Top 10 Worst Disney Movies of the 21st Century

Disney has had a lot of good movies this century! But they have also had a lot of bad ones.

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1 Home on the Range

SUCK SUCK SUCKITY SUCK! This is one of the worst animated films ever made! There isn't a word to describe how terrible it is! It's so stupid, it's so childish! This is the kind of movie that can make kids stupid! This is a whole new level of bad! The villain is annoying, the songs are horrendous, and the story is just plain stupid! How did something like this make it into theaters!? I've only seen this movie once and don't plan on ever watching it again! It is absolutely terrible! - MegaSoulhero

I love Home on the range! I haven't watched it in a while though. Maybe I'll hate it now. - GrimmShady

I legitimately got dumber after watching it. - SPM1_TopTenz

One word: EW! - naFrovivuS

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2 Frozen

Enough is enough! Two things! One, it's only been one day since this list was made and somehow Frozen is already at second place despite there not being many votes or remixes for it. Two, all this Frozen hate is just starting to get irritating. Every single day, people keep relentlessly bashing and hating on it like no movie is worse than it. All because of stupid excuses like "the songs" or "it's overrated". Look, I haven't watched Frozen myself, but even I know that the scale of hatred aimed against it is just unbearable and blatantly obnoxious. Can't we just accept that people are going to like this movie and respect its success? Why force people to hate it and shove your hatred down their throats in the process as well? Seriously, can't the Frozen hate bandwagon die down already? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

True. I used to be on this bandwagon but I've come to terms with this film. Now I just think it's okay. To be honest I feel like more of the Frozen hate should go to Sleeping Beauty because literally the only memorable things about that movie were Maleficent, the animation, and Once Upon A Dream. I'm sorry but Aurora and Phillip were as bland as heck and the fairies irritated me too much. - Anonymousxcxc

I'm sick of this whole hating Frozen crap. People had this movie ruined due to the fans. And the music. But you know what? It has a decent story. Home On The Range was just stupid. Planes was just stupider. And TEEN BEACH and CHICKEN LITTLE are far worse than this. Give the hate a break. - naFrovivuS

Would've been better if Anna was the villain who avenges her pain and suffering and all of her true, real, old, original memories of Elsa's ice powers and the childhood accident in order to get her revenge on Elsa for shutting her out for past thirteen years ago, their parents for neglecting Anna in the focus on Elsa and especially Grand Pabbie for erasing all of Anna's true, real, old, original memories of Elsa's ice powers and the childhood accident.

Frozen would've been more classical if Hans followed the tradition of other Disney princes and true love, right?

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3 Planes

I'm not gonna talk too much about this movie right now. But basically, it's a generic movie with a very generic story. I'm actually gonna review this in a blog post later this month. That reminds me. I still need to review the first four Pirates of the Caribbean films. - MegaSoulhero

Planes is so boring! The kids being interviewed about this movie didn't know how to describe it. When I went to the cinema to see it, the whole place was empty. There is nothing to see. It's so plain. It didn't need a sequel, either. - RaccoonCartoon

This was horrible, it's just the movie Cars turned into Planes, but even more boring. - micahisthebest

This movie is terrible. I HAD to watch it with my little sister because it was her birthday. The movie was cheesy and it had nonsense and two different subjects at one time. It was horrible. Sometimes the guy never had shadows... Frozen, Mulan 2, Inspector Gadget, Alice in Wonderland, and Brother Bear are good or okay.
Frozen=good Mulan 2=okay Inspector Gadget=good Alice in Wonderland=good Brother Bear=good
None of these are really the worst.

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4 The Wild

I'm just gonna say what has already been said. This movie is a ripoff of Madagascar! It is so obvious! This is a very unoriginal movie! It's about some animals in a zoo in New York and they leave the zoo and go on some adventure. This is CLEARLY Madagascar! Except in this movie, I didn't like any of the characters! They were just so bland and forgettable! There are a few jokes I laughed at, but this is mostly just a boring movie! The animation is pretty good but at times it can look a little too weird. This movie is just a boring, forgettable movie! Just watch Madagascar instead. - MegaSoulhero

It absolutely is TERRIBLE. It ripped off a great film called Madagascar. - PeeledBanana

Discount Madagascar. - JustAnAccount

I think the animation from the trailer looks VERY unfinished. The final product is just fugly. - SPM1_TopTenz

5 Mulan II

Mulan 2 is garbage! Absolute garbage! Terrible movie! Worst Disney sequel ever! Anyone who likes this movie clearly doesn't know what a good movie is! It's very unwatchable! There is nothing good about it! No redeeming qualities! Why did they have to make Mushu such a jerk? This movie has a terrible case of character derailment. All the characters I liked in the first movie, I hate in this one! Mulan is completely out of character! She acts like such a stereotypical girl in this movie! In the first one, she put honor and family before anything else. But here, she lets an entire country get destroyed because of love! This movie is absolute trash and definitely deserves its 0% on Rotten Tomatoes. TERRIBLE! - MegaSoulhero

The original Mulan was awesome, a well though out, amazing movie, but uh oh, of course, it's... the... sequel now. Really Disney, really? What happened! I had high expectations for this movie because it's the dang sequel of MULAN! But when I first saw this, I was extremely disappointed, such a stupid film, plain stupid. - PeeledBanana

There are bad sequels, there are obscure sequels, and then there's Mulan II. It blows both categories out of the water.

