Ten Worst Disney Junior Shows

Sure this channel seems inviting to little kids. But actually you should be running away screaming! Avoid these ten shows!

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1 Nina Needs to Go Nina Needs to Go ...read more.

Nina Needs To Go... To hell!

Nina is a complete 4-year old retard! She uses the bathroom... CONSTANTLY!

Whenever Nina is in one of the bathroom-stalls, her feet can be seen through.

When she is using the toilet, instead of pee sounding like water hitting the toilet. It sounds like one of those sparkly sounds! Such crap!

She tries to hold it for a few seconds, but whenever she sees running liquid (Example: Water coming-out of the shower) she says she really needs to go!

I'm starting to think that she has bladder-problems. She should have pissed in her pants sooner or later

This is just bull! Nobody cares about an ugly, retarded little-girl who needs to go pee everywhere she goes!

I hope this show gets cancelled before I turn 15! (November 23)

I hate this little animated series. This show is a failure for obvious reasons. I tried to list them all :

1. The plot is just stupid. No one cares about a ugly little girl who needs to use the bathroom all the time. Even if it's made for kids, you can't show them something so stupid.

2. Peeing jokes or any other bodily functions jokes AREN'T FUNNY! And this show's humor contains 90% of jokes about the act of urination. In each episode, nina sees something with running water which reminds her that she needs to go, we see her doing the pee pee dance and in the end, we also can see nina's feet in the stall.

This show is so bad that I want to strangle the person who created it. It's all about nina, an ugly brat who needs to use the bathroom in EVERY EPISODE! At the end she says that this will never happen again, but IT HAPPENS ALL THE TIME! She never learns her lesson and waits all the time till the last minute. Also, I hate her disgusting potty dance.

Why is this on the list? It's funny and I like it. Sure it involves toilet humor but that's the main reason it's so awesome.

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2 Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is an American computer-animated interactive children's television series which aired from May 5, 2006, to November 6, 2016. The series, Disney Television Animation's first computer animated series, is aimed at preschoolers.

Ruins the real Mickey. Maybe these Mickey Mouse Clubhouse characters kidnapped the real characters and locked them under the ground where the clubhouse is at and the characters are kept in tight dingy cages. - Anonymousxcxc

This show ruins the reputation of the actual Mickey Mouse. Walt Disney wouldn't be happy with this. Even if it is popular, Disney junior needs to stop characters with good reputations and make them look retarded.

Just a mock of the Mickey Mouse we all know and love. It is a waste of my time and all of the characters are stupid and cannot sing or dance. And everything is based off of Mickey (ex Mickey Park. ) There's no plot and the characters do not set good examples (going off on random adventures by themselves. ) This makes me wanna throw the T.V. through the window and the songs make my ears want to gush out blood.

It ruined the classic Mickey Mouse!

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3 PJ Masks PJ Masks PJ Masks is an animated children's television series produced by Entertainment One, Frog Box, and TeamTO.

This show only has a few episodes that play reapeatedly, and because my daughter watches solely Disney Junior, I've seen them each over a dozen times. The show tries to teach morals, which is great and all, but I don't agree with many of the morals. There's one where the sort of "bully" Cameron barges in the classroom and tells the PJ Masks that they're smart and so they NEED to help him with his homework. Not asking nicely, telling them they need to. Cat Boy says that they're busy so they aren't able to right now (and they were busy), and apologizes, and Owlette steps in and criticizes Cat Boy for not helping. I'm all for helping others, it's something I enjoy doing, but come on. The villains are so whiny that it's painful to listen to. The entire premise of this show is just not very well thought out. Bad things happen during the day (Like Gecko and Owlette being kidnapped) and they have to wait until night to even do anything. Why are these kids out so late at night? Where are ...more

So completely out of the realm of possible realities. My kids don't understand why the PJ Masks' parents let the kids out at night without supervision (and where are the parents?! ), and why these "superheroes" are usually unable to work together, yet they each own and are allowed to operate multi-million dollar, super high tech vehicles. And the whiny villains are even more absurd. Please cancel this joke! Shame on Disney for taking such advantage of our kids' gullibility.

Don't bother calling these episodes new...IT'S THE SAME PLOT: The kids DO things at night. It's a rip-off of Miraculous! It's the Miraculous for little kids! The parents let them out at night! Are the parents drunk? And a rip-off of the Power Puff Girls. I want Dee Dee(From Dexter's Laboratory) and The Power Puff Girls And Caillou to beat the heck out of these drunk super heroes!

