Mega Rants - Ariel (The Little Mermaid)

MegaSoulhero Girl #1: Wow! Little Mermaid is such an amazing movie!
Girl #2: I agree! Such an excellent work of art!
Girl #1: The music! The animation! There is so much to love!
Girl #2: And don't forget the main character! Ariel!
Girl #1: Oh yeah! She is the best Disney princess ever!
Girl #1: Who are you?
MegaSoulHero: I'm MegaSoulHero! I'm a user on TheTopTens and I also have a YouTube channel that currently has two thousand subscribers! Anyway, I'm sorry for interrupting your slumber party, but I heavily disagree with your statement.
Girl #2: What do you mean?
Girl #1: WHAT!? No she's not!!
Girl #2: Yeah! She's an excellent role model!
MegaSoulHero: In what way? She is selfish and she is spoiled! Why do people always consider her as one of the best Disney princesses? You know what? I'm just going to explain to you why Ariel is such a terrible character! Maybe then you will understand!
Girl #1: Good luck with that!
MegaSoulHero: QUIET!!!

In the beginning of the movie, Ariel skips a concert she was supposed to perform with her sisters in so she could collect more objects for her stupid collection. Right off the bat, they already manage to make her very unlikeable! She and her sisters have most likely spent months rehearsing their performance, and Ariel ruined it for them! What is her deal!? Also, her father specifically tells her not to go to the surface, and she does it anyway! I know Triton ends up being wrong about the humans, but Ariel is still being very disrespectful!

Girl #1: She's standing up for what she believes in!
MegaSoulHero: So? She's still disobeying her father! That doesn't seem like a great message for kids!

Also, Ariel starts singing a song literally about how she has everything that she could ever dream about, but wants much more! See how spoiled she is? She is living in royalty and she has a bunch of amazing objects! But that's not enough for her! She pretty much has an amazing life! And later when she goes back up to the surface, she sees Eric, and immediately falls in love with her! LITERALLY the first guy she sees! She doesn't know anything about him, she doesn't even know his name, but she falls in love with him based on looks! Who does that!? And apparently she loves him so much that she decides to go to Ursula so she could get legs! Why would she trust her? She's evil! She's called a "sea witch" for a reason! But despite that, Ariel signs a contract, which she didn't even read, and gives up her voice!

Girl #2: But you gotta admit! This scene is pretty epic and Ariel has quite an awesome voice!
MegaSoulHero: Yeah! An awesome voice THAT SHE GAVE UP FOR A HUMAN SHE DOESN'T EVEN KNOW!!!!

I mean, come on! This is just sad! She gave up everything so she could have legs and so she could be with a dumb handsome guy! Because she's an idiot! But not as big of an idiot as Anastasia Steele from Fifty Shades.

Girl #1: Hey, I love that movie!

You know, I feel kinda bad for Jodi Benson. Since her character loses her voice, she barely gets any dialogue. She has more lines in Toy Story 3 than she does here! And why couldn't she just communicate by writing down what she says? Are you meaning to tell me in that big castle that Eric is in, they don't have paper!? Anyway, when she actually does get her voice back, Eric tries to kiss Ariel but then the sun sets, causing Ariel to turn back into a mermaid, and because of the contract THAT SHE DIDN'T READ, Ursula kidnaps. And Triton decides to rescue her by taking her place. You heard that right! Ariel's actions put her own father in danger! Does that sound like a great princess to you?

Girl #2: But she says she's sorry.
MegaSoulHero: So basically if you kill someone and then apologize for it, that makes everything okay? Plus, that did not sound like a legit apology. It didn't sound like she meant it.

So after taking Triton's power, Ursula becomes giant and becomes more powerful. And this is all because of Ariel's selfishness! She is responsible for almost getting a bunch of people killed! I hate her so much. Luckily, Eric impales Ursula and everything is okay. I would love it if this movie ended with Ariel realizing what she did was wrong and ended up staying a mermaid, but in the biggest slap in the face ever, Triton let's her keep her legs. And Ariel goes off to marry Eric and learns absolutely nothing. WHAT THE HECK!? So she disobeys her father, gives up her voice, nearly cause a bunch of people to die, and she gets rewarded by getting to keep her legs!? This is what she wanted all along! There is absolutely no moral! The main character doesn't learn anything! Are we just supposed to ignore the terrible things she did!? This is the worst ending to any movie ever! Actually, the ending to Mulan 2 is worse, but this is a close second!

Ariel sucks! She is such a terrible character! No idea why everyone praises her so much! It's clear that people are so nostalgic for the Little Mermaid that they refuse to see the flaws that Ariel has! And yes, the Little Mermaid is a good movie, but Ariel is what's keeping me from considering it one of the best Disney films ever! She's supposed to be a role model for little girls!? How so!? There is nothing redeemable about her! She's so bad to the point where I was upset that she stayed alive at the end! Ariel is the worst Disney princess ever and one of the worst Disney characters of all time!

