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Shake It Up (sometimes stylized as Shake It Up!) is an American sitcom that originally aired on Disney Channel in the United States from November 7, 2010 to November 10, 2013. Created by Chris Thompson and starring Bella Thorne and Zendaya, the show follows the adventures of CeCe Jones (Bella Thorne) more.


Pros and Cons of this show
Pro: Zendaya is an amazing performing artist. She can dance, sing, act. I love her
Con: While Zendaya is a great person, her character Rocky is a total snob. I thought Rocky was sweet and kind in season 1 and 2. Now she is very rude, thinks shes better than everybody else, and is downright mean.
Pro: Gunther and Tinka are the perfect twins, they love each other so much and its very touching
Con: Gunther is gone.
Pro: Music is good. Finally Disney bothered to get some good songs for their shows.
Con:They call it a dance show but really, they dance once and say "that's good enough. The rest of the show isn't even about dance.
Pro:They have talented dancers.
Con: It is very clear that Rocky and CeCe aren't NEARLY as good as the background dancers. I have seen Zendayas dance videos and she is great, but rocky can barely dance it seems. Why are they always the leads in the dances if they aren't good?
Con: This show is based way to ...more - dragonfly99

When I was younger, I used to love this show, so much so that I would always make sure to see every episode as soon as it came out (at least for the first season.) Then, as I grew in age, I began to question certain aspects of the show's plot, and now it's finally come down to this:

1. Fame: Rocky and Cece, just two regular high school girls become back up dancers for a local T.V. show, and you would think being on T.V. would give them some recognition, right? Maybe the occasional "saw you on T.V. last night" in school, or "aren't you on that dance show, Shake It Up? " on the streets, but it seems that these girls are just as invisible to the rest of their community as they were BEFORE they joined Shake It Up, Chicago. The only exception to this was that one episode where, in school, a group of students clapped for them regarding their performance on the dance show, but apart from that, Rocky and Cece's dream of stardom sadly seems to be more than a stone's throw away at the ...more

I have quite a few reasons with this show is the worst;

First of all, the acting is horrendous. I thought you had to have talent to be starred in a show. Zendaya is fine but Bella is just plain horrid. Her character just seems so fake. She can't even speak one line without not acting properly.

Secondly, the dancing is an embarrassment to all dancers. I really love Agenda's dancing - but not here. Watch her on dancing with the stars (that girl got a lot of talent). But on this show her dancing is quite weak for some reason. And Bella just can't dance at all. The show is about DANCERS. So why don't they cast GOOD DANCERS to be on the show.

Thirdly, It's very lame and not funny - AT ALL! The jokes are seriously embarrassing so much that I can't stand to listen to it. LAME LAME LAME! 1

Fourthly, why are Disney stars getting anorexicer these days. I noticed that the thicker the dancer is the better they R. If you're a stick then you'll dance like a ...more

Funny story, I'm watching this horrible show right now. It's terrible, not to mention the bad acting! I'm not a 90s kid, but I know that shows back then actually had a plot! It's the same thing over and over again! Two teens on a stupid dance show that probably shouldn't get any ratings, some drama at school, trouble, and corny jokes! They play that laugh track after everything someone says something. I'm seriously about to throw a brick ay my T.V.! They can't dance, the things they wear are straight up tacky, and what is with that crustys restraunt?! I'm serious! They eat there in every episode, I wanna see rocky get fat and cece get acne! I wish this show would just like... Ugh, just end! I bet is walt disney watched disney channel today, he would cry!

List of things I hate about this show:
The dances
The jokes
The music
*most* of the characters
How sometimes they only care about themselves
This list can go on for miles.
The outfits
Their personalities

This show is just another dumb show. It annoys me how they go for the next cute boy they see and turn them off. How can they tell that every single cute boy they see will treat them how they want to be treated. Judgement...

And that one episode where they can't learn to except some opinion from this reviewer guy.

Or that dumb Made in Japan thing. Since when did the characters sing?
I don't even think they can sing in real life. Apparently you don't need true singing talent to sing...

come on, it's obvious what these people care about.