I actually thought it was a rip off of Miraculous Ladybug too, but it turns out PJ Masks was released a little before Miraculous Ladybug. - SkylarTheAngel

Painful to listen to, my little brother loves it, makes my ears bleed. Why do they all have the voices of screechy babies? Especially the Romeo and Gecko. Awful awful show.

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4 Jake and the Never Land Pirates Jake and the Never Land Pirates Jake and the Never Land Pirates is an Annie Award-winning musical and interactive American children's animated television series shown on Disney Junior.

This show is the most disgusting show I have ever seen. Thanks to them for ruining Peter Pan and Captain Hook due to those three little spoiled pirate brats who have everything and never shares with Captain Hook, and Captain Hook has nothing! Thank you for giving Captain Hook no fortune at the end. And almost all the time, in captain hooks misfortune, the bratty pirates sarcastically say, " oh Captain Hook want help"? There is absolutely no point to this show. CANCEL IT PLEASE!

This totally ruined the reputation of Peter Pan. Horrible animation, plot, and characters. The writers of this show need to stop right now. I hope someone from Disney is reading this list. And I mean really, Battle for the Book?! Kids these days don't even read anymore! Who would want a stupid book?!

What they did wrong: Pirates don't break the fourth wall like Dora and preschool Mickey. They don't explore deep into forests full of ugly faced tiki trees or climb to the top of an erupting volcano. They don't sing to or jump around a spinning chest emerging from the sand in order for it to open. And worst of all, they made Peter Pan a flying poop and turned Captain Hook into a stupid idiot. - Target

What Jake and the Neverland Pirates is the best how can you ever say that it's the worst don't say that again

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5 The Octonauts The Octonauts The Octonauts is a British children's television series, produced by Silvergate Media for the BBC channel CBeebies.

This series contains many stereotypes, since the female characters are of little importance, and those that leave more are the bear, the immature cat and that disgusting cowardly penguin. Personally, I do not like that series and I do not recommend it. I hate octonauts, it's just that the crap is based on "tender" overvalued books for some, and the hypocrisy of its members who "care for and protect the ocean" but in many cases do not let the cycle of life go, when a predator To feed themselves so that they save to the prey (penguins of Adelie episode) and the useless member that delays missions, the Weight penguin. I HATE OCTONAUTS!

Many people say that "it is a good series because it teaches about marine creatures", in a way it is true, but their characters are contradictory, since their mission is to "help, rescue", etc., but not only invade the marine ecosystem and do not let the cycle of life take its course, always rescue the prey of its NATURAL PREDATOR, as in "Adelie penguins" that a seagull caught a chick and Kwazii the cat save him and others episodes. Another example is in "the great white shark" where Peso penguin INVADES SHARK'S NATURAL ECOSYSTEM and fleeing with the sharks hunting and entering the octopod, the other octonauts injured the fin of the shark when closing the dam. The shark must be ripped Peso, haha. And another thing: who eat the octonauts? Fish that rescue? Octonauts are hypocrites!

This show is not the worst, I like that it teaches about marine animals and is still an enjoyable show for kids (my 9-year-old bro watches it) but it's really stupid still with the characters and all that. Creature reports get old.

Wow, the one good show that teaches kids about the sea and it’s enviroment and all the creatures living in it. Oh my how awful? Really get a grip, this show doesn’t show the girl characters as being weak or as being less important or less intelligent. Why does it always come to sexism. It’s much better than a cartoon about pretty hair, pretty clothes and cute lil puppy dogs.

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6 Little Einsteins Little Einsteins Little Einsteins is an American animated children's television series on Playhouse Disney. The educational preschool series was developed for television by Douglas Wood who created the concept and characters, and a subsequent team headed by Emmy Award-winning director Aidan Abril and JoJo's Circus co-creator ...read more.

4 kids on drugs so they can live in a shed where they can commit suicide and ride a rocket ship seriously the only they could have a rocket ship if they had 10 billion dollars plus billions of more DOLLAR FOR GAS MONEY!

I hope the millenium falcon (star wars) kills their annoying "rockit" along with some x wings (also star wars).

We got them billionaires when we tell em' boot that brain up it's a lie to kill em' they'll dread it let's morph em' into teenagers so they won't ever be dreaded in the heart of USA again - sound4mercury

I don't see anything wrong with this show. - ItsPisces

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7 Sofia the First Sofia the First Sofia the First is an American computer-animated television series that features a commoner joining the royal family as a princess.

