Top 10 Worst Disney, Nick, and Hub Movies

These are all the movies from these terrible channels That were all really made about.

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1 Teen Beach Movie

This is one of the worst movie I ever seen. And I mean first off DOES THIS LOOK LOGICAL TO YOU? A movie that is about two teenagers inside a movie? And second Can the plot be anymore Confusing? I mean Bikers and surfers fighting for the beach? HELLO BIKERS! ITS A BEACH! GET IT RIGHT! And the biggest problem is Its a musical. That's right, ITs a musical. THey are always singing, The singing goes on even though people are TALKING, It comes out of no where, And the songs are just plain awful. ANd that's why I hate this No good mov... Oh yea I can't call it a movie lets call it a retarded musical.

This movie there is only 3 ways to describe it retarded annoying and weird. I mean they sing for no reason. I can't STOP SINGING I JUST can't STOP! It's just I think that even the actors hated it I mean really DISNEY you really COULD HAVE DONE BETTER THEN THIS. And thanks for readind

Seriously Ross?! You should've not wasted your time doing this. You have more talent than this.

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2 I Party With Victorius

A movie where they put two bad shows and make it into a movie. That's TERRIBLE! The plot is the reason why the movie exist. That's right! Its not the creators who made this it was the plot all because of that boy. I WANT TO KILL YOU PLOT!

3 Truth or Square
4 High School Musical

Now hears a movie that I would rip up into A milloin pieces. Again like teen beach movie, THE POLT MAKES NO SENSE AND ITS A MUSICAL! I mean a musical in a highschool? HOW IS THIS LOGICAL? And the reason why it got more good rating than bad is because of little kids. It makes me wanna get Jeff the killer and slenderman to KILL THEM ALL! I HATE THIS MOV... Oh yea ITS A MUSICAL ALSO!

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5 My Little Pony: The Movie

I never Watch the series but I know the movie, ANd it made me wanna feel so lucky I did not watch the series because it shows ponys turning into humans. AW GREAT FIRST FISH HOOKS NOW THIS? ANd ponies going inside a mirror and then turn into humans? COME ON! HOW IS THIS LOGICAL! WHATS UP WITH MOVIES THAT HAVE NO LOGIC? ANd there own dolls look like barbies. ANd the human designs are very ugly. Man know wonder bronies hate the movie Its unforgiveable.

Um.. This isn't Equestria Girls. It's the first MLP movie from the 80s. Its about the ponies trying to defeat a giant wave of purple goo called Smooze. In my opinion, the MLPs before Friendship is magic are kind of creepy. But I don't like Equestria Girls either, though...

6 Shake It Up: Goes to Japan

This insults Japan to be futuristic people with manservants and then the normal house where they seem poor by comparison. The CeCe and Rocky breaking up was in every damn movie like this. I hate Disney Channel unless it's Gravity Falls.

Japan+ Shake it up= TERRIBLE! (Note: I'm not offending people who likes Japan or who lives there)

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7 Swindle

GAH I WILL KILL WHO EVER MADE THIS MOVIE! Its boring, The plot is boring, The characters are a joke, and people like it. Swindle is a movie on nick if you guys don't know it.

This is nothing like the book. I don't know how they got the rights from Gordon Korman. This is Percy Jackson all over again.

This list is crazy how could iparty be bad I will kill whoever made this list even the comercial makes me laugh

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8 Jinxed
9 Monster High Movies

COME ON! Hotel transilvania is much more better than that piece of junk. Again guys DON'T MAKE MOVIES BASED OFF OF DOLLS!

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10 My Little Pony: Equestria Girls

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11 A Fairly Odd Summer

Why in the world would nickelodean put fairly odd parents in real life? I actually kinda liked the cartoon but the movie sucked. First I thought it was a joke but then they made more!

12 Victorius: Freak the Freak Out

Oh the title was dang right, It makes people wanna FREAK OUT! This is the one movie where I feel that the character who is sick or injured is a COMPLETE JERK! I mean Trina Acts like a complete Ungrateful jerk when Tori is trying to take care of her pulled out tooth. I HATE ALL THESE MOVIES ON THERE! Well that's it. I hope you feel my pain too. SO bye. ( Note: This list does not harmed any people who love them)

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13 SpongeBob SquarePants: SpongeBob's Atlantis SquarePantis
14 Cool World
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