Seriously, Disney needs to stop making these kind of shows, what this show is about is 2 super bratty girls who want to be famous, so they make a show about dancing which is ironic because in most of the episodes they're off doing other stuff, the dancing show concept is like the annoying requirement that they just throw in when the show is almost over when they realize "oh yeah guys we have to do a dancing scene" then they all just say "fine" then they lazily film it and throw it into the end of the show. These are probably the worst characters Disney has ever created, talk about horrible role models too, the problem with Disney Channel shows now is their characters have terrible attitudes, they're mostly bratty girls who show disrespect to everyone, also this is a stupid title for a show, cause it implies that you're going to do something different, but they don't, it's always the same thing, and these girls, along with many other Disney Channel characters are ...more

The dance intros are pretty cool sometimes, but once I see that I change the channel. Shake it up is the worst show I've ever watched. I can barely stand watching the first few minutes without spitting out insults. I just don't like the girls and they're too thin (okay the size doesn't matter)... Anyway, the characters don't fit together and the show is plain weird and no one can act. The brother, Flynn, is ten times more than annoying than my own brother. And Deuce, when I look at him all I notice is his eyebrows. And the blonde twins are a different story--I swear the came from another planet.

And Rocky and Cece are just ugh. Rocky is a good dancer but not a good actress. She should just dance. Cece is bad at both, that's for sure. The show doesn't scream awesomeness. I'm sorry Shake it Up. You just lost me in your show. I'm shocked that you can keep going on with the show. Next time I see that show I'm throwing a bomb to the girls. Okay I'm kidding... Maybe

So let me just start off by saying that my opinion probably doesn't even remotely matter when it comes to things like this but I would like to share what I think. Now, I don't know if I am right or wrong when I say this but I have to say that this show is absolutely terrible and it definitely puts Disney Channel to shame! I am a 90's baby and I grew up on shows like "That's So Raven", "Brandie and Mr. Whiskers", "Hannah Montana" etc. and none of the shows now that are played constantly come close to what the 90's babies use to watch and never will come close. I honestly cannot believe that our old shows were pulled and replaced with crap like this, Disney should be aware of what they are feeding the youth ( Younger Children). By watching Shake It Up what in the world is it teaching their viewers, I don't know if anyone else feels the way I do but the story line doesn't even make sense to me and I don't even see how it makes sense to younger children. What ...more

The dancing on this show is unimpressive and the characters have poorly written lines. Also, none of the jokes are even close to funny, contrary to the non-stop laugh track, most likely added to trick people into thinking the jokes are funny. The actors could do better and, for some reason, are always mad at each other even though they are supposedly "family" and "BFFs". I'm also wondering why Cece and Rocky have to constantly hit on boys to get their self esteem up. I mean, it is a kids show not a show teaching you how not to act around guys, right? Don't even get me started on the racism and the inconsiderate "jokes" about disorders and diseases, like that "funny joke" about the model who never ate because it would make her "0.00001 ounces heavier" or whatever it said after I turned off the T.V. and nearly puked. Oh and the fact that I have never seen anyone who was even a pound overweight or even average weight not being made fun ...more

This show IS SO STUPID! They have the lamest actors that even hobos can act better, SHAME on this show for making Disney Channel disappointed. Disney, if you are reading this, than you should be, because you should end this show, lame, no fun jokes, AND BRING US GRAVITY FALLS EPISODES BEFORE I GO OVER TO YOUR STUDIO FOR SHAKE IT UP AND MURDER IT. This show deserves to go into the trash, I rather eat garbage, I rather be dead, I rather be trapped in a room with the poison dart frog than watch this trash, I just want to throw a nuclear bomb at it. Hey america, instead of throwing it at Japan, you should of throwed it at shake it up. Please end this terrible show, all it's about is to ugliest, worst dressed, horrible dancers who go through drama, I HATE drama! You are right, worst show ever, if I see merchandise of this, I will scream and pull my arms out and slap someone with it. BOO, Disney JUST ADD THE GRAVITY FALLS EPISODES,
ALL OF THEM. - amythebest123

