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Sofia the First is an American computer-animated television series that features a commoner joining the royal family as a princess.


Hate this show. It's just like many other Disney shows. Kids are privileged & spoiled brats. They lie, & make bad choices. Adults are dumb & willingly manipulated by the kids. Will there ever be a kids show that model kindness & parents who are involved enough to know what their kids are up to. Parents need to provide structure, boundaries, & stop caving in to manipulative brats. Fewer shows trying to teach my kids that whining is an option the better.

So your saying Sofia The First is inappropriate for kids this makes no sense the show is supposed to teach morals may I remind you people again for the second time it has no swearing it has no violence no nothing people who hate this show must really like Paw Patrol well I don't that show is the most uncool! Sofia The First is the real deal!

To the replier above me: I don't like Paw Patrol AND Sofia the First. - Anonymousxcxc

I really hate this show. All these children rich, spoiled, and privileged as said before. But jeezus! Sofia is so perfect! Every single episode sofia is fixing the problem, learning something new, it makes me want scream! Really, I wish one lots of episodes where sofia doesn't get the problem right, and it takes her a couple episodes or someone fixes the problem for her. I'm 12, and kids shouldn't be like this. Also, the parents are just stupid and easily manipulated just for the sake of the plot! They let sofia do whatever she wants, not even sofia, but the rest of those spoiled brats. And I know how Disney is trying to show every girl that they are a princess, sofia does not show good lessons at all.

Bla bla bla Sofia The First is still a good show if you don't think so write down a list of complaints to Disney about what you find offensive about this show!

We're thankful for this show Sofia The First and you Sofia The First haters are not so you are such ungrateful Sofia The First hating ingrates.

When I found out Merida is set to show up in the future episode "The Secret Library" which is to air sometime in October 2015 so she'll become the first Pixar character to show up in the series Sofia The First. Sadly, it's only Monday, January 19, 2015 right now. I'm already excited to see Merida in the future Sofia The First episode "The Secret Library". I'm especially excited to see Sofia and Merida finally meet in "The Secret Library" when Sofia's amulet summons Merida. I hope Anna and Elsa will show up one of the future episodes of Sofia The First. The reason why I like Sofia The First a lot is because Sofia's magical, powerful amulet summon Disney princesses including Cinderella, Jasmine, Belle, Ariel, Aurora, Snow White, Fa Mulan, Rapunzel and Tiana help Sofia whenever she's in trouble. Sadly, I have to wait until Merida shows up in the future episode "The Secret Library" in October 2015 so I'll find out what lesson would Merida teach Sofia in "The Secret Library" if it's not ...more

I can't wait to see Merida from Brave showing up in Sofia The First "The Secret Library". I'm really excited to see Merida. I especially like Sofia The First episodes including special appearance by official Disney Princesses a lot.

I know because it saw it on the Internet. Merida will show up in the new episode of Sofia The First "The Secret Library" in October 2015. That's how I know.

I hate sofia the first. My sister loves this garbage. This show is just about a 7 year old girl who wants to be a princess. Lame! I'm not going to call you sofia the first anymore, I'm going to call you sofia the fat brat. - Andres

This show is not garbage Paw Patrol is garbage even Doc Mcstuffins is not that good too.

This show should focus more on the villagers. I mean just because this show focuses on a spoiled royal family doesn't mean the humble villagers, who probably slave away every day with no help from their moronic royal rulers whatsoever, shouldn't get a little screen time. Sofia should also hang out with Jade and Ruby more. They're her real friends. I mean can't Sofia understand that those prissy princesses wouldn't be her friends in million years if her mom hadn't married a king and made her into a princess. You should always know who your real friends are.

Craig Gerber, you should've create another amulet for Amber back then before in the first place anyway too so Amber entirely deserves to have her own amulet too just like her stepsister Sofia does. What's the problem for creating more amulets than one? Huh? Whatever were you thinking? Huh? There should've been more free amulet for other princesses than Sofia and you know it. How come Amber can't have her own amulet like Sofia does? Huh? It's just not fair, Craig Gerber. You know the choice you made was unfair anyway, didn't you? Anybody else can have their own amulets of avalors too other than just Sofia so far you know. Especially any other princesses and even princes can too.

I will give $1 to anyone who can survive this television show without crying, running away, or falling asleep about the quality. This also goes for any other preschool shows, too. Their ability to do stuff that most people their age can't do is fake. Just saying, because these kids try to do this stuff and get hurt. Why do we make this stuff? Come on people!

I'd pay 100 dollars to anybody who would destroy this stupid worst list nonsense and put Sofia in the best show list jeez why do people make crazy lists like this just to annoy the kids?

Craig, please reveal the name of Alex and Huge's kingdom too. Name of their father, their uncle, their grandfather, their mother, their aunt and their grandfather please. Don't Alex and Hugo have any other prince brothers or just the two prince brothers themselves so far? Please reveal the name of Prince Desmond's kingdom too! What about Desmond's family too? What about Desmond's uncle also? Huh? Nadine is Desmond's maternal aunt or paternal aunt? Huh? Desmond's parents's real name too please. Desmond's parents are not dead, are they?

Simply a spoiled 8 year old "princess" who gets whatever she wants and has to sing whenever she has a problem, and she can't even sing! And her step brother and sister are super annoying! And this all from when my little sister made me watch it with her!

Since a third season has now been confirmed, what do you guys suppose the fourth special should be about and which Disney Princess will appear unless it will be the first one not to introduce one.

Here's my idea for a fourth special. Its plot does sound close to Frozen and yes the two princesses are Anna and Elsa, even though they are not officially part of the line-up but its what I could think of and I like it. If any of you have ideas to share, please do.

