Snow White

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Snow White is a fictional character from Disney's first ever film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves . She is Disney's first ever Disney Princess and is the only Disney Princess to have her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame .


I have to say it is Snow White. But I still think it's unfair since THIS WAS THE FIRST Disney PRINCESS. The modern princesses have more spunk and are more proactive, in the past it was just cute little story. It's not that I hate any of the princesses, I love all of them. But Snow White sadly wins my vote.

I think that it is a good thing that Snow White is the weakest of the Disney princesses. While she isn't a terrible character, she did pave the way for the better characters and without her, none of the other characters would exist.

Plus, with her being the worst, it means that Disney has been improving their female leads.

I don't understand why people hate Snow White so much. I think she is beautiful, kind and wonderful. People always that all she wants to do is clean, but in all honesty, Snow white was forced to by stepmother. What else do you except her to do? I think that it's amazing that she still learned to be kind and compassionate when she received no love until her teenage years.

How can people dislike this sweet princess? It's true, she doesn't fight, doesn't rescue her prince, falls in love at first sight, and lets a creepy old woman into her house, but what's wrong with that? She's a gentle, loving,
Mother-like lady who's first instinct is to take care of those weaker than herself. She isn't mean or sarcastic.
THE WORST PRINCESS IS ELSA. The exact opposite of Snow White. No right, no wrong, no rules for her? Really?

Only good princesses:
Snow White

Mulan's fun, though. Just discontented to be a woman!

Why is snow white first? Shes cute, amazing voice, better than elsa, classic princess! Love snow white, rapunzel, anna, belle! Without snow white no princesses would be here today

Snow white just laid back and let every thing come to her. Well yea her step mother repeatedly tried to kill her. But a prince happens to walk by her and realize how beautiful she is and marry her right then and there. And the answer is yes I do not really like snow white. I used to... When I was 5

Snow is a classic I completely disagree her voice is beautiful but opera which is why people don't like it and in my opinion she is the prettiest of all the princesses

Stop insulting Disney princesses! I admit that Snow White isn't one of my favourite Disney princess, she one of the last ones but I don't hate her. She is very kind and optimistic. She is naive but she is still very young and she didn't go anywhere until 14,she stayed just in the palace and cleaning, doing chores. I apreciate Snow White because no matter what happened she remains optimistic,hopeful, kind and she always smiles. How much people would do that?

Exactly. People look too much into the stories instead of appreciating them for what they are. - gmdeloia

Black hair brown eyes. UGLY. Also, she is defenseless. WHAT a 'good female role model' NOT! Seriously so cliche. I am female and I could whip a lot of boys butts. And I want to whip THIS idiots butt. "Oh in dumb and naive! Imma eat this apple, and live with a bunch of two foot high nincomPOOPS. It doesn't matter cause I'm beatutiful! " - KayleeKicklighter

Um hello? Who in the world takes food (and eats it! ) from someone you've never met oh no big deal she just ALMOST DIED from the poison apple she got from the ugly hag.

You're kidding right? Snow White was the first Disney princess,which means she's the ORIGINAL. After her all the other Disney princesses went down hill. Snow White may be considered more natural looking compared to the others but that doesn't make her "ugly". Like I always say 'fake is in', and this proves it.

Snow white is so annoying she has a high pitched voice and I hate the movie she just waits for her prince to come her dress is ugly and just lives in a cottage with seven dwarfs

Who put her on here? She is incredibly original. Her voice is awful, but she is 14, guys! She's a child, come on!

Snow White is the most awful princess with her high pitched chirp voice! She is so dumb even though she talks to animals SO WHAT!? Anybody can talk to animals who says they hear you or respond to you! Any of you who think Snow White is a "good" princess, GO GET A LIFE!

I think you misinterpreted the moral of the story. Instead of hating a monumental character, maybe you should learn to be kind and accepting of everyone, just like the character you seem to hate. - gmdeloia

What's happening here? Why snow white is in this list? I disagree!

I just never have been into Snow White. I didn't like her as a kid.

Snow white is the best! she will always be my favorite! people hate her because shes "not a role model", but she is! She is kind, gentle and caring, and most of the people these days hate her for some odd reason! snow white and I are practically twins! she is a fairytale princess for crying out loud! In a fairytale, the prince always saves the princess! It may not be the case nowadays, but that's no reason to hate snow white! I still don't understand the people who say Elsa is amazing and Belle is perfect! Snow white is the first Disney princess! Disney wouldn't be Disney without her! Ah I love her and always will. HATERS GONNA HATE!

Agree, she just sit on her butt and waiting to be rescue but why is elsa, anna, mulan are here?!

No she is not worst. She is lovely of all

Who eats an apple a weird looking, creepy, stranger gives you?!

Her voice is really high, I can barely hear a word she says. Even the dubs sound high and annoying. SHE'S UGLY TOO. The queen was actually more attractive than Snow White. other than that she's so-so.

Why do you feel the need to judge these things? Snow White taught a multitude of valuable lessons and was only 14 years old... maybe that's why she isn't up to your unnecessary beauty standards. - gmdeloia

Why everyone dislikes her, I don't know. But there's something unlikable about's weird... - emraldYE

Yeah worse Disney princess and one of the foolish princess you see snowhite's hair looks ridiculous in fact you can'y marry someone you just met yes yes when the prince and SNOW WHITE married they invited the queen I mean the witch they thought she changed but it's not the witch kidnapped the prince and make snow white dance hot iron shoes until she dies you don't wanna believe it? You don't aybe believe it but it's true you just don't realize it and watch it.

I Hate Snow White with a passion!

She's supposedly the fairest in the land, and let me mention... She's 14! She was HORRIBLY written, and wayyy too much of a "traditional" woman for modern standards