THIS IS THE WORST Disney SHOW EVER! This show is even worse than my babysitter's a vampire. This show is about to inappropriate girls named CeCe and Rocky that like to dance but it is too inappropriate for all ages. CeCe is inappropriate because she likes to fart in the elevator and laughs about it and she acts like a homosexual. Rocky is a crybaby that cries when old people say they hate her and she is a bad influence to kids because she hates being an angel (that's a sign of an atheist). Flynn (CeCe's little brother) is a brat that talks too much can he just shut his mouth, he also is a cry baby he cries more than Rocky. One time Flynn cried when someone took his teddy bear (he deserves it for being a bad boy). And deuce (Rocky's boyfriend) acts like a dumb person because he makes a mess always when he's in a kitchen. This show rip offed Hannah Montana which was bad enough. Thank god this show was cancelled in 2013 and taken off Disney in 2014. THANK YOU Disney!

What annoys me about this show is that their actors are as stale as year old bread. The humor is annoying and unfunny because Disney's idea of comedy is to slam a laugh track into every little thing and scene. It's the same thing: Rocky and CeCe are teens that want fame and fortune, just like every other sitcom on Disney Channel. The two little brats can't dance any better than a baby, and still they are in the finals of Dancing With the Stars, which means that they don't recognize how bad they are. Throw in an eating disorder joke, and you get a critically panned piece of trash and the birth of another poor excuse of a sitcom, So R@ndom!. This is shameful.

This show is lame and unfunny. The girls are brats and dress so weird... Plus, they don't even dance good. I could dance better than them, and, frankly, I SUCK. That kid Flynn... I just want the ground to swallow him up sometimes... Rocky is a bore, and Cece looks good, but also is terrible dancer and actor. I mean, the first two minutes of the FIRST episode was when they were begging for cash. SO they dance crummily for twenty seconds and then expect random people on their way to work to give them enough cash to pay for two cell phones, 200 dollars or so. They are idiots to think this is a logical source of income. I mean, who is going to donate hundreds of dollars to these poor, horrible-dancing souls. "Boo hoo, we don't have cell phones. I'm so poor. Only a stinkin dime? You people are sick! " I mean, someone gives you a little of their change out of the kindness of their heart, and you give them a sour face and say, "only a dime? " Well, girls, with this attitude, you're lucky to ...more

I can't believe this is an excuse for a 'show. ' The plot to their episodes is poorly written, and filled with cheesy jokes. They don't show good role models to little kids. They are really conceited. If you are a fan of this show and reading this, you might think it doesn't affect you so that isn't true. Just because it doesn't influence you at all doesn't mean it doesn't on anybody else.
I hate almost everything about this show. I respect that you may like this show..
But to me this is just an embarrassment to young girls like me... Seriously...
Now one of my friends thinks it's okay to act how CeCe acts.

I hate this show oh my gosh these girls can't dance to save their lives. Well maybe zendaya but otherwise anybody can do the moves that they can do. And tinka is a pain in my royal butt along with her glittery brother! And cece is so dumb how is she even able to function! Like seriously and the little boy Flynn who is really annoying and a wannabe. This show is just horrible! And how is rocky living in a stinky apartment and her dad is a doctor! What the heck and its like parents don't even exist and their children are dancing on national television! What the heck seriously. And deuce and his suspiciously manly girlfriend are STUPID! They sell stuff in their jackets and think the cops are after them like no no no and also they seem to think their relatives are like in gangs. Well you get the point I hate this show!

I never watched this show but based on the reviews, I made the right decision. They say all the characters are brats (Same in all the Disney shows now) and none of them are good role models for kids. Listen Disney, there are shows that can be hilariously funny and still have good role models. Like Drake and Josh. Josh is an example of role model because he cares about school and is trying to be nice to people. Mostly, he's living a real life situation. Disney is making it seem like it's the norm to have you and your "best friend" casted on a national dance show or that getting kicked out of a cab will lead you to become the nanny of rich brats (Jessie) or that being mean to your friends, disregarding your parents orders, and being thin as a twig (the last three were for all Disney shows) is totally cool Sure you can be a jerk to your friends sometimes like Drake and josh, but in the end you make up and hug your brother

Here's my thoughts on the characters:

CeCe- she can't even dance, so why is she on a show about dancing? No idea why! Any way, Bella Thorne is delivering some REALLY weak acting. And she is a horrible role model! I mean what older sister would leave there eight year old brother with a neighbor who has the flu? Well CeCe did. And when ever she sings, it is obviously auto tuned or bella is lip sinking.

