for a while is how annoying they managed to make Candace, the main antagonist of the show. She's too feisty, too stereotypical and happens to be the same voice actor for Sharpay (Who is the main antagonist for the High School Musical Trilogy and is just as painful to deal with). Why can't she just drop her obsession of attempting to put her brothers into despair and actually open her eyes- she ...more

Out of all the shows I hate on this list, I voted for THIS one because it's the show that I really want to see cancelled. First off, the singing is bad. I dislike how many of their musical numbers again? There actually are some gems in there that may end up being catchy and you end up singing them without realizing it, but YOU try finding them among all of those duds. It's too easy to get those darn songs stuck in your head. It also doesn't help that there's a song in EVERY. SINGLE. EPISODE. Also, some of the characters are annoying. Candace is the literal definition annoying. Can't she just leave her poor brothers alone?! They shouldn't have to put up with her nonsense. Why does she want to bust them when they're just trying to have fun while not hurting anything? Isabella's cute, but that voice should only be taken in small doses. Baljeet is ridiculous and Buford's best work didn't involve Baljeet. Irving is okay, but he can get a little creepy at times. Doofensmirtz, Phineas, and ...more

I used to love this show a lot when it was good ( to this day my favorite episode is the Pilot) but when they started making "new" episodes (not really new just the same plot for every episode) they started getting lame ideas. Here's the plot for every episode: Boys get idea, Perry disappears, Candace tries to bust boys, Perry stops Doofenshmirtz and his invention "SOMEHOW" gets rid of the boys stupid invention and Candace fails to bust the boys. Phineas is a stupid kid who doesn't notice the huge hints that his platypus is a secret agent, Candace is a brat who stalks some weird guy with a possessed sister, Ferb... actually Ferb is good ( favorite line: Phineas: that's why we do this stuff, to have fun! Ferb: And for the ladies! Rawr! ) anyway, the kid's parents always leave their kids at home for stupid stuff like a Shower Head Convention? Major Monogram is a weirdo who sits in front of a camera all day and talks about his horrible time at "The Academy" who has a loser intern for an ...more

This is just a super lazy show, it's the same thing over and over again. They made a special where they meet SpiderMan and the Avengers, how dare you! You ruined there images forever, and the parents are the worst role models ever just below Timmy's Parents from Fairly Odd Parents. I'm pretty sure if they actually did see what the boys built they wouldn't even care. And there is way to much singing and the characters can't sing at all. And why is there sister trying to bust them all the time? The're just trying to have fun, what did they ever do to you? An extremely lazy and stupid show with some of the worst role modules ever.

This show needs to end already. People think it's a great show just because it got to 5 seasons, but they don't realize that EACH episode is identical. It's like the creators of this show have no creativity. I mean sure, the idea of this show is pretty unique, but the plot is dull and nothing ever happens. The singing gets really annoying at some point. This show is turning into a show that should air on "Disney Junior". I think the episodes are very stupid now. I just hate how everything is a coincidence. Like Dr. D's inators always seem to hit Phineas and Ferb's invention and makes it disappear. How is that even possible? And now I've realized that this show isn't mainly about Phineas and Ferb anymore. Now it's more about Perry, which I'm sad to see. Phineas and Ferb are now side characters.

In conclusion, this show is really boring. No creativity. Just cancel it already.

Did you noticed that every episode is exactly the same as the other ones? In 3rd season Phineas and Ferb don't do anything, they just are. And what is with Candace always trying to bust them?! They are her brothers! And all that Pepe-Doofenshmirtz relationship just makes me sick! I used to like the platypuses as animals before the show was aired, but now I don't like them. Why is Jessie higher than this?! In my opinion its actually one of better Disney shows along with Good Luck Charlie and Suite Life.

Same jokes, same song, same dancing and errors. When I hear someone says " This show's jokes are funnier than SpongeBob", I want to die really bad. This show should number 1 worst shows of Disney Channel. Gravity Falls is way awesome and interesting than this musical crap.P. S: Their summer vacations should be over. They said 104 days not over 9000 thousands days. GOSH!


This show used to be really cool. Humor for both children and adults, the kids were creative, 10 times more interesting than the boring crap in stuff like Austin and Ally or Dog with a Blog, and it knew it was really repetitive. But, they just let this show go on way too long, now every episode is just annoying drivel. Disney just needs to learn when to quit. Any enjoyment I had for this show has gone down the drain.

