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21 The Hive

The little bees are always being whiny, throwing tantrums and being brats. I think this show is stupid and boring, and the bees look like distorted, stripy Egyptian pyramids with wings and antennae that fly around and argue over stupid gabage.

Boring they should have farts and there is some crazy dude who kills the hive

The characters are jerks to each other - cartoonfan101

This is a terrible show it gave my 4 year old sister nightmares because of the floating eyebrows, legs, hands. what the?!

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22 The 7D

This show is actually on Disney, but it appears on Disney Junior as well. But that doesn't matter. This show sucks. It's all about these stupid creatures going on fail adventures. This show is also an insult/ripoff to Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, one of my favorite Disney movies.

I hate this show it is so boring and pointless. I thought is was a Disney show but apparently it is to stupid. Even newborns think it's stupid.

How is it even educational it is just stupid gnomes.

Not disney junior disney. - majormanafemale

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23 Handy Manny

Handy manny is a chic he does not pay kelly and the people don't pay handy manny and rusty is always scared and pat is confused and Felipe brags of how much better he is than turner and dusty thinks about stupid ideas and handy manny does say no tools that what he always said always is this in business or is he a broke Latina male that got creepy ass talking tools and he doesn't even really keep stuff in the back of his truck and repair men don't use motorcycles this is so messed up.

It's a little bit like dora the explorer with manny being Mexican. It started getting bad when the dude started driving a motor cycle

This show is just simple retarded like there's this fake Mexican that fixes very little damage
and he carries tools that talk like how the hell did he get those anyway and he goes to this tool hop to get tools but, never's pays the cashier so how the hell is she's in business and people call him for no reason like just because a little board fell off doesn't mean it's serious you can put back yourself! Disney remove the show NOW!

It's better then bob the builder but phillipe needs a chill pill. I cut squeeze slack because she is supposed to be 3-4 yrs old.flickr is 2 so doesn't matter. Hence when ment him turners battery joke=change diapers. - majormanafemale

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24 Goldie and Bear

The animators were on drugs

Very confusing show - majormanafemale

Its an okay show

It's so-so. - Trollsfan536

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25 Miles from Tomorrowland

It tries to be 3D cartoon Lost in Space, if anyone remembers that show. Miles is a stereotypical little daredevil while his sister is the smart one because she's a girl, and we need more positive smart female leads or some bull.

I would have LOVED if Miles was smart, instead my kid has no interest in this show or science.

Miles, Miles, from Tomorrowland! His head fell of and landed in a can! Have no pity on poor, poor, Miles, 'cause he insulted me! And I didn't even smile.

(Sorry for poor lyrics.) - mayamanga

I don't watch that show there rich with a spaceship what happens if the ship blew up there dead

It's a good show. - majormanafemale

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26 Minnie's Bow-Toons

It's a rip off of mickey mouse clubhouse

I hate this show

Die I hope minne and daisy die in the bow shop

27 Jungle Junction

Ok so last night I was bored so I decided to watch something on demand and I accidentally clicked on a Jungle Junction episode and I was so nostalgic. The theme song is okay, and I loved this show when I was little, even if the premise is really, really stupid. In fact I said a few times on the site that the show was stupid, but now I think it's a weird/okay show for little kids, even if it doesn't teach them anything - Cartoonfan202

My younger sister is 6 years old and absolutely loves Disney Junior, but hates shows like Jungle Junction, Nina Needs To Go, and Mickey Mouse clubhouse.

HEY, Don't insult that show, that was a good show.

Another show I remember watching and loving. - Powerfulgirl10

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28 JoJo's Circus

Oh my god, This show is so ' retarded! It should be called "Jojo's-House" instead. Such bull! It basically involves a clown-idiot named Jojo. And a stupid little monkey (I don't know his name) The other characters are complete-heads!

Screw this show!

The monkeys name is goliath but he is a baby lion - Mrsantaclaw33033

Scary - majormanafemale

JoJo's Circus?! WHAT?!

