Chicken Little


I honestly enjoyed this movie, but I can see why people hate it. It tried too hard to appeal to the younger generation, and not only that but the characters are just so mean. I mean seriously? A whole town of animals are basically bullying this poor little boy who accidentally thought the sky was falling. It's like that one episode of the Simpsons where Bart flunks up a baseball game, and the town turns into hell towards him. Sadistic... - Cindity

No. This movie doesn't suck. It was Disney's first cgi animated film without help from Pixar and is nostalgic. This film was part of my childhood. I remember when I saw this movie in theaters the day it came out. The only thing I don't like is that Buck (chicken little' dad) doesn't care about his son. And I remember before the movie started chicken little was dancing to numa numa during the turn off your cell phone announcement.

This is one of the rarer cases where I used to love this movie as a kid. But now, the flaws are making this movie way harder to enjoy. I would safely say: This is by far... the WORST Disney movie. Even High School Musical could not overtake it. At least it was meant to be a musical, even if it's cringeworthy. Although Family Guy is in the Rotten Cartoons category now, I could forgive it, as it's hard to have a long series. Chicken Little actually destroyed a beautiful tale, and smashed it with the morals: "Shun, attack and abuse the unpopular and praise the popular." I will never forgive that movie now, and this is on par with Foodfight as the 3rd worst animated feature. Possibly even worse. Sorry if it used to be a guilty pleasure of mine, but this thing revolted me once I became 13. - tqpreviews1211

Cliche, and beats down chicken little because I don't know. and it changes plots in the middle - hurjelert

I used to like this movie. But then I saw that Matthew Davis the movie lover made a rant on it. And that I saw that a few youtubers destroying their chicken little DVD and hating on it and I felt like I should hate chicken little. Just like everyone else.

Fish out of water was the only likeable character in this movie, everyone else is either irritating or mean spirited. Also the plot was ALL OVER THE PLACE, the second half of the film is so different from the first that it feels like they took two halfs of different films and stuck them together. It's a mess.

The fact that Frozen is higher on the list than this god-awful Disney film makes me question society. Frozen is extremely overrated, but it's not a terrible movie. This movie needs to be #1. This movie is so bad that it makes Planes (another god-awful Disney film) look like Aladdin.

Should be higher! This movie is mean spirited and the plot is stupid. The plot is about chicken little thinking that the sky is falling just because an acorn fell from a tree. The town hates him for it and taunts him for a year! That's right, the WHOLE TOWN TAUNTS HIM FOR A YEAR! - RaeMarie

DEAR GOD this movie is garbage, the first 4/5 minutes was basically the old fable which was decent. But then the whole town starts scoring mocking and abusing the main character FOR A YEAR. It's not just Chicken little who gets abused his friends the Ulgly duckling, runt of the litter(really disney) and fish. Even the couch splits the class into dodgeball teams by popularity. BOY the father is a jerk. he neglects his own son when he wants help. Halfway through the movie they change the plot wherethe four abused friends find an alien baby named kirby(surprised disney didn't get copyright attacked by Nintendo) then his parents and A WHOLE INVASION terrorized the town. Uh what happened to the original plot. The jokes aren't even funny like the famous Indiana Jones scene or the Darth Vader gag. Do not show this movie to kids, it has the worst messages in a DISNEY FILM OF ALL STUDIOS! Oh I almost forgot the animation is ugly as dog poo, the dumb, and june bugs.

This movies concept involves belief of the sky falling. Heck Disney! The sky is falling is just stupid! The sky doesn't fall! And I know it's just a cartoon, but it's still stupid! And why would the cover of this movie have his butt towards us! I thought Disney didn't like butt jokes!

This is the most malicious movie I have ever seen. This kid just wrongfully claimed the sky was falling and became that world's Hitler. Why was this a good idea, I have no idea.

I hate this movie! It's mean spirited, The animals are jerks and make you want to punch them in the face, The animation is terrible, Buck Cluck doesn't even help his son during the whole movie, There's no real main villain, Foxy Loxy is an ass that makes you want to jump into the T.V. and beat the living crap out of her and her stupid goose friend, and the fact that Disney praises bullying! What is wrong with these people?! Bullying isn't something that should be praised it should be illegal in every state and country in the whole planet.

When I was younger than 6 I liked this, but now WHAT THE HELL?

Boring movie. Although, Disney have done worse, Say High School Musical, or Teen Beach Movie. But still, it was a mistake to make it.

This Film Is Zootopia Done Wrong, That's All Folks - VideoGamefan5

Wow, so what will you put in next, the Witches of Waverly Place the Movie

This movie sucks! I have never even bothered to watch the whole thing! The school that those kids go to actually incorages bullying and segregation of society into popular and non popular! That is disgraceful and the parents in that movie don't give a hell about their children! I would not recommend this to anyone

A film about a world full of talking anthropomorphic animals who have to deal with an alien invasion, who's the drug addict who actually thought this was a good idea?

With the idea of the talking anthropomorphic animal world, the alien plot, and the confused morals all jumbled together in this movie, I really don't get what Disney was trying to do here

To me this movie is a guilty pleasure

Worst disney movie ever. Should be number 1 on this list

Needs to be 2. It is mean spirited and ugly. - Cartoonfan202

I can't believe this movie was made by Disney! I expect good things from Disney, but this movie was awful!

How can any Disney film be so cruel and unpleasant.

I love this movie as a four year old girl I needed to watch this every day