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Queen Elsa of Arendelle is a fictional character who appears in Walt Disney Animation Studios' 53rd animated film Frozen.


Elsa is no role model. Sure to some people she is a little relatable, but that doesn't make her a role model. People like the fact that she is "so independent" but really people, throughout the movie she depends on powers and other people to fix her problems. And the song "Let it Go" focuses on the fact that she runs away from her problems. So yeah, Elsa should be much higher on this list.

Elsa is my favorite Disney princess/QUEEN, even though Frozen is far from my favorite movie. I hate how whenever a Disney princess isn't perfect, people criticize her for being a "bad role model." In truth, I feel she's a BETTER one, because instead of already having the lesson learned she LEARNS THE LESSON. She had been living in fear of her powers her whole life, and she knew firsthand (and was always reminded) that her powers were dangerous and getting into trouble. The. Her worst fears came true, and she didn't completely run away--she escaped. Angry people were on her trail to track down the "dangerous witch." Plus, HURTING ANNA IN BOTH CASES WAS AN ACCIDENT! The movie clearly shows this. I sympathized with Elsa because I know what it is like to be shunned, we all do, and to hold secrets like this. Elsa teaches girls that even princesses are vulnerable to bullying, and not to let people judge you by who you are. She learns that she needs to confront her ...more

I am so disappointed that when people think of Disney they think now think of Frozen. Disney is making a Frozen 2...NO! Congratulations to the company for creating a huge critical and commercial movie but move on. It was successful but its time to move on to new things! Elsa is the perfect example of what can happen when parents paranoia and fear control their children. Elsa lived her life in fear of herself. Frozen has one lesson, Parents don't smother your children! Hover parents are terrible so Frozen's lesson is to parents. I don't hate Frozen...I hate Anna though! Elsa was still the most interesting character in the movie and she had to take the deuteragonist role under that dumbass annoying Anna! Elsa would have made a great villain...opportunity missed!

I hate how people like Elsa because of her "interesting personality" but its her powers are what people look at. I bet if people looked passed her powers they would see that she runs away from her fears rather than facing them. Doesn't it bother anybody else that after years of not being able to control her powers the answer was love? Does that meanshe hasn't loved anyone for that long?

Because people have opinions. People are allowed to express their opinions even if you disagree with them. - AnnaOfArendelle332

Why are you being downright mean to Elsa? What are you blaming Elsa for?

Elsa is the worst Disney princess because of how mean she acts. She never apologizes for any of her actions like freezing her kingdom or almost killing her sister multiple times. People dislike Ariel and Merida for their actions even though they realize what they did was wrong and apologized for it. Aurora and Snow White are both victims in their situations on things that they couldn't control.

Sure, Elsa has cool super powers but that all she has got. She avoids her problems and even doesn't try to solve them. She just expects those problems to disappear magically.

Elsa just ran away from her problems, and people say she's the most unique and independent princess but the other princesses were brave to do something courageous and brave but Elsa never thought before hitting Anna in her heart.

The evil queen who was given a special gift but chose to treat it like a curse is a favorite? The so-called best Disney princess who froze her sister's heart and shunned her out? How is she the best? Oh yeah, just because she had powers. Well so did Rapunzel but, oh yeah! She had a personality, and a great one at that. Elsa is just an unloveable and emotionless queen who shouldn't even be considered princess.

Elsa is the most immoral, selfish, stupid and psychopathic. Though I can't stand Anna, Merida or Tiana, they are MUCH better than Elsa. No right, no wrong, no rules for her? Is she right about that?

Don't even get me started! Ugh! I hate her, she's the worst and I mean worst Disney animated character of all time. I love Princess Anna so much but her sister is complete and utter crap! She is so badly dressed like to portray some sexist stunt, she's so ugly, I can't stand her make up and her hair is just bland! I find Frozen to be ok, I have nothing against the film, but Elsa is a total piece of hard crap that I just can't stand. She's just horrible!

She leaves her younger sister to look after a kingdom that's shes supposed to be in charge of I just think that's really selfish she has no thought for others! - Damsel01

Elsa ran away because she thought she was a "monster" and because of her fear. What are you blaming her for? You didn't have to be so downright mean to Elsa for that, did you?

Elsa is not a good role model and it is sad the most children see her as the heroine of Frozen instead of Anna.

I love Elsa. She is a great character though She is not my favourite. I know how is to Be different and have a younger sister which sometimes annoys me. And I understand Elsa when hits Anna the second time. I know IT was a mistake but Anna annoyed her and Elsa's nerver broke the limits. As one Day my sister annoyed Be. I didn't want to punch her in the face but She didn't let me another option

Elsa is so overrated! If she could' ve only loved someone, the whole mess wouldn' t of happened. And every time someone says something bad about Elsa people get offended because they say they suffer from depression and she's a role model. Let me just say -and this is coming from someone who also suffers from depression- you can do much better than Elsa.

Who cares if Elsa is so overrated anyway? You're being downright mean to Elsa, aren't you?

When I was 8 I loved her ONLY because of her ice powers, but NOW I can see how infamous "let it go" is, and now that I am 10, I now think princesses like Mulan and Pocahontas are waay better then this person! It also taught me a lesson, Mary-Sues are NOT the best of all. Why did I even BUY Frozen merchandise?

Elsa has no screen time & when she is in the movie she's causing grief. If she didn't have ice powers and let it go nobody would like her

Even though I am sick and tired of hearing about her all the time, Elsa is a pretty decent Disney princess. It would be even better if she was the villain instead of Prince Hans. - Jessicarabbit

I only like the classics, Snow White Cinderella Aurora. Not only do I like the look. Well... I know that all these other movies are obviously recognizable, but this one has gotten out of hand. Any movie after Tiana was horrible!

Elsa is terrible! She's not independent, she's just cowardly and acts like she knows everything. If she'd just listened to Anna and the rest none of this would've happened including this overrated ass movie.

The only contribution to the movie that Elsa made was jumping in front of Anna. That's it.

She is very annoying, I used to like her, but then I got sick of her because she never got to really let it go, get it? Let it go. Haha, very funny

I just don't like her. She's basically a normal princess with ice.
Running away from her problems, saying
"I don't want to hurt you Anna! " and proceeds to all but ATTACK her. She is more the villain than anything else. - CatCode

Hey stupid, blame your mum for letting you 9 year old girls on youtube - Gamecubesarecool193

Aurora, Cinderella, and Snow White are better than her. They are true princess unlike this so called "Queen" or "Princess" who does not need a man. Wow, she's such a feminist or sexist.

Bad role model all around. Runs away from her problems and is unapologetic, never grows from it.

Neither Anna nor Elsa ever even listen to each other you mean.