Rocky - I love Zendaya, but her character is sometimes annoying. But at least she can sing and dance in real life.

Tinka - OK this character is SO annoying! And I mean, who dresses like that!? And he German accent is SO annoying and fake.

Gunther - Bassicly the guy version of his twin sister.

Flynn - The annoying, bratty, spoiled, lazy, and a million other words I can't think of brother.

Deuce - OK, he's kinda funny, but he has an annoying girl friend.

Ty - the irrasponsible eighteen year old brother of Rocky, and he realizes he rap right? ...more


I can't stand this show. It isn't funny at all and the characters are annoying. If it's a show about people dancing, then shouldn't they include more of the dancers and dance show instead of just wasteing time with the main characters? Why bother with this show. It's boring, not funny and full of annoying characters. It can't even take a serious scene without cracking a joke in it, to wich no one laughes at and sees it as another scene wasted away. Also, it seems like such an amazing show and a big deal when ever it's shown in commercials and whatnot on Family. I just don't understand why and don't get the show at all.

I so agree... It's so cheesy. The only good character is Henry. You know, even though I'm not that big a fan of this show, I can't believe this is on here and Jonas/Jonas L. A isn't! What the heck!

Disney reached it's lowest point when they aired this show. And it just got worse. Just cause all their other "awesome" shows ended they came up with this show which included bad acting, especially from Bella, and bad attitudes. Now these actresses think they're singers. I mean, Zendaya's okay, but Bella should just NOT be part of ANYTHING! Sure, she wants to be a star but Disney should've hired a person who deserves the role and who can act as well as dance. She don't need to be a singer. All the songs are literally auto tune. Disney has no taste in music, at least in this show.

A stupid series about teenage dancers. The jokes are unfunny and the characters are shallow. No real moral lessons taught. This garbage is nothing any teenager can relate to. Hannah Montana was bad and Miley was certainly untalented, but this is where you know Disney Channel has died and is not coming back to life. Crown it number one.

If this is what T.V. has come to, I would rather just let my kids go outside, make friends play sports and stuff. I don't have kids yet (I'm still young), but when I do, I will certainly not expose them to this. The jokes are offensive (like joking about anorexia and bulimia, that's REALLY funny), the characters are ridiculous, especially the fact that Rocky and Cece argue so much that it's a wonder they haven't pushed each other off a roof yet. I can't believe Disney is teaching kids that bullying your "friends" is normal, and they have no good morals (In one episode, they go to the mall and buy $400 worth of useless crap, and their friends asked if they bought anything for them, and they said they didn't buy anything for them. ) Wow. Great way t stress generosity. Way to go Disney. And that's not even the worst of it. The jokes aren't funny if you really listen, they just press the laugh track every 10 seconds so it seems that they're funny. Gunther and Tinka seem useless, their ...more

Yeah, but there's one problem with that: one of your future kids may make a friend that actually likes crud like this and exposes it to your child on a playdate and then your child may or may not start liking it and then your plan is doomed. It's a good plan, but still. - Anonymousxcxc

They can't dance to save their life! My sister has been taking classes (Ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary, hip hop) and this looks nothing like dancing! All they do are just jump a little and pose! It's like (Here's the lineup in what they always do): Pose! Pose! Kick! Weird hand gesture! Pose! Also, they put the protagonists in front (they can't dance, have I made that clear?! ) And make the good dancers make it look like good choreography by doing one or two flips. Wow! Magical! Not! The acting is terrible, and their wardrobe is hideous! Ugh, when will this end?!

Oh my lord. Honestly, there is not a possible show as pointless, gross, and stupid as this one. First off, what is wrong with the two main characters (Rock & Cece)? Honestly, they act like they don't even know each other. Their friendship looks fake and forced. Nothing on this show makes sense, and all of it is utter garbage. (Ex. A mother forcing two kids to hold in their pee in order to get them to talk) Seriously? There is NO role model image in this show, and all of the characters are undeveloped. Honestly, Disney isn't even trying anymore. This was basically a 10 minute replacement for Hannah Montana.