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141 Star Wars: The Force Awakens

I'll grant that it's better than the prequel trilogy, but nowhere near as good as any part of the original trilogy. Instead of wondering who put this here, you should be wondering who thought anybody liked whiny! Anakin from the prequels and decided to give him a grandson just like him.

Who the hell added Star Wars The Force Awakens to this list?!?!?!?

What Moron Put This Here? - VideoGamefan5

This somehow manages to not feel like a Star Wars Film! It Feels more like a poor Melding of Marvel and Harry Potter. Even though it IS a rip off of A New Hope.

The Writing is extremely poor. It seemed that they were so focused on appealing to the Nostalgia of Fans, rather than coming up with a Plot of their own. The Characters were poorly written. And they ruined the characters of Luke and Han Solo.

Trust me, if you actually want a coherent plot, you are better off with the Prequels.

And At least the Holiday Special had the Decency to be Non-Canon.

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142 Monsters, Inc.

Monsters Inc. Is one of the best Disney movies! (Monsters University is better, but I Love this on as well! ) It is one of my favorite Pixar movies!

What?!? This movie was brilliant whoever added this to the list obviously has no taste in animated movies

This movie was amazing!


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143 The Jungle Book

How can anyone not like this film?


While I love the side characters hathi, khan, kaa, and the vultures, the main 3 are a pain in the but. Mowgli whines about not going to the man village, baghera whines even more. Baloo is just stupid. As for the songs I only like hathis song. Trust in me hated it, I wanna be like you hated it, that's what friends are for hated it, bare nessecites I hate this song I hates it when I first saw it and it hasn't changed at all.

144 Mickey's House of Villains

When I see the movie's cover: Yay! I'm going to see villains take over the House Of Mouse!

When I see the movie: Really, they wasted the plot. Instead of giving a cool story about villains taking over the House, they show some pointless Halloween shorts!

Really, the only good thing about this movie was "It's Our House Now".

Completely pointless movie to make. More than half of the good villains in other films didn't appear in this movie, and the ending was so stupid. It seemed like the villains' dialogues and goals made them look like smarter and more reliable characters than the good guys, who literally asked for the villains to take over the house.

Everybody needs to stop bashing every good movie on the list. You little trolls, this is the House of Mouse, there's obviously gonna be cartoons. Speaking of cartoons, did you know that a 6 year old would love the cartoons? Seriously, I would watch this every night before I went to bed!

I loved this movie as a kid. The villains' song is great.

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145 Meet the Robinsons

Indeed, very underrated. If you guys just suck in that gut and understand whats going on you would like this movie more

Very underrated in my opinion

This movie was so awesome

No they are dumb and ugly

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146 Something Wicked This Way Comes

Haven't seen it. I did see a clip of it on a video though. Creepy as Hell

How could Disney make a creepy movie like this. it is rated PG way to low for what they show at least Pg-13 if not R. DO NOT SHOW THIS TO YOUR CHILD>

147 The Pirate Fairy

The thing that annoys me most about this movie is how simple it is I know it's for kids but it doesn't even make an attempt to engage in adults it's wrong s simple it is I know it's for kids but it doesn't even make an attempt to engage was also ridiculously short and completely pointless going to the cinema to see if you going to watch it you should definitely watch it on DVD because at least then if it's terrible to you you won't have lost money I'm sticking to the original Peter Pan I think

I hate this movie and by the way this is a ripoff to Peter pan

I hate this movie it's so terrible!

Pirates of the carribean clearly establishes not fully but mostly establishes pirate behavior, this movie is not only a ripoff of peter pan, but fairies cannot be pirates, this movie started disneys 21st century downfall along with frozen

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148 Bridge to Terabithia

To all the parents thinking about showing this movie to their kids, DON'T! It will upset and scar them for the rest of their childhood. It's a dark, gloomy, depressing slog-fest with like 2 five minute long "whimsical adventure" moments in the whole movie, the rest of the movie is gray, boring and incredibly depressing, unless you wanna smash your kid's world down into cruel cruel reality keep this movie away from them

This movie is so misleading, everyone was hyped from the marketing because it promised a fun, whimsical adventure...but that's not what we got, instead we got something dark, depressing and upsetingly boring, I mean seriously, near the end of the movie the main kid comes back from a trip with his teacher, and then they tell him that his friend just died, seriously, where the hell did that come from?!? When this movie came out in theaters I wonder how many parents were angry at Disney after they left the theater because all their kids were crying their eyes out

While it can be too whimsical for it's own good and it isn't perfect at updating the book, it still has it's own charm and interesting ideas, and the last 20-30 minutes are perfect in my opinion. - Elric-san

This was the saddest and crapest movie I've ever seen

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149 The Pacifier

The movie didn't have no sex and no violence and no nudity and no strong language that's why it's the worst Disney ever and the kids that were in the movie are ugly.

This was the worst movie ever the damn kids were being bitches cause wouldn't give the bad guy the Ghost Cd that he wanted and Brittany Snow was just a slutbag ho and it didn't have no sex and nudity it and that's why it stinks I'm Markas Demond Flood and I approved this message if you have a problem with that come see me.

150 Gnomeo & Juliet

This was not from disney it was from touchstone pictures take this off the list

Hated it with a burning passion.

Confusing and STUPID

Just the boringness movie ever 😠!

151 Real Steel

This movie was good.

It is very good movie but my father don't like this movie

Real Steel isn't a disney movie. This needs to be taken off the list.

P.S, this movie is awesome

152 Pete's Dragon (2016)

When Disney said they were making a live action remake of Pete's Dragon, I said "YOU ALREADY DID THAT."


153 Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Ugh, not only was this bad, it was disappointing!

1 Word: Overrated - VideoGamefan5

154 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales
155 Chimpanzee

This wasn't that bad, it just got boring after a while. - UltimateCraig

156 Hocus Pocus

Um, this actually IS a Disney movie. It's my favorite Halloween movie, and my second favorite Sarah Jessica Parker movie. (right after Flight of the Navigator) - RockFashionista

Whats this doing on this list its great and its not disney - doctorman

Kids verses retarded witches in this movie blows, it's more like Hocus Bogus.

THIS MOVIE IS TOO FUNNY. I named every black cat I ever saw Binx after seeing this

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157 Halloweentown II: Kalabar's Revenge

A sequel of the movie that sounds like the sequel of the nightmare before Christmas

My sister really likes the hallowee town franchise but I think it's utter crap

158 Swiss Family Robinson

Who put this on the list? This is a classic! Take it off!

Sounds like Swiss cheese mixed with meet the Robinsons, or the sequel

I really like Swiss Family Robinson especially the treehouse

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159 National Treasure

The first time Disney actually says something smart

I thought this movie was boring as hell

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160 The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

This movie was my childhood. It really was. To this day, it's STILL enjoyable to me. - Garythesnail


I was shocked when I saw this on the list, you are an awful cold hearted person with no imagination if you hate this movie. You must be a troll. Literally every Disney movie is on this list, BUT HOW DARE YOU PUT MY FAVOURITE ON THE LIST! I'm glad it has 0% votings - SheepBuggy

Winnie the Pooh is a fatto who eats EVERYBODY'S honey. One of my all - time favorites!

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