The stuff with perry is the only thing good in this show but sadly, just like the main characters, even the stuff with perry is getting stupid, and the reason is the same for all the characters, doof and phineas and ferb start making their inventions for stupid reasons, I mean the old ones had reasons, they built a roller coaster just to have fun on it, but now there is and episode with this storyline, I'm not even joking on this, they go to the moon, kidnap cows to take with them, get the milk from the cows, and make what is supposed to be the best tasting Ice cream ever, that has got to be the stupidest storyline I'v seen on this crappy show, and they reuse ideas over and over, they've gone to the moon like 4 times now, and even the stuff with perry got old, because just like with the boys, the inventions got stupider and stupider.

I Hate the mom. She never at home and thinks she can fix everything with pie or something. I really hate Isabella. All she ever does is talk/ sing about her fire pit troop or what ever their name is or phineas. Why does she like him? He barely ever listens to her, has a STUPID name and a triangle head. Did I mention it's repetitive? Sure if it's supposed to be funny that way it's shroud only be a season or 2 INSTEAD OF NEVER ENDING. I am done now. - Thatgirl

This is a terrible show. The same thing happens every time: Phineas says "Ferb, I know what we're going to do today". Then they build something impossible in their front yard, Candace tries to tell on them, and perry fight doofinsmerf, and his invention destroys Phineas's invention, and Candace looks stupid. Also, it is RACIST. They make tons of racist jokes about Bajeet and India. In all, this show is like tom and Jerry: STUPID, STUPID, STUPID!

I know right! Baljeet is very racist the only thing missing is that he works at a cable company.

This show is just boring... The same thing happens on every episode... Phineas and ferb will build something crazy perry will succeed in breaking doofenshmirtz inventions (which are always stupid) and Candace will fail in trying to bust the boys. What I really hate about this show Is that doofenshmirtz is not even that evil and perry is really the bad guy because doofenshmirtz is not really doing anything!

This has to be one of the worst Disney show ever. The plot is to repetitive and unrealistic. Two boys build a roller coaster? And the annoying sister always trying to bust them. And when the parents come home their invention just suddenly disappears. How stupid and a secret agent platypus? What the hell? Oh wait and get this his arch nemesis is a "Evil" scientist who isn't even evil at all. Same old crappy plot, one of he worst Disney shows ever made if you ask me.

Actually I think Phineas and Ferb are really mean and bad because they shouldn't be building stuff in their backyard. Although extremely cute, Perry is somewhat bad too as he helps the brothers escape punishment. Their parents are also bad role models. Candace is the only good person because she tries too report her brothers bad acts. It is unfair for her to fail EVERY TIME.

This show was fun at first now it's the most boring show on Disney Channel I mean every show the ending is the same its like every show is exactly the same and why do there parents be out of the house everyday and when they leave phineous and ferb end up building something and ferb shouldn't be one of the lead character he doesn't hardly talk the people that isn't the main characters talk more than ferb do it's the most boring show ever in the history of shows who wants to watch the same plot and the same ending every day BORING SHOW EVER!

It's the same thing every episode. I read something on the internet and its said the show was based on a true story about some girl with a disorder and she imagined her brothers building these things and she told her mom but her mom never believed her so she ended up committing suicide stupid disney can't think of a new idea for a show way to scare kids for life

There are a good number of things about the show that are just the same thing we've seen time and time again, which is fine if they added up to something new but frankly they falls short of that. A lot. Mainly I find the very concept of Candice grating. She's the tired boring older sister trope who always gets in the protagonists way. I'm tired of seeing this. I'm sick to death of it. You rarely see the positive in a sibling relationship (which, when you think about it, is kind of disturbing actually). Why is this?! I want some of THAT please.

It's a Disney ripoff of Dexter's Laboratory! Although, Johnny Test ripped off that show and Phineas and Ferb as well! Moving on, looking back on this show, it used to be original, but then it started getting generic, unoriginal, and boring. Not to mention it's another American cartoon filled with filler since Modern SpongeBob (hint: my username). I'm glad they finally ended that show! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

The jokes are bland and the plot is unchanging. Phineas is boring and Ferb is just a stupid idea for a character. Candace is annoying and her obession with "busting" is unrealistic and is down right stupid. All other characters are either stereotypes or idiots. If it weren't for the "Perry storyline" this show would have been pulled off in a week if it's run.

This show is absolutely terrible in so many ways. However, the thing that bothers me the most about it is that EVERY SINGLE EPISODE HAS THE EXACT SAME PLOT! I can tell exactly whats going to happen in the episode, right down to the characters' individual lines before I even watch it. That ain't good, folks.

I don't have a clue why people COULD like this show. Same plot, same stereotypical characters, same idea, why is this show never cancelled? It has been through 5 seasons, yet people hate realizing that it's the same over and over. I would like to say the songs and acting is terrible too in terms of animation. I got a whole list on why I hate it. Lazy, dumb show. Curse you Disney