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221 Star Wars: The Phantom Menace

Before Someone Says "Not A Disney Film But It Has Disney Movies Anywhere On The Box", Fox when It Was With Lucasarts Made This film, but then when disney bought star wars they put the logo on it - VideoGamefan5

burn it

222 Pup Star (2016)
223 Bolt

This was an awesome movie don't hate it! I loved the action in it!

Bolt was good, I liked it a lot.

How did this get on here? It's amazing!

I Like This Film, Who Cares If Miley Cyrus Is In It? - VideoGamefan5

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224 Dumbo

Stay away from bashing Dumbo. It's a bit cheesier than other Disney movies but still good!

The only reason this is on the list is because of pink elephants but I loved it so this is a classic

The only animation was a little cheesy was because Disney had to cut back on costs if they wanted a good profit. The studios were suffering because of the war. - IsaiahWill22

It's actually quite a sad movie, but it's also happy and funny and Dumbo and his mom get a happy ending. And the worst part is that in 2001 it was supposed to have a sequel but Disney CANCELED it. Dumbo is an amazing movie. - Anonymousxcxc

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225 Beauty and the Beast

Why is this on the list?

Another beautiful classic on the list.. Must be a group of trolls with too much time on their hands... And I am betting they have never seen this movie, or LION KING or the other classics.

The people who put the disney classic on this list are trolls or jerks that hate on everything.

This should not be on the list it is the best Disney movie ever!

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226 Halloweentown

Once again shouldn't be on this list

Don't even get me started on this movie.

Sounds like a sequel of the nightmare before Christmas

Urine is awesome!

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227 The Hunchback of Notre Dame

I love this Disney Classic, stop bashing Underrated Disney Classics... True this story is taken from the dark tale by Victor Hugo and that's what makes it underrated. But Disney did exceptionally well to make this dark tale into a family friendly Classic

This is a great Disney movie! Taken from the dark tale by Victor Hugo they actually did well to make a family friendly Disney feature

Not an "underrated classic". Got an undeserved stage musical adaptation people won't shut up about, too many people praising the movie itself, and people calling anyone who doesn't like it racist or ableist. I will never think making anything Victor Hugo into a happy kids' movie was a great idea no matter how much anyone defends this movie.

My favorite Disney movie ever. My only problem is that Phoebus was Esmerelda's boyfriend instead of Quasimodo. Quasimodo deserves it more (no Madeline doesn't count for me), but at least everyone accepts Quasimodo for who he is. - Anonymousxcxc

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228 The Jungle Book

How can anyone not like this film?


While I love the side characters hathi, khan, kaa, and the vultures, the main 3 are a pain in the but. Mowgli whines about not going to the man village, baghera whines even more. Baloo is just stupid. As for the songs I only like hathis song. Trust in me hated it, I wanna be like you hated it, that's what friends are for hated it, bare nessecites I hate this song I hates it when I first saw it and it hasn't changed at all.

229 The Lion King

What the hell.. Why is this on the list? It's a classic and is very cute. Its even based off that very famous musical "The Lion King" and the story. Take this 5-star off the list!

You know why I did it because Timon and Pumbaa ruined the movie.

I hope they riot in Hell

You have to be kidding me this is the best movie ever

The only reason why I voted for the Lion King is because people fell that everything about it is the best. I like the movie, but the hardcore fans will keep annoying you because Scar isn't you favorite villain or that it isn't the greatest movie since forever.

Timon and Pumbaa are the reason why I hate the movie

if these two weren't in it, then I would have like the movie

to those who love these characters, I feel sorry for you

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230 Aladdin

Take this Disney Classic of the list... Actually Stop Putting Disney Classics on this list, The Chronicles of Narnia, Home of the Range (Yes I love this movie so deal with it! ) The Black Cauldron, Aladdin, The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Aladdin is one of my favourite Disney Classics, brilliant Story Plot and Characters, Jafar is my favourite Disney Villains and he's on my top 10 Disney Villains list. Jasmine is my second favourite Disney Princess next to Cinderella, and Iago is the funniest Disney animal ever.

Please, stop putting great movies and classics on this list! Easily the best animated Disney Movie ever! Jafar is the best disney villain, Jasmine was the best Disney princess, and Yago (don't know how to write it, but it's the parrot of Jafar) is the most hilarious pet character ever. PLEASE TakE THIS OFF The lIST

This movie was awesome! - kkcutno17

This movie was awesome it is the best who dares to put Aladdin in this list someone remove it from here Aladdin is my favorite disney character!

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231 Mickey's Christmas Carol V 1 Comment
232 The Emperor's New Groove

What the?! I love this movie! Why would anyone add this to the list?

Some moron who doesn't love Disney Classics added this to the list. What an Idiot, I love this movie, Kronk is my favourite Disney Sidekick next to Iago, Yzma is another of my favourite Disney Villains

I love this whoever wrote this list was either tired, drunk, or an idiot

This movie is one of the bests! It's so funny and great.Why is it even here?! - milmcgirl

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233 The Cheetah Girls: One World

This is the worst movie of all time, The only reason I watched it is because Raven Symone is in it.

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234 Toy Story

Why is this here?

The pioneering animated classic that wowed trillions. Why is it on here?

Tom hanks HEY that's not a way to speak to TOY STORY! I made this movie


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235 Jump In!

This movie isn't bad. It's a good one.

236 Flight of the Navigator

"A Classic That will always be loved." - doctorman

This is an underrated movie and a classic! It doesn't belong on here.

Disney totally wasted their special effects budget

237 The Fox and the Hound 2

I love the 1st movie but it's sequel was very boring compared to the original Bambi 2 was a good sequel though. - TopRanger237

There in a band. Need I say any more?

Disney basically shat all over their past with this 'movie'.

I forgot if the second or first one was boring,but went with this because if first was boring then why a sequel? boring and forgetable.

238 Good Luck Charlie, It's Christmas!

It was only a good show until they resorted to that annoying family sitcom cliche of Mom getting pregnant, which was announced in this movie. Never mind that adjusting to a new, much younger sibling was already the very premise of the show- they didn't need to add ANOTHER new baby.

It was like of this is happening oh this is happening too! Oh no there are so many things happening and I'm pregnant!

I loved the show and the movie was good, but Toby really was totally unnecessary. - Garythesnail

Charlie is ugly

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239 Who Framed Roger Rabbit

THIS MOVIE IS INCREDIBLE IN EVERY WAY POSSIBLE. It has jokes for any age, characters that appeal to EVERY age, and how genius is it to just mash the cartoon world and reality TOGETHER?!? I know it had been done before, but not like this

Why was this on the list I mean why was bugs bunny in a Disney movie well I loved that movie

This movie is just WEIRD

This movie is AWESOME!

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240 National Treasure: Book of Secrets V 1 Comment
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