People, WHY?! WHY DO YOU WRITE THIS BLASPHEMY! You know what you just did, you just took my heart, ripped it in half, ripped the halves in half, ripped them into halves again until there is nothing left. Or to quote Squidward in the SpongeBob episode Band Geeks, "You took my one chance, and crushed it! Crushed it into little, tiny, bite-size pieces! " You people don't realize that this movie is a masterpiece of a masterpiece. THE ONE MASTERPIECE TO RULE THEM ALL! And if you think THIS is horrible, NEVER watch Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Cinderella, or Sleeping Beauty. Or The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, or even The Lion King! And live on Adult Party Cartoon and Mr. Pickles for the rest of your lives, because they CLEARLY are better than this BEAUTIFUL movie about family and friendship which teaches POSITIVE MESSAGES! And also NEVER watch Finding Dory, a movie about a fish who OVERCOMES HER DISABILITY! Or Inside Out, which is about human emotions. Or Toy Story, ...more

This movie is the most horrible thing I've ever seen. It's immoral, dumb, panders to the audience, and Hans is practically the only one who comes close to a rational human being. Elsa promotes doing whatever you want, letting it go, it's ok to be different, and well sure, it's ok to be different, but that doesn't mean you should be evil! Worst role model even worse than the bumbling, awkward, dumb Anna, who "only sees good in people." She's too dumb to realize her sister's a psychopath! But she does learn, not to marry a guy she'd known for only a day instead, she marries a guy she met TWO days ago! I don't have anything against love at first sight, but really?

Honestly this film is not as sexist as some of you people think. It is actually very disgusting and idiotic thing and overhyped and overrated for all wrong reasons. It's story plot in fact contains all irrelevant things with zero sense or no sense. It is completely nonsense with it's annoying soundtrack especially regard with this idiotic song let it go which contains all its dumb and nonsense lines and its rubbish version. It has been really bribed for the academy award and much praises from the critics for both story and soundtrack. It can be again said critics were actually dumb and crazy enough to give all fake praises for this film. This film also in fact deserves to be received with harsh criticism by critics and by majority public. It also deserves to get flopped up. Disney must strictly cancel its all sequels and must understand they should do something special for this film that is to strictly reboot and make again in animated 3D CGI version.

I don't understand why this Disney wants to go on its sequel. This film franchise really deserves lowering rating and negative reviews from the critics based on its nonsense storyline its idiotic soundtrack and it's idiotic and most annoying song really irrelevant and senseless in its lines which is let it go. This way of solving problems is really inappropriate and stupid.The critics while judging the review of this film were really stupid and crazy enough to almost praise for this film. They were so dull and out of their mind while judging for this film they themselves couldn't how really idiotic and worst this franchise is entirely. It also really doesn't deserves to win a single academy award and in fact they have bribed academy awards for this film which is so shameful and foolish. This franchise as a very special needs to be strictly rebooted as animated 3D CGI film again by hiring appropriate directors and appropriate songwriters. Those dumb songwriters Lopez couples and dumb ...more

Anna and Elsa are the worst role models ever. Anna and Elsa played with magic in their castle when they should have been sleeping. Anna falls for a man she met for a few hours. Elsa isolates herself from the world when she accidentally revealed her magic. Anna chases Elsa without thinking it through, and ends up being struck in the heart. Only an act of true love can save her, so she goes to Prince Hans, and tries to get a kiss from him, but Anna wasn't using an act of true love. She was being self-centered, and only thought of herself when she tried to get Hans to kiss her. Frozen is the most overrated movie ever.

I wish I could comment without pressing the vote button. Oh well. I'm not saying the film is perfect, but in my opinion 70% of the people only hate It because the brain of humanity works "The farther It is from the things I grew up with worse" and when Frozen came out, with It's gorgeous winter shots, enjoyable music, interesting characters, millions of prides were shattered, but there is no way fans of the original admit that! (What were you thinking?! ) I'm not saying that this movie isn't overrated and I don't say It is just as good as Lion King or Beauty and the Beast, but number 8 on the worst Disney movies list just because It wounded your overflowing ego?! Come on guys! - TheDancingGhost

No it is really one of the most hated film. As many of us can understand how disgusting this franchise is which many of us can feel naturally as we find very irritating and very annoying soundtrack and characters especially Elsa and Anna. The songs are completely dull and senseless. The critics have done really wrong for giving all fake praise for this film which they really dumb enough to do that.They have bribed really while doing film review as this franchise deserves to get negative reviews by critics based on its irrelevant and senseless storyline. Hence, also it doesn't deserves to win a single academy award for which it also been bribed. It also deserves lowering rating for which this film is overrated very much.

This Disney movie is the worst. This movie is a rip off of rise of the guardians and frosty the snowman. During the time this movie was made Disney wouldn't make any Pixar movies which is stupid. The worst character in frozen is Elsa because she is ugly and cries a lot. This movie doesn't not count as a classic because it has a talking snowman that ripped off frosty the snowman. The only character I don't hate is prince Hans because he was nice at the beginning. I wish that Disney would stop making frozen DVDs and frozen characters from Disney infinity.

It is puzzling to see why everyone praise this movie to be Disney's icon. The characters are very flawed (especially Elsa), the story and focus makes zero sense, and the morals it nonsense. Though Disney have made princess and girl power movies that have offered a lot for everyone, Frozen felt to generic and when they think they're doing something different and edge, it's just more a slap in the face for taking a horrible turn.

This movie is no where near as bad as high school musical or the cheetah girls but it is the cheapest and cheesiest movie people just like Olaf as a character but he is a useless pile of snow okay goodnight pixar your last good movie was monsters university and ONLY because it was a presequel to a classic but besides that I haven't laughed at your movies since Up!

