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201 The Adventures of Bullwhip Griffin
202 Piglet's Big Movie

Why do people prefer Clifford's Really Big Movie over Piglet's Big Movie?! >:( I give Clifford's Really Big Movie a 1/10 and Piglet's Big Movie an 8/10 as a die-hard Disney fan/hater and PBS Kids hater. Winnie the Pooh usually blows me away. - Kieran Stark aka The Ultimate Daredevil

203 The Brave Little Toaster to the Rescue

The movie is pretty much about some household appliances being outdated and wanting to find their owner who has all "new" appliances that now in 2016 are way outdated as well kind of like toys story but terrible

"The brave little toaster to the rescue" that won't be winning any academy awards anytime time soon

204 The Shaggy Dog (1994)
205 The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar

I did have a lot of hopes for this movie since I loved the Lion King and I thought the concept of having a team of animals protect the Pride Lands from danger was an interesting idea. When Disney made the announcement that they were making another TLK film and T.V. series, I was super excited for it because of my nostalgia for the Lion king franchise. However, this film aired, and it wasn't what it was all cracked to be. I was utterly disappointed. So much potential was thrown away. There are a number of problems with this movie and the series. I can list them off.

1) Where did Kion come from? He wasn't in the second film, neither was he even mentioned. Did the writers actually think to just simply whisp him out of thin air? It would have made a lot more sense if he was Kiara and Kovu's son, instead of Simba and Nala's.

2) Kiara should've been an adult rather than a cub.

3) Rob Lowe sounds nothing like Matthew Broderick as the voice of Simba. When I first heard ...more

First problem with the Lion Guard: Simba is voiced by Rob Lowe

Second problem: WHO IS KYON?

The series is an improvement from the movie and I love Fuli shes an awesome tomboy.

206 Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel V 1 Comment
207 Return to Halloweentown
208 Jake and the Neverland Pirates: Battle for The Book V 1 Comment
209 Halloweentown High
210 Queen of Katwe V 1 Comment
211 Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Road Rally

This Isn't Even Film, But It Still does Suck, I Hate Mickey Mouse clubhouse - VideoGamefan5

212 Pup Star (2016)
213 Born in China

It should be BORING in china


214 Bolt

This was an awesome movie don't hate it! I loved the action in it!

Bolt was good, I liked it a lot.

How did this get on here? It's amazing!

I Like This Film, Who Cares If Miley Cyrus Is In It? - VideoGamefan5

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215 Dumbo

Stay away from bashing Dumbo. It's a bit cheesier than other Disney movies but still good!

The only reason this is on the list is because of pink elephants but I loved it so this is a classic

The only animation was a little cheesy was because Disney had to cut back on costs if they wanted a good profit. The studios were suffering because of the war. - IsaiahWill22

It's actually quite a sad movie, but it's also happy and funny and Dumbo and his mom get a happy ending. And the worst part is that in 2001 it was supposed to have a sequel but Disney CANCELED it. Dumbo is an amazing movie. - Anonymousxcxc

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216 The Little Mermaid

STOP PUTTING GREAT MOVIES ON THE WORST LIST! First Lion King, then Princess and the Frog, then Bolt, then Dumbo, and now The Little Mermaid! This is for WORST movies, NOT best! If Bambi or The Jungle Book make this list I'm officially calling it invalid!

This movie is one of the best Disney classics. I love everything about it. I use to play with Ariel toys in the sink. I also love the songs. It reminds me of the good old days when Disney made good movies. This should be in the top best Disney movies.

The lesson of this movie is to change yourself completely so you can get a man that you fell in love in for his looks. Don't you even TRY telling me that Ariel didn't fall in love with the prince just for his looks, the prince didn't say a single word and Ariel fell in love with him. I hated the plot of this movie if it even had one, I hate it. I hate it! We had to sing this song at school and I regret even participating - SheepBuggy

How is beauty and the beast here and aladdin and sleeping beauty

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217 Beauty and the Beast

Why is this on the list?

Another beautiful classic on the list.. Must be a group of trolls with too much time on their hands... And I am betting they have never seen this movie, or LION KING or the other classics.

The people who put the disney classic on this list are trolls or jerks that hate on everything.

This should not be on the list it is the best Disney movie ever!

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218 Halloweentown

Once again shouldn't be on this list

Don't even get me started on this movie.

Sounds like a sequel of the nightmare before Christmas

Urine is awesome!

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219 Air Buddies

This franchise went seriously downhill after Space Buddies. Super Buddies was the worst film. It was boring and usually little kids would watch the movie and then move on to something else.

I'm glad the Buddies franchise went spiraling downhill to its doom; Disney finally put an end to these crappy, unoriginal, and humor-lacking excuses for movies.

The buddies should get killed they are annoying as heck!

The buddies are cute and...that's all the positives to this film

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220 The Hunchback of Notre Dame

I love this Disney Classic, stop bashing Underrated Disney Classics... True this story is taken from the dark tale by Victor Hugo and that's what makes it underrated. But Disney did exceptionally well to make this dark tale into a family friendly Classic

This is a great Disney movie! Taken from the dark tale by Victor Hugo they actually did well to make a family friendly Disney feature

Not an "underrated classic". Got an undeserved stage musical adaptation people won't shut up about, too many people praising the movie itself, and people calling anyone who doesn't like it racist or ableist. I will never think making anything Victor Hugo into a happy kids' movie was a great idea no matter how much anyone defends this movie.

My favorite Disney movie ever. My only problem is that Phoebus was Esmerelda's boyfriend instead of Quasimodo. Quasimodo deserves it more (no Madeline doesn't count for me), but at least everyone accepts Quasimodo for who he is. - Anonymousxcxc

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