This show..my god. This show is a story about some 6 year old mary-sue who is all of a sudden a princess. Then She gets all these powers and crazy ass. No plot, character, and effort whatsoever. I'm ashamed of this crossing canons with so many classics and canons alike. Elena was decent until the developers went all: ' 'Lets cross canons with this to make more cash! ' '. Listen, so many companies fail because they aren't willing to cross boundaries, this is happening to this show. Add characters with flaws instead of having totally perfect characters with cheap acting to make it look like people like this trash. Which will draw in more audiences? Flawless characters that are nothing but dolls or characters with huge flaws that are a true human? It's up to you to decide.

This show insults the princesses of Disney in the past. This princess is extremely spoiled. Everyone knows that this weirdo idea of a princess will never be a household name. Sofia will never make a change in the world like the other princesses. Why couldn't Sofia be an age of 14 or over? And anytime, lets say Sofia loses her lil dolly. Daddy daddy I want a new one! Then a good princess comes and buys her a new one. Such crap.

It started with a movie (Once Upon a Princess) that I thought looked good for young girls and really taught a good lesson. When I heard they were coming up with a T.V. show, I though yay, because there is finally a show for girls (shows before that was Jake, Mickey Mouse, Little Einsteins, which isn't all that bad, etc. ) but then when I watched the first episode (when Sofia and James get to ride flying horses on a team) I realized that it has no point and is really stupid. Dumb idea for a show! But it does have good morals.


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8 The Bite-Sized Adventures of Sam Sandwich

A show that teaches about eating healthy (plus) but has cheesy jokes and poor acting/animation (not so plus. )

I remember watching this show every morning, and ugh, it sucked so bad! My favorite junk foods (villains) had to be destroyed by a disgusting, unwanted sandwich and his broccoli sidekick! Thank heavens this show is dead now. - Target

I know this show is teaching kids how to be healthy and all, but I mean... SERIOUSLY? Don't know why they would put my favorite junk-foods as villains! The animation is cheesy and makes me queasy

I have a question who is bite-sized Adventures of Sam Sandwich

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9 Chuggington

Lame. Wilson is always screwing up and always acting naive, Coco is very whiny and Booster is an annoying brat.

This show sucks because it's a ripoff of Thomas And Friends. Wilson is really dumb if he went to school he would fail every test. Coco is a cry baby. And bruster is a brat. This show should get cancelled soon.

I hate thomas and chuggington but Thomas is better

Chuggington is a total rip off of Thomas The Tank Engine. - SkylarTheAngel

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10 Henry Hugglemonster

This show has no plot and clearly the writers don't know what they're doing. Bad acting. Horrible show. This show makes me wanna barf.

It's shocking that his last name is "Hugglemonster". I want to throw up if I see it again.

And in the show they say to Henry cubby and everyone else that they can't go into Summer's room because it's a rule that's bull it's not like a military base where it's restricted it's just a room


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11 Miles from Tomorrowland

It tries to be 3D cartoon Lost in Space, if anyone remembers that show. Miles is a stereotypical little daredevil while his sister is the smart one because she's a girl, and we need more positive smart female leads or some bull.

I would have LOVED if Miles was smart, instead my kid has no interest in this show or science.

Miles, Miles, from Tomorrowland! His head fell of and landed in a can! Have no pity on poor, poor, Miles, 'cause he insulted me! And I didn't even smile.

(Sorry for poor lyrics.) - mayamanga

I don't watch that show there rich with a spaceship what happens if the ship blew up there dead

That's is not tommarowland, the movie is the real one

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12 Special Agent Oso

This show is awful! So glad it got cancelled! Do the creators of this show even know what a real spy is? I doubt it. A spy is someone who fights crime, not someone who helps kids do very simple tasks that they're to stupid to know how to do. The animation sucks, the characters are all annoying, and the plot is stupid.

He helped a kid blow his nose once! I'm not kidding, what kid doesn't know how to blow there nose!?! Dose Oso only help really stupid kids on that show? Now I know why his name is "special" agent Oso. If ya catch my drift. - MJfan119

Oso help this kid open a pickle jar. Help her make a "A". I mean they really don't need help with that. Does Oso know what parents are? If their parents are to lazy to make their 15-18 year old a sandwich (they should know how though) that's stupid.