Haha. I'm shocked that other people realize just how GARBAGE this sequel is. I love disney sequels but this one. oh god. bad. it takes the original and just spits on it. ugh.

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6 Cars 2

SHUT UP! This movie is absolutely fine! Its entertaining, it has beautiful animation, stellar voice acting. My only complaint is the plot. It places focus in the wrong place. But other than that good film. - GrimmShady

Well... It wasn't my favorite Pixar movie but it wasn't that bad I guess, I really liked the original Cars, great film but this, well at least it's not as bad as Mulan 2, I actually kind of liked Cars 2, it was okay... - PeeledBanana

I love seeing people get so argumentive over a dumb kids movie. - cjWriter1997

Not the best Pixar has thought of, but I think it was, meh. - naFrovivuS

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7 Chicken Little

When I was a kid, I actually liked this movie. But after watching it again, I see that it is a very messed up movie. This is the most mean-spirited movie that Disney has come out with! It doesn't even feel like a Disney movie! It feels like it was made by some other animation company trying to be like Disney! I can't think of a single character I liked in the film! They are all just so unlikeable! Especially Buck Cluck played by Disney legend, Garry Marshall. He is the worst father ever. Although, he kind of reminds me of how my father treated me when I was a kid. But Buck is still pretty terrible! There are a couple of jokes I laughed at. There are some cute moments. But this movie is a mess! I don't know what Disney was thinking with this one. - MegaSoulhero

Same dude. But thank god it wasn't a Disney film I remembered or really had on my favorites list at all. - Anonymousxcxc

Why on Earth is Home On the Range #1? Sure the protagonists are cows and the villain is the worst in the canon but I like the animation and voice acting. This, on the other hand, is mean-spirited, littered with pop cultural references, has horrible animation and voice acting, lousy story and characters and literally nothing redeeming about it whatsoever.

Like Cars 2, the hate against chicken little is unmerited. Chicken little had good voice actors, good animation, good dialogue. Its just the plot that was a bit off. - GrimmShady

Personally, I don't think Frozen needs to be on this list. I know, it's the most overrated Disney film ever. But that doesn't mean it's bad! The animation, the voice acting, the story, the characters, I had fun with. And I'll admit it, "Let It Go" isn't as bad as I remember it. Not one of my favorites, but still enjoyable in my opinion.

Chicken Little, though...why did I like this movie again? Oh yeah, cause I was a dumb kid. This film is terrible and needs to take the #1 spot. Reasons?

1. Animation is terrible.
2. Story and characters are mean spirited.
3. We're not introduced to the villains until halfway through the movie and are pretty pathetic in my opinion.

Are you seeing the reasons why this film needs to be #1?! - OnyxDash

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8 Mars Needs Moms

This movie is terrible. Just the title alone should be enough to keep you away from the movie. It was made by ImageMovers. The people who made Polar Express, Christmas Carol, and Beowulf. The thing I like most about them is the motion capture. They do a really great job at making the characters look like real people! Mars Needs Moms, however, is a HORRIBLE example of that! The characters don't even look like real people! They look hideous! Even the aliens in the movie look better than them! The story also doesn't make any sense. I really hate the character Milo! He's the main character who we're supposed to root for but they just make him so unlikeable! This movie shouldn't have been made. - MegaSoulhero

Nothing Makes Seances, The Characters Are Annoying, The Animation Is Horrible And It's One Of The Few Disney Films That I Don't Even Think Needs To Eggiest The Movie Was Un Funny And Boring To Watch And The Main Character Is Worse Then Buck Cluck.

The animation is terrible! - micahisthebest

Not only is its plot stupid, its animation is horrendous. I think nothing else needs to be said. - naFrovivuS

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9 High School Musical

I'd rather be sent to the core of the sun than watch this movie and its sequels. - drdevil

Roger Waters Saucerful of secrets song, Set Controls for the heart of the sun will have you covered. - RogerWatersfan1999

Imagine if Selena Gomez portrayed Gabriella Montez! - The Ultimate Daredevil, shuddering because of that very thought as if Justin Bieber were similar to Troy Bolton, Selena Gomez were similar to Gabriella Montez and Ariana Grande were similar to Sharpay Evans like in that poolside scene in HSM2 whereas Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez break up because they are all like "We don't talk anymore like we used to do! >8(".

