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Princess Ariel is a fictional character and the title character of Walt Disney Pictures' 28th animated film The Little Mermaid.


I would have had far more respect towards Ariel if she regretted her actions at the end of the film, apologised to her family and decided to go back to them instead of staying with Eric. And also, if she got the chance to actually know Eric first. It would have also been a lot better if Ursula made Ariel transform into Vanessa instead and take her voice and Eric is looking for Ariel but thinks she is a different person (which she is but in disguise) and then Ursula puts a spell on Eric and then she disguises herself as someone else and then Ariel transforms back into herself and finds out Eric doesn't love her after all. So in theory, she would have had the chance to know Eric and she wants to spend time with him on land, but Eric doesn't know it's her. That would have been a much better story.

Think about it guys.

Ariel never thought about her kingdom when she agreed to get the Trident! Really?

She fell in love with a prince, in like- what? 5 minutes? And it was for his nice looks!

I bet his dad told her a lot of times to not stalk with stranger. I guess she didn't listen as always. -sigh-

So she's really into herself, a brat, and not so smart.

If you've seen the third movie, you'd know that Ariel just selfish because, like in the original, she ran away crying cause she didn't get what she wanted. Sure it was to bring music back but no need to do the same thing again honey, and over a guy. Just face the facts that humans killed your mother, yet you fall in love with one. But apparently he's beautiful and handsome and worth saving. But what I'm complaining about is the fact that she is literally using her appearance to try and woo him which is terrible to teach kids. She changed everything about herself to try and get someone to fall in love with her by using her appearance. Sure it's a good movie that I love, but sends a terrible message.

Why the hell do people even LIKE this princess? My God, this is a girl that abandoned her entire family and ignored the advice of her friends all for the sake of an attractive man she never spoke to! Just because her father said things like, "Humans are dangerous", she starts crying like the little prick she is and lamenting over the fact no one 'understands' her.

She signed a contract with an enemy to her kingdom, endangered the lives of them all, gave up her voice, just for a MAN? I'm sick of Ariel fans spouting nonsense saying that it's an act of true love and whatever. You've got to be kidding me. Yeah, true love means I gotta stab my father in the back and go off making deals with his worst enemy.

My most hated. Hands down. Am very surprised she's not number one. Sheesh.

Ariel... I feel sorry for her, honestly- she makes huge mistakes in her desperation to be with some man. But as a kid I never thought she was a great heroine or role model, I mean she literally gives up being a mermaid and all her gifts (that singing voice, her whole world) to be with this boring lame guy she doesn't even know. Why Ariel? As others point out, the obsession with Eric makes little sense. For me it was like a horror story of putting the poor girl into this vulnerable situation that sets her up for abuse and disappointment.. the human and his world have all the power, and that seems really unhealthy. I remember as a kid thinking that Sebastian the crab is a bad friend for egging the situation on.

I get that she's the rebellious princess but she leaves beautiful life under the sea that she really should have nothing to complain about since she has a good family that loves her and she's royalty. She disobeys her father to the point where she's just plain rude.

She ran away from home and gave up EVERYTHING for someone she didn't even know. She never even talked to him, but it was "love".

She didn't even suffer consequences. She got the man, she became human, Jesus. Why? Ariel is teaching young girls to leave everything behind for a boy. - pengpaw4

Ariel was a mermaid for Christ's sake! She didn't know the use of a fork! Revealing clothing? She wore shells to cover herself. Otherwise what could she have done. Plus, she should be allowed to wear whatever she wants. Society can't judge you for that

I cannot believe that Cinderella is in the top 3! Cinderella is a wonderful princes, and very popular too!

On the other hand, Ariel sucks. She acts like a BRAT! She's rude to her parents, has a horrible voice, and can't even... Ugh. All she wanted was a man, not ANYTHING else but LOVE! Like, what the heck. LET'S VOTE HER NUMBER ONE PEOPLE!

Ariel is amazing! People who say she fell in love with prince eric in 5 minutes, that is a lie, a statue of prince eric fell in the sea and she saw it and has been in love with him since. She also saw him dancing on the ship before the storm. Then rescued prince eric and went back into the sea. I mean, come on people, really? Also she is beautiful inside and out. She also teaches that to tell some one you love them you don't have to say it with words you have to show it with actions! ! - TheMazeRuner

Every princess has a message for the young girls looking for role models. For example, Belle's is: Don't judge a person on their exterior but be open to their person. Etc... What was Ariel's? Hmm... Let's see... Her message is apparently: If you throw away everything you got for your dream boy, everything will work out. Oh, and completely go against your family and friends while you're at it. What? Oh! And to win a guy you don't need to talk, you just need to look pretty!

She's so ungratefull. She falls in love with someone in a second because of looks, won't listen to her dad, drastically changes her physical appearance to get the guy, and pushed away her family, friends, and lovely ocean home for him. She also gives up her voice. But I guess she didn't have anything intelligent to say. -sigh-

Why everyone look at the flaws of princesses? Yes, Ariel is stubborn, impulsive and she gave her voice for a man but she still has her qualities. She is curious, funny, bold, adventurous. Remember that she wanted to live in the human world before meeting Eric. Her father destroyed her statue and he really upset Ariel. If her father disn't do that Ariel wouldn't go to Ursula and wouldn't left the sea. Ariel is a wonderful princess

Ariel is the worst. She leaves her whole life under the sea, her family, friends, fins, people, kingdom, and even her voice, for a random dude she knows nothing about other than he's handsome. (And not really). I mean shes only 16! Talk about bad role models for kids.

I ABSOLUTELY HATE ARIEL! I don't know why everyone likes her. She is dumb and falls for a guy after she comes across him playing a flute. Yes, I said it. A ' flute.

Ariel is the worst! She should be number one. She is spoiled. She has a terrible lesson, and was terrible to her father. The lesson was basically disobey your parents and every good thing in life will come to you. Poor King Triton!

I like Hans Christian Andersen book, yeah its darker than most fairytales. In the book they don't have souls only humans do and the mermaids turn into sea foam when they die. She and the prince like each other but he doesn't love her and marries another princess. Her sisters tell her if she kills the prince she will become a mermaid again but she cannot kill him and then she sadly dies.

Ariel shouldn't be on this list she is AMAZING. She's beautiful, kind, smart, and brave. Also, her curiosity takes her from a regular life to a wonderful one. Not to mention her voice is great

DEFINITELY THE WORST DISNEY PRINCESS OF ALL TIMES. No remorse for how her selfish actions endangered her family and kingdom. No effort in making up for the stupid stuff she did. NOTHING. - EveLeech

Ariel did show remorse. Plus, she partnered up with Eric to get rid of Ursula. I don't call that "nothing." - 976

Ariel is the worst Disney princess, she literally left everything for some guy she barely knows, and is whiny and annoyingly obsessive

I am sorry to burst your bubble but she gives up her
And more
For some random hunk she never even TALKED to! There are some other stuff wrong with her but I wont waste my time

Worse princess ever why would she be that kind? I mean all mermaids is not like that for example if you see and actual mermaid I know she'll kill you and eat you because that's what mermaids do imagine if a mermaid met a man pfff she would kill him having a mermaid in love with human is totally ridiculous and there's no kingdom like that! No one will believe that's true.

Ditches her family and loved ones to live forever with some hot stranger she liked. Wow.

Worst princes ever. Gives up everything for a guy she saw once

She should be #2 behind Eilonwy because she traded her voice for a pair of legs in order to fall in love with a man she has never met before.