He's called SPECIAL Agent Oso for a reason... - ItsPisces

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13 Sheriff Callie's Wild West

HOW IS IT EVEN EDUCATIONAL!? And the episode about the bully. You're SUPPOSED to tell on a bully.

I hate this show so much, but only because of those three squirrels with high-pitched voices, plus they won't shut up with their irritating songs!

This show has lovable characters unlike most shows on this list, the show has good character designs and voice actors, and good humor for a Disney jr show for its time. I love this show, Sofia the first and Mickey Mouse clubhouse need to go

I never seen Sheriff Callies Wild West but I remember seeing commercials about it and I oh my god it is just so weird and a waste of time! It's so bad I needs to stop airing

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14 Kate & Mim-Mim

What kind of name is mim-mim? Fact: Preschoolers usually use words such as mim-mim when referring to female genitalia

This is disgusting and it looks like some 3 year old made it. - mayamanga

No plot what so ever. Doc McStuffins does the "toys come to life" better.

Its not that bad. - majormanafemale

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15 Small Potatoes

This show has no plot and it is about a bunch of potatoes who sing and hop around telling their opinions on the seasons and stuff like that in fake accents.

When I was little I thought this was stupid. It's just a bunch of potatoes singing about crap for 5 minutes. Pointless and bizarre.

TI wish I can fry the small potatoes into French fries

I wanna turn them into hash browns, boiled potatoes, fries, and potato chips. - Officialpen

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16 Handy Manny

Handy manny is a chic he does not pay kelly and the people don't pay handy manny and rusty is always scared and pat is confused and Felipe brags of how much better he is than turner and dusty thinks about stupid ideas and handy manny does say no tools that what he always said always is this in business or is he a broke Latina male that got creepy ass talking tools and he doesn't even really keep stuff in the back of his truck and repair men don't use motorcycles this is so messed up.

It's a little bit like dora the explorer with manny being Mexican. It started getting bad when the dude started driving a motor cycle

This show is just simple retarded like there's this fake Mexican that fixes very little damage
and he carries tools that talk like how the hell did he get those anyway and he goes to this tool hop to get tools but, never's pays the cashier so how the hell is she's in business and people call him for no reason like just because a little board fell off doesn't mean it's serious you can put back yourself! Disney remove the show NOW!

It's better then bob the builder but phillipe needs a chill pill. I cut squeeze slack because she is supposed to be 3-4 yrs old.flickr is 2 so doesn't matter. Hence when ment him turners battery joke=change diapers. - majormanafemale

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17 Captain Jake and the Never Land Pirates

It's one of their worst shows gone twice as bad. Now that Jake is a captain, start walking away from the channel to prevent any case of brainwashing. - Target

They are a ripoff of our favorite Peter Pan jake you ass with the gold sword witch isn't gold it's just wood

Bad - majormanafemale

There just cheating on everything even the queen mermaid is a bitch because she makes everyone bad and they think wrong

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18 Imagination Movers

This show sucks because it is about a dumb guy named rich, a guy with messed up hair named Scott, a bad musician named Dave and a wanna be cowboy named Smitty. Thank god this show was cancelled in 2013.

HEY, that was actually good!

HEY! I watched that show when I was younger!

They are a ripoff of The Wiggles - Ihateschool

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19 Doc McStuffins Doc McStuffins Doc McStuffins is an American-Irish animated children's television series produced by Brown Bag Films.

Really. A girl stumbles upon a magical stethoscope and brings her stupid toys to life (Especially Lambie and Stuffie. ) Toys really don't break that often and kids who do break their toys that often (Donny) don't know how to treat things around them. Now it is going way too far, take school of medicine.

There was this one episode where Doc was practicing for a new baby sibling by using a baby doll, and when she changed her diaper, it peed in her face. Then she said "Now I'm all wet." I hope that episode gets banned because of that scene.

I totally got that part wrong. Squeakers squirted her face. I should've looked closer. - Powerfulgirl10

I hate Doc McStuffins. Though at least it tries to inspire kids to become doctors other than that this channel is crap. Lucky for me I don't watch it, unless they show movies like Mulan or Lilo and Stitch, other than that I don't watch it. - Anonymousxcxc

Yeah, I agree with this one. I'm never watching this show again because of what I heard on August 2017. - Future_Sam

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20 Goldie and Bear

The animators were on drugs

I want to go to church when I see it

Very confusing show - majormanafemale

I praise bleach more than yhis - SoloPotato

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