Frozen isn't a Pixar movie so I think your comment is irrelevant - screebee

Disney studios died after Wreck-It-Ralph. The only things keeping it alive are Pixar, Marvel, Freeform, and maybe even Star Wars (if the other planned sequels get better). - Anonymousxcxc

Frozen really deserves to be most unsuccessful film of all time. It's really wrong has been while giving much praise for this film all for its irrelevant reasons. This film deserves really negative reviews from critics if judged properly in reality based on how much sense and logic is there in this plot. This film doesn't deserve to win a single academy award. The critics are themselves so idiot and crazy for this film that still don't want how idiotic and irritating this film is. The directors, the songwriters and Disney have rally or truly have done most horrible blunder with this film. They all were dumb really enough to be hired and do development of this project. This franchise should and is really very necessary to be strictly rebooted as nagain in version of animated 3D CGI film which has to done something very special which is very necessary.

It's way overrated. All that it shows is that you should run away from your fears, honestly if I was Elsa I would start flipping out on those people, I'm there Queen shouldn't they respect me? (I could freeze them in a minute)

The most idiotic and meaningless song is the let it go followed by for the first time in forever. Also the entire plot of this film is also horrible. In reality this film does not deserves to win a single Oscar. The animated film of this has to be specially rebooted as animated film in 3D with CGI very strictly or else the Disney will pay heavily for this one day. Those who praise little of its songs or plot are totally idiot and foolish. This animated film deserves to be flopped up completely.

One word describes this movie T-E-R-R-I-B-l-E I'm sorry but this movie is just the worst movie disney ever made. Really disney why would you make a movie with 10 songs.

Why would this be popular it's so dumb and boring

I finally watched this when it came on cable and for the life of me I can't figure out why it's so popular! I mean, there's just too many loopholes and questions in the plot, like how did the princess get this 'curse', why did she just suddenly figure out how to control it, and why did everybody turn on that prince after he went all out to appear to help the townspeople? Granted the one song was enjoyable but the rest? *yawn* And that snowman. Somebody get me a flamethrower!

This movie is beyond terrible. The plot is bad. A sister runs away from home because she exposes her magical snow powers. Her sister runs after her without thinking about anything. They are saved by True Love: The most cliche solution ever! The music, especially Let it Go, sucked. The fan base is dominated by little girls who admire Elsa. The whole movie is a rip off of Rise of the Guardians. I've never seen a movie with people as stupid as Anna and Elsa.

This movie is annoying and rips of Lion King, which is my favorite Disney movie. I also see all the plot-holes in this movie, there are a lot. Examples: If Anna has not seen Elsa inn like 16ish years, that mean that Elsa has not eaten with her family, or gone to the bathroom for about 16 years( I checked, there's no bathroom in Elsa's room), if Hans was a bad guy than why did he smile at Anna when no one was around, besides the horse, ex.

Frozen is far too overrated. The way my mates and other people talk about it makes you think that God and Jesus created it or something (I bet that if God or Jesus would think of making a movie, it would be much better then this one. )

Frozen should be Number 1 Worst film.

People who say this is the worst/one of the worst movies/animated movies/Disney movies are WRONG. Their pointless complaining about it being overrated is only giving it MORE attention. It's not the ABSOLUTE BEST, but it does NOT deserve all the pointless, annoying hate it gets. There are way also too many nitpicks about this film, all of which are ANNOYING, POINTLESS, and just plain STUPID. You wanna know what I think? I think that all you ungrateful Frozen-hating MORONS don't TRULY hate this film, you just THINK YOU DO because everyone does. ADMIT IT, THIS MOVIE IS GOOD! Not the ABSOLUTE BEST, but still good, So just STOP beating a dead horse by pointlessly bashing this nice, enjoyable, magical movie. You're only making it MORE famous.

Disney should strictly do animated remake of this film with more different story. Voice cast of this film was very annoying with complete senseless story. Kristen Bell voice for Anna was really like small kid girl and very immature in hearing. Idina Menzel voice for Elsa was also very annoying and also not fitting well as voice for Elsa. If original voice cast for Elsa Megan Mullally or some other actual voice actors for Elsa and Anna would have been there to voice them.

Worst Disney movie ever! I really hate this show. Why does Disney need to always make their movies musical?! It's really annoying! However, the most annoying thing about this movie is EVERBODY LOVES THIS MOVIE as well as ITS POPULAR!

Why does everybody like this movie it's so dumb and boring!

Everybody like this movie because this movie Frozen included two orphaned royal sisters. That's why. Don't you like A Tale Of Siblings, Brothers and Sisters too? Huh?

The most overrated Disney film of all time. I cannot tell if Disney even showed effort in this movie. This should be number 1 as the worst Disney movie of all time for all I know.

Kristen bell voice for Anna was the most annoying while hearing as it was most immature voice for Anna followed by then Idina menzel whose voice for Elsa was also most annoying and irritating in hearing. I can say that this clearly that Kristen bell and Idina menzel voices did not did fit well at all for Anna and Elsa.

I've said this before, and I'll say it again: overrated doesn't mean bad. I admittedly like this movie, though not nearly as much as I did when I first saw it. It has a fun story and fun characters, with some pretty good character development to boot. It's not actually a bad movie, people just hate it because it got more praise than it deserved, raising expectations for this movie, which is really good, but not as good as people said it was. - LarkwingFlight

Frozen was blindly overrated. It is very disgusting, annoying and senseless film including both story and songs. Disney should pay for such trash film. It must and it should be strictly rebooted with proper plot. The characters Anna and Elsa are not properly developed. They act like very stupid characters.