More like "JoJo's Sh**-House" this show is for babies.

It involves a clown-idiot named JoJo who looks like she got a vocal-cord change

She has a monkey who sounds like a little bi**h

29 Dibo the Gift Dragon

Bunny shouts too loud. I'll tell you a story. I was 8 years old and was watching this, and when Bunny shouted "syrup" so loud, I fell off my chair. And that was the last time I watched it.

Bunny is such a to her friends especially Elo and Cro - AngelDiamond23

I fell in love with this as a kid, it's not bad in my opinion, it's really cute

The dragon retrieves gifts from his stomach, zipping it open and taking them out. What the hell? His voice sounds annoying. That dance he does sucks and that theme song is lame.
"Dibo, time to make a wish! Dibo, he will give you gifts! Dibo, Dibo Dibo Dee! "

30 Zou

...This was on Disney Junior? You sure you didn't confuse it for Sprout, dude? - GraphiteTail

Stupid zebra I hate him he is so weird

He is on sprout

Not disney - majormanafemale

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31 My Friends Tigger & Pooh My Friends Tigger & Pooh

This show is a disgrace. The Winnie the Pooh series is supposed to teach about friendship, and life moral values, not science. Kids are supposed to figure out curiosities as they age, not on a television show, 2 and four year olds don't need to know why the sky is blue. They need to know how to make good friendships, and sharing, and and values and such because that's what the original showed. Plus, what happend to Owl and Christopher Robin? Are they not good enough for the new society? Plus the CGI animation is terrible, and its overdone.

Christopher Robbins where the hell is he is he dead did the girl kill him

He is alive though I don't know why Darby is always there and he only appeared once in the show - majormanafemale

If you want some good Poohs, Stick to The Originals.

I used to love this show as a kid. It's pretty nostalgic. - Powerfulgirl10

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32 PB&J Otter

Whoever put this on here does not have a childhood.

So what is this doing here I know for NO reason.

It was entertaining though confused show. - majormanafemale

Hey I love this show - Mrsantaclaw33033

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33 Doc McStuffins: Toy Hospital

I agree, Doc is just a basic black girl. She shouldn't be operating actual ambulances at that age. (If you know what I mean)

Should a kid even should leave his family to go to a ACTUAL JOB? NO! - CoolKidsClub

I cannot believe it has gotten THIS FAR since 2012. - Target

Doc is too little to have a job - Ihateschool

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34 Lou and Lou: Safety Patrol

These brats run around and tattle on anyone (mainly on their poor friend Lester) who is doing something that isn't safe. Seriously how do they have any friends? - MJfan119

Do shorts count. I do feel sorry for there older sister. Who is old enough to carefully plug ij a radio. - majormanafemale

35 Mickey and the Roadster Racers

So confusing - majormanafemale

This is even more of a disgrace to Mickey than than the Clubhouse. This does not teach kids anything at all, when they should talk about sportsmanship and teamwork. But nooo it's just lot of crap that disney made. At least Clubhouse taught kids something! And I wanted Toodles to not appear but then I find this dumb coocko bird instead. WHY?! - Drawbox

A sequel show to the clubhouse? Well at lest Mickey does not need Toodles any more.

More like moron and the blowster rascits - Trollsfan536

36 Bunnytown

I agree with one of the comments, that was a good show.

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37 Ella the Elephant

Seriously, a magical hat! So dumb...

I hate you ella

Hate this show

Bad - majormanafemale

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38 Hercules The Series

Disney Junior didn't even exist when this show came on.

Disney not disney junior. - majormanafemale

Bad movie, bad show

39 Calimero

It's always a problem 3 chicks and one duck Calimero is wining over nothing and prescilla is a brat Pierro is a jerk and palmeiano is stupid and they have parents that don't look after them and those bunnies are idiots

40 Zig & Sharko

This isn't even on Disney Junior.

Not on Disney Junior! - cartoonfan101

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