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101 The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause

Best Comedy! It was worst than the first 2, but Pretty Funny! :D

102 The Adventures of Huck Finn
103 The Three Caballeros

Why is this on the list

I'd say it is meh- not bad but not good either. However, it is my 7th least favorite film

But I love that movie,Although Panchito pistoles was my Mexican hero

104 The Aristocats

"Everybody Wants to Be a Cat", but not me! I hate cats! That's not the problem, though. This movie is just so forgettable. The best character is the butler. I would have done what he did. This movie is FAR from being one of Disney's best. I watched it once or twice, but I barely have any memory of it. I guess that it tried to look cute at times, and it kinda did, but other than that, this is a very forgettable film. Nowhere near as good as movies like The Lion King, Mulan, Aladdin, or Frozen. It's not a bad movie, but I wouldn't call it anything special. It's nowhere near as bad as Home on the Range or Chicken Little. There's a lot of people that enjoyed this movie, to be honest. I've just always been a dog person.

Great Disney movie. I just wish they would make a movie where cats were the protagonists and the dogs are the antagonists, because so far, that hasn't happened. (The Lion King doesn't count) - RiverClanRocks

This is a classic, those who put it up here are just one of those weird dog people

One of the most boring and pointless movies ever. Disney should have saved the money wasted on this for something better.

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105 Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam

I like this camp rock because it the very last one.

And I'm pretty sure a lot of us are glad it's the finale jam.

Still better than the first one.

I like this movie more than the first one-Aly Cullen

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106 Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

The Book is literally nothing like the movie. - LostDream258

What? This movie was hilarious.

I love it; it reminded me of real life family.

I saw this with my grandmother AND I PUT IT ON MY TOP THEN WORST MOVIES EVER

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107 Cheetah
108 Lemonade Mouth

How is this movie on the list. It should be on the top ten BEST Disney movies!

I love this movie! Why is it on the list. It teaches everyone that it's good to be heard.

How is this movie here?! It was ranked the best cable movie the year it came out! Come on people!

Anyone who put this should be ashamed

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109 Zootopia

Maybe it was added prematurely, but now that it's out and it feels like nobody's allowed to say anything other than it's Disney's best movie ever and all it does is randomly replace words in song and movie titles with animal names while promoting a SJW agenda, it's earned a spot this list.

This movie shouldn't be on here- it was clever, sad, humorous, and charming. One of the best modern Disney movies if you ask me.

There's 615 Items On The List!, Out Of All Them, Zootopia Is Ranked 601 Meaning OH MY GOSH THIS MUST BE AN AWESOME FILM, (Well It Is) - VideoGamefan5

Why are good Disney movies on this list?! - Gabriola

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110 Moana

WOAH? , Who The hell Put This Here? - VideoGamefan5

I don't know why everyone is making a big deal out of this movie. I haven't seen it yet but I already know it's bad. Frozen is a thousand times better!

You should really know that Moana scored 95% on Rotten Tomatoes while Frozen scored 89%. - yuki-blue

It is to scary

Not Disneys best and not what I was expecting (cheesy at times) but instill like it. - punyraisin

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111 Air Buddies

This franchise went seriously downhill after Space Buddies. Super Buddies was the worst film. It was boring and usually little kids would watch the movie and then move on to something else.

I'm glad the Buddies franchise went spiraling downhill to its doom; Disney finally put an end to these crappy, unoriginal, and humor-lacking excuses for movies.

The buddies should get killed they are annoying as heck!

The buddies are cute and...that's all the positives to this film

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112 Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

First movie: Awesome.

Second movie: Okay, but some of scenes were unnecessary.

Third movie: Could cut half the scenes out and add to the second would've been a much better movie.

Fourth movie: Why!?

First 3 are great, this one was a cash grab.

(Completely off topic subject) Who put black cauldron on here? - SuperheroSith

This a good movie

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113 Saludos Amigos

Like I said with The Three Caballeros, it is just meh. Albeit, it is better than Caballeros

Donald and jose were on a date but where is panchito?

I love Saludos Amigos and (especially) The Three Caballeros. Panchito wasn't concieved until the existence of The Three Cabelleros, which is why he was not in this movie.

114 The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement

You guys can be haters all you want but this the best Disney movie because it is I an somewhat teen movie not just children watch Disney-Aly Cullen

Why is this ranked lower than Snow White?

Are you seriously telling me the royal kingdom in this movie is called Ginovea?!? That sounds like it belongs in a SCI-FI movie not a movie about castles and princesses

115 The Lone Ranger

This movie is awesome! I don't know why it failed and other people hate it. Disney did something different and stretched their boundaries of making a more intense and violent film. Love you for this one Disney!

116 Finding Dory

I loved Finding Dory! It was sweet and about family instead of romance. It was cute!

This was amazing! For once, Disney made a good sequel.

This movie is amazing why did you put it on here

I do not really like this stupid movie anymore. It's overrated as hell. It's getting more awards and it's only made to sell toys. Go ahead, fight me DCfnaf. It's just made to sell toys and blind bags. Come at me fishees (finding dory fans,) this movie is overrated! - Trollsfan536

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117 Halloweentown High
118 The Rescuers

This is a beautiful, charming, funny, and kind-hearted movie that more people should see. Belongs at the bottom of the list with The Lion King, Bambi, and The Fox and the Hound.

The sequel was actually better than the first in this case but the original was great. - Blackcat100p

The only thing that was wrong with this movie was the nude woman in the background - SheepBuggy

How dare you

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119 Robin Hood

I liked Robin Hood, it's just that it never ends

I actually loved this film. It was part of my childhood. Good times!

I love this movie, I grw up with it.

Like the movies Atlantis, Treasure planet, and now your hating robin hood? Instant classic!

Great classic

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120 Melody Time
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