Whenever I watch this movie, I want to cut my eyeballs out of their sockets with a knife, and rip my ear drums out with forks! - RogerWatersfan1999

The Most Generic Musical Of All Time. - GigaDrill

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10 The Hunchback of Notre Dame II

Worst Disney Sequel ever! - td05

The animation in the first movie was so wonderful! I liked the most characters and the story was interesting, with a fantastic villain. Why did that movie need a sequel? T^T

I shared my thoughts on these Disney movies which htoutlaws2012 replied to. - The Ultimate Daredevil, who loves The Hunchback of Notre Dame for its meaningfulness, cinematic animation, dark subject matter, intense musical numbers and deep characters and hates The Hunchback of Notre Dame II for its ugly animation that shows that hand-drawn animation is drawing, thinly written characters, dull musical numbers and infantile tone

The last part ugh... anyway you summed pretty much what I describe this awfulness of regression. - htoutlaws2012

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11 Brother Bear

Brother bear was fantastic! Brother bear 2 is actually my least favorite disney animated movie of all time! - GrimmShady

Why is this here? The critics are wrong, this movie is amazing - Neonco31

What!? Why is this movie here? I love this movie! One of the best movies ever if you ask me, people should watch it! I tell ya, you won't regret it!

I love this movie! Explain how it's bad - bjinmaro64

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12 Teen Beach Movie

There is no such thing as a good Disney Channel Original Movie! Okay? All of them suck! And the worst of the bunch is Teen Beach Movie! This is a perfect example of the things wrong with Disney Channel! Terrible songs, annoying characters, and makes no sense! So after wiping out while surfing, they suddenly get transported into a beach musical that they just so happened to be watching earlier!? What were the writers smoking when coming up with this story? It can be a little funny at times when they make fun of musical tropes, but they are still guilty of doing those tropes! Like at the end, WHEN THEY ARE OUT OF THE MOVIE, they still have a musical number! Seriously!? You just spent most of this movie talking about how ridiculous that is and then you go ahead and do a musical number in the real world!? Where's the logic!? This isn't the worst musical I've seen, but it flat out sucks. - MegaSoulhero

Wow was this one stupidly terrible. - naFrovivuS

You can tell it's bad just by the name. And yes, I will judge a book (or movie) by it's cover, because, well, it's Disney. - JustAnAccount

Let it shaine was good

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13 Inspector Gadget 2

I wanna put this movie in the go-go-gadget-garbage. - Jackamalio

Stupid movie. Killed a few brain cells from watching this. - naFrovivuS

Go go gadget glitches

Gadget sleeping get interrupted by his gadget phone sigh sweet meries

14 Hannah Montana: The Movie

If you like Hannah Montana, I guess you'll like this movie. - Jackamalio

The only good song in this movie was the climb. - Cartoonfan202

It's a nice movie.

I think Ariana Grande wrote "It's a nice movie. >:("! *shudders*

15 Inspector Gadget
16 The Lion King 1½

This should be a lot higher. After what is widely considered the greatest Disney film of all time, we had a somewhat decent sequel with the pros and cons fairly balanced, but this is atrocious. I get that it's supposed to be The Lion King from Timon & Pumba's point of view, but I would've enjoyed this movie a lot more if it were just those two. Instead, we needed to see Timon's family come back in the end, even though that never happened the original film. This, in my opinion ruined this movie. Maybe if it were just the two characters that I've come to know on screen at the end of the movie, I could've enjoyed this film a lot more. It was a creative idea to tell the story from the duo's perspective, but it just wasn't executed as well as it could've been.

Agree so much. The whole TLK franchise is bad.

What's this movie doing here? I actually really liked the film. Personally, I find the TLK sequels to be very underrated. They're not as good as the first one, but I still really liked them nonetheless. This one, I especially liked.

It is nice to give Timon & Pumbaa some character development since, to be honest, they were kinda just there as Simba's sidekicks in the first two films. The songs themselves are catchy, we get a nice supporting cast, and some pretty hilarious moments between the two. Especially when they break the fourth wall and they're actually watching the movie with us. Rewinding, pausing, all that good stuff.

Overall, this film doesn't deserve to be on this list. It's not perfect, but it's definitely one of the Top 3 Best Direct to DVD/Video Disney Sequels. (along with Lion King 2 & Aladdin 3, in my opinion, of course.) - OnyxDash

17 G-Force

The first movie I ever watched had to be this monstrosity. - naFrovivuS

Possibly the worst film I've ever watched - Kronolith

NaFrovivuS same!

I remember watching it and playong the game on Disney 's site. I like this movie - BlueTopazIceVanilla

18 Underdog

I watched this about 4000 times by the time I was 7 years old - JustAnAccount

Myth dog can be a superhero

19 The Fox and the Hound 2

This film was entirely pointless. - SailorSedna

Why sequels - LOTP

20 Zootopia

We all know who added this.

People didn't like it just because furry? - TailsTheFox

So Overrated

OVERrated - VideoGamefan5

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