Nina Needs to Go

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This show has a terrible message for younger children. It teaches them it's fine to hold your pee, your super-spy grandmother will take you there, no problem. My 4 year old daughter started watching this show, and acts exactly like Nina. I ask her if she needs to use the restroom, and she says she doesn't need to, but then she tells me she really has to go. And guess what? There's no super-spy grandmother to take her.

Though Sofia is annoying, Amber is cruel, and James is a two year old, Nina takes the cake. I have to go pee pee mommy! Well you should haved peed before we passed the bathroom. FEAR NOT, SUPER GRANNY TO THE RESCUE! This is. A. Baby. Show. STOP, TALKING, ABOUT. PEE AND POO! Get a life and pee! It will never happen agai- BUT IT DID! Go to the doctor! Stop drinking. Her grandma spoils her so much and she never learns her lesson. Her parents aren't helpful. Mine as well she lives with her granny. Whenever she sees or hears liquid she needs to pee. That's odd. NINA! GO TO THE DOCTOR. THIS HAPPENS TO HER EVERYDAY. SHES GONNA GET INFECTED! SERIOUSLY NINA! PEE OR GO TO THE DOC! GET OUT OF MY FACE! NOT MY PROBLEM YOU WET, FUMING, POTATO! A CRYBABY! ZERO OUT OF TEN!

I have to say this show stinks. Every time this little brat Nina always has to go to the bathroom, I mean seriously she have to wait like 5 minutes and then realize she has to go the bathroom, just go. This show really sucks.

Nina needs to go is so bad! This is really dumb. I just have some advice for Nina, when you are an adult you do not always have your nana to come and save you from peeing in your pants. Also at the end of each episode she says now I know next time, now I know don't wait to go! But then in another episode she waits to go! She is not taking her own advice really people!

The picture of Nina. This terrible for a million reasons, but I asked friends at school to read at least my top 10 reasons why this show is bad. So here are the top 3 reasons why this show is terrible.

1. The show is not funny! Parents should not even let their kids watch this show because it talks about bladder, and the parents are the worst, the parents are like " Oh alright Nina we need to get you to the bathroom as fast as we can. If we can find a bathroom that is? " But oh wait there is one about 2 feet away from you!

2. No one wants to watch a show about an ugly little girl who needs to be potty trained at age 10. Nina's brother is the only cool guy here on this show.

3. Is this show supposed to teach kids how to control their bladder? Because my cousin watches this show and says and acts exactly like Nina when she is asked to go to the bathroom. and like Nina cannot control her bladder. My aunt told me that whenever the show is on she tries to get my ...more

This show is so dumb. Why do kids need and want to watch a show about a girl who needs to go to the bathroom all the time? This show is just plain gross! We don't need to watch Nina do her stupid potty dance everywhere. I don't see why this show needed to happen. A dumb show! Watch Puppy Dog Pals if you're looking for something good.

I would give Nina Needs to Go a 0/10, but there are some redeemable aspects of Nina Needs to Go such as it teaches kids how to politely get adults to take them to the washroom and the other characters are actually heroic towards Nina (oh my god, not her! She really needs to be checked, bad! ) according to PhantomStrider, so I give Nina Needs to Go a 3/10.

I give Jake & the Never Land Pirates a 1/10. It is too obvious that Peter Pan 3 needs to happen, not Disney Fairies/Tinker Bell or Jerkface & the Never Land Pirates.

I give Mickey Mouse Clubhouse a 3/10. Like My Friends Tigger & Pooh, this is my only hated series to franchises I am easily addicted to.

I give Sofia the First a 2/10. PhantomStrider spoke about the only strong points of this show while Brendan Barney talked about its weak points.

I give PJ Masks a 0/10. WHY DOES IT GET SO MUCH LOVE?!

I give Doc McStuffins a 2/10.

I give The Bite-Sized Adventures of Sam Sandwich an 8/10. It may ...more

When you create a show that is all about taking a dump on the toilet, you better make sure that it's good. Well, this show didn't do that and instead took a dump on the viewers. There is literally no plot. The characters are annoying and whiny. They also point out the obvious so much. I thought Sofia the First was even worse at pointing out the obvious at one stage, then I saw this. This is like the producers wanted to murde the audiences eyes...

What in the world is Disney these days doing? I mean seriously, really seriously, a little brat troll with a messed- up nana in a big adventure do that troll could empty the crap out of her a**. What a bad influence on all of our child viewers

I haven't watched any episodes yet, but I've seen the a short clip on Disney Junior's website. It was so bad. The animation sucks, the grandma is a complete ninja that teaches that physics don't apply, and Nina is an idiot who never learns her lesson about using the bathroom. - Powerfulgirl10

My 5 year old sister watches this show all the time, and now acts exactly like Nina. We ask her if she needs to use the bathroom and she says "Nope, I'm fine", then 1 minute later she has to go to the bathroom. And there is no super ninja grandma to take her to the bathroom.

I haven't seen this show before, so I watched the zoo episode on Youtube. The animation and stuff is okay, but the only thing that bothered me was: Why would someone make a cartoon where each episode is about peeing? This cartoon seems irritating.

This show does teach kids about not holding their bladder but still it is kind of inappropriate for a toddler's channel.

This show sucks. Why does she say that she knows not to wait to go and then waits in EVERY SINGLE EPISODE! My little cousin watches it and thinks she should only go because Nina does. -_-

Geez! I hate nina! She is ugly, stupid, annoying and has to pee all the time. I think this kid needs an urologist.

I can't believe that this show was made by Disney! I expect good things from Disney, but this show is awful!

This is a terrible role model for toddlers it teaches them to hold it in in real life Nina will wet her pants one day

This show is the worst Disney is trying to make viewers age 13 and up who had the misfortune of walking in the room right when this show is on want to yank their eyes out. Nina needs to go to hell.

Why is this on the list? It's funny and I like it. Sure it involves toilet humor but that's the main reason it's so awesome.

This show is bull it is about a retarded girl who needs to use the bathroom all the time.

A show about a girl who constantly has to use the bathroom? People will make shows about anything won't they?

Why the heck do kids need to watch a girl go to the bathroom? Her nana has to deal with her always needing to go!

No one cares about an ugly 4-year old who dresses like a clown and always needs to "pee".

This is honestly the stupidest show ever. It's so ridiculous that a little girl has to go to the bathroom all the time it's so stupid

Nina should have wet her pants at least once in the show.