Sofia the First: The Enchanted Sisters
Sofia meets a girl named Patrisha who has a sister named Melissa who has magical powers controlled by her emotions and by thinking she can make things happen. However her powers are a secret because they're afraid of what people may think of her and when Melissa accidentally exposes her magic to everyone, she runs away leaving everyone except Sofia and Patrisha turned to stone and the kingdom overgrown in gloomy darkness. Sofia and the Patrisha are the only hope for everyone ...more

Just watched the movie with my 3 year old granddaughter and it was so lame, the songs sucked, the voices for the characters were boring and hearing Clover the rabbit CURSE! What!? Definite failure on all levels.

I beg to differ.. This show has many lessons for kids; especially about friendship, being kind and many qualities of a princess. It teaches every little girl that being a princess is not about royalty but it comes from the heart. It's a great show and shouldn't be on the list

Right! You see it's people who make list like this that ruin everything in the world.

My name is Sofia and everyone makes fun of me for it!

I HATE THIS SHOW SO MUCH! It really has no plot!

About the plot the writers do need to improve the script and stop showing the animals.

Wrong! Wrong! Ugh I am getting tired of you people Sofia has allot of plot and yes it's very ironic that your name is Sofia how do you like being made fun of now? Nah nah na na naa! (Blows raspberry)

Okay, this show was annoying to me when I watched it first. It came on and I couldn't find the remote so I just sucked it up and watched. It was annoying as I said, but it was still okay. I liked how it showed that step family can still be family, because Disney movies made it seemed as if step family will always mistreat you.

AW yes! Never expected this to be on this list! In my opinion, this show stinks a lot. My sisters watch this idiotic pile of sludge, and I'm fed up of this. This show is the second worst show on Disney, being followed by Doc McStuffins, another show I can't stand.

Doc Mcstuffins is junk Sofia The First is good Paw Patrol is bad! Period. So there now get out of here!

I especially, entirely can't wait until I finally see the fourth Sofia The First special Sofia The First The Enchanted Sisters either so I'm entirely excited and hopefully, Craig better not forget to include Elsa in Sofia The First The Enchanted Sisters too alongside Anna and if he ever even did that anyway, I will not be happy so I will be entirely rather disappointed.

Seriously! Amber is a spoiled brat and is a bad example to kids watching this show. James is an annoying immature kid, and Sofia teaches kids that if you try really hard, you can talk to your bunny.

It's like any other preschool show. It doesn't teach kids lessons, instead, the kids on the show are spoiled brats and the adults in the shows are dumb. Are the creators of shows like this drunk?!

Sofia The First is not like any other preschool lame small kids show like Paw Patrol it has quality unlike Paw Patrol which is the worst and dumbest show ever!

Wrong it teaches allot of lessons for example not to be stupid dumb people like you idiots!

If I would have to call anyone mean I would say it would be Jade. She is one of my least favorite, she just tends to be over sensitive and lashes out at Ruby and Sofia. Man, does holding a grudge have to be part of Jade's character and it makes her unique? Holding a grudge is easily bad for everybody's and everybody else's souls, right?

Welp... I loathe this show, sure it isn't as bad as others but STILL. I want princesses you be a role model for all heroines, not young one.

Sofia is a crybaby.
James is selfish.
Amber is also selfish.
Roland is like Boris, too light on Sofia & others.
Miranda, no one cares.

This is just a bad show with bad plots, like a circus episode. The circus episode is like Caillou Joins The Circus, they through a big temper tantrum over A CIRCUS! except that they get what they want.

horrible animation, cheesy acting, bad plots (if you call them plots), and wrong demographic.

This show is a disgrace to Walt Disney and Princess Diana.

2/10, needs more stuff.


Sofia is really annoying, Amber is a whining moron, and the rest are just rotten garbage

What did you just say? I am really offended right now you shall be flagged and reported then you'll know what it's like to be called rotten garbage. Jesus gave Sofia and Amber a chance he is giving you a chance too if you would pray and repent.

You tell them Sofia and Amber fans. Sofia and Amber haters need to be smacked for being idiots.

I hate how Sofia has to but in to every song! Even when it's not about her, it's like "Oooh, look! Sofia's singing a song like she does every single and I mean every single song! " This show is crap. I liked the first James voice actor because that person plays Steven in Steven Universe which is one of the best cartoon shows ever. But then that person left and now we get a crappy voice actor for James! This should be at #2 with Pickle and Peanut at #1!

Craig Gerber, you could've and should've revealed Princess Ivy's big sister's real name, the name of her far away black and white kingdom too, both of her parents too back then before. Come on, reveal Princess Ivy's childhood past please.

Isn't Craig Gerber the same guy who created Dora? (I don't know that creators's name). - Anonymousxcxc

Sofia is a Mary Sue. She's practically flawless. Even when she does something wrong, the people around her treat like a deity. She's so perfect which is very wrong. I know it's a kid show but this is way too much. They should add some flaws to this character and actually have it teach REAL moral lessons.It involves numerous stereotypes. It's lame. The only decent thing about this show is the animation.

They are so many problems in this show it's like... PUNCH THE T.V.! Sofia is a poopybrain, Amber is a whining bozo and everyone else is just garbage! How come they have so many kids? Drop Sofia off the orphanage! So she'll be treated like poop! NO OFFENSE, ANNIE!

We'll never ever even be able to find out whatever really happen to Sofia's biological father and Amber and James's biological mother, know what is Sofia's biological father like and know what is Amber and James's biological mother like too unless Craig Gerber thinks about telling us the truth about whatever really happened to Sofia's biological father and Amber and James's biological mother too in one of the future Sofia The First episodes.

Sofia is better than you she should shoot you with a gun Amber is awesome she should throw a bomb at you no offense admit it your wrong and need to accept Jesus as your saviour Jesus wants you to watch this show the devil wants you to watch Paw Patrol.