Girl #1: But she is still the most memorable princess. While you do bring up some interesting points, Ariel still managed to leave a huge impact on many Disney fans. A lot of people like to dress like her, people love the song that she sings, and the Disney princess lineup wouldn't be the same without her.
MegaSoulHero: I guess your right. Even though Ariel is a pretty bad character, she's a pretty memorable one. This doesn't mean that I like her, I still hate her and consider her one of the worst Disney princesses ever, but I'm glad that other people find her to be likeable. I honestly can't think of Disney without her.
Girl #2: That's great! Now could you get out of here so we could finish our slumber party? We're about to watch another movie!
MegaSoulHero: Oh what movie?
Girl #1: Hercules!
MegaSoulHero: (breaks disk in half) See ya!


Aurora is worse but ariel cannot hold a argument against belle or tiana - visitor

How is Aurora worse? - MegaSoulhero

She does nothing, just waits around at leasr ariel is curious and does it herself - visitor

I prefer a boring princess over a selfish and spoiled princess - MegaSoulhero

Ariel made a mistake like all people - visitor

Yeah, I dislike Ariel too, but I think Eric is much worse. - Elric-san

The best part is the ending.
MegaSoulHero: Oh what movie?
Girl #1: Hercules!
MegaSoulHero: (breaks disk in half) See ya! - TheReviewer20

I barely remember anything about this movie because I watched it last when I was probably 7, but you did manage to make me not watch it again, as she seems so unlikable - Phillip873

This is an awesome rant - PeeledBanana

She wasn't as bad as you make her out to be. She was a teenager, for one, and if we all know what teenagers do, is they make mistakes. It's not like she DELIBERATELY intended on hurting anyone, she just disobeyed her father and what teenager doesn't do that? You were pretty much making her out as a completely evil person who cared about nobody but herself which really wasn't the case. Yeah, she screwed up, but that doesn't make her a villain. I don't mean to argue but I felt that had to be said. - Mcgillacuddy

Last I checked, teenagers don't usually make a deal with a suspiciously evil looking person and give up their voice just to be with some dude. Yes, teenagers disobey their fathers, but that's still not something movies directed towards children should be teaching kids. I would forgive this if Ariel was punished at the end, but she wasn't. - MegaSoulhero

Why does this site make such a big deal about such trivial things, seriously

And this is coming from me. - PandaDude98

Well Ariel is a plainly-written character in general, there's better Disney princesses (out of the 13 official ones she'd probably be number 11 or 12 for me), but I guess the reason why she's so plain is because her father is the one with the character arc.

In a sense this version of the old Hans Christian Andersen tale is more about how a father learns how to let his daughter go but it's just told from his daughter's point of view because fairy-tale accuracy. Think about it, Triton is the one that learns the lesson and changes, Triton changes his views and learns that it's okay to let your children go out and see the world for themselves rather than keep them away from potential opportunities. I didn't actually think about this when I was little (mainly because I didn't get as into it as my sister did, yeah my sister loved it so much and watched it so many times that the VHS tape we had of it legit started to noticeably degrade in quality) but in a sense King Triton is a better role model for people than Ariel. - Anonymousxcxc

I legit don't agree with MegaSoulHero. I don't think Ariel "never learned her lesson," which is all this rant from MegaSoulHero is implying. MegaSoulHero is entitled to hate Ariel ( legions of people do), but that doesn't make his/her statements accurate. The movie actually shows Ariel getting her come-comeuppance. Ariel basically loses her "opportunity at getting to stay on land with Eric," gets shriveled into an Ursula polyp before King Triton can do anything at all except to trade places with her... and Ariel literally gets to see her single parent lose his throne, the kingdom, and become a peon of Ursula. And as if that weren't enough...Ariel gets lightening bolts shot at her in a brazen attempt by Ursula to end her life. Ariel doesn't learn ANYTHING at all? Come on! That makes ZERO sense, if I watch the actual end of the movie.

I partially agree with Anonymousxcxc, who said that the plotline of The Little Mermaid isn't really about Ariel needing to learn everything and be punished for her wrongs. The plot is instead about a parent learning to let a child grow up. During the movie, Triton eventually has to follow Sebastian's advice: quit standing in the way of Ariel becoming an adult. So the movie itself is really about a very rocky father-daughter relationship that eventually improves. - 976

Ariel is the WORST Disney Princess to me because of her stupidity, gullibility, and MOST OF ALL:SELFISHNESS. She neglects her royal responsibilities just to pursue her dream of being a HUMAN. Her father may be overprotective and rather harsh on Ariel BUT at least HE WASN'T THE ONE who sold his soul to an obviously evil sea witch! - EveLeech

Yes. Triton only was the one who just had an explosive rage and blasted/destroyed everything his daughter had collected (very much a sign of domestic violence). Ariel didn't trade her soul to Ursula. Ariel traded her voice, and agreed to become a prisoner of Ursula's if she lost the bargain they made together.

The crux of your argument seems to be this. You seem to think making a poor choice is worse than living with domestic violence.

I've seen domestic violence up close and personal. So, no. I think domestic violence is worse than Ursula. - 976

Reminds me of a Nostalgia Critic review. That is not a bad thing - Gangem