Top 10 Worst Disney World Attractions

The top 10 most horrible and pointless rides and attractions in Disney World.

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1 Stitch's Great Escape!

If you like loud noises, uncomfortable seats, and animatronics burping in your face, this ride is for you! I think Lilo And Stitch is the most underrated Disney film, but the ride is truly awful. You sit in these seats that clamp down on your shoulders and cut into them if you move. The plot of the ride is that experiment 626 (Stitch) has escaped and is causing mayhem the whole time. The noises that are made (ie, things exploding, lights flickering, contraptions operating, etc.,) are loud as heck and will make anybody deaf. While Stitch bounces around the rider's seats, they thrust down on you, and it is hell on your shoulders. The worst part is when Stitch eats a tourist's chili dog, and burps. The seats have nozzles on them that spray scents, and it is the most disgusting thing ever. In fact, when my friend went when he was about 8, he actually threw up because it was so gross. I love the Lilo and Dtitch movie, but this is just bad

When I heard that there was a Disney World ride based off of Lilo and Stitch, I though it was a cool ride like a 500-foot tall roller coaster with 150 inversions. But apparently, it wasn't even a ride. It's just something that you use for hurting yourself and getting burped on.

I rode this ride the year it came out. As a big fan of Lilo and Stitch, I was pretty excited, but the ride itself was just plain terrible. The seats are uncomfortable, the plot is insipid, and you get burped on in the dark. Avoid at ALL COSTS.

SCREW this attraction, Stitch is a great character and movie, but this attraction is just garbage.

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2 Conservation Station

To make a long story short, it sucks, there is nothing interesting, you have to wait in line twice, once for waiting for the train, they force you off the train and you have to wait in line again to get back into the park. That wasn't exactly making a long story short. - bruinsfan

Really boring

One of my favorite things to do in AK! Seeing the goats and characters is always a blast.

3 Journey into Imagination with Figment

I have been to Disney five times this year already we are very thoughtful about all the rides and think about the planning. This ride is so not Disney and not up to its capability and standards. It is at best something you would see at a local fair or carnival. Lots of empty space throughout the ride that could be utilized the scenery is it best below average This rug is our families vote for the worst ride at Disney. We range in age from 52 to 8 years old

I didn't go on the original, but the new one is just boring. Unnecessary songs in every scene, boring setting, a bad ending song, and a creepy image at the end of the host's face as the man in the moon ruined it.

A dull, and annoying ride in a big and beautiful pavilion dedicated to Imagination. Made by people called "imagineers", who are supposed to be inspired by the worlds greatest dreamer and doer, Walt Disney, and this is what we get? An annoying dragon, a fart joke and a creepy face in the moon, along with mirror tricks and yet more video (Epcot loves their outdated videos). I don't buy the excuse that Kodak couldn't support it financially. This is still Disney property and they are a financially strong company and could do this ride properly. It's long overdue and is insulting that they keep such a cruddy ride in an expensive park.

Prime real estate and space wasted in Epcot! Come on Disney ditch this ride.

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4 Circle of Life

I have no idea how this is so high on the list, let alone on the list at all. This is one of the most amazing Disney live shows ever. Amazing music, costumes, and acts. It's hard to notice an outdated theatre when the show in it is so amazing.

The story's nice and all but they really need to re-film it and RESTORE THE THEATER. If you ever view this attraction you will see what I mean, the place look's like it hasn't been restored since the ride came out in the 90's.

Saw the live show at Animal Kingdom and thought it was awesome! The performers seemed to be really into it and it showed!

I don't understand how this is on the list. This is a wonderful show.

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5 Tomorrowland Speedway

The cars move too slow. They should change this ride.

This has huge lines and is very unpleasant for anyone over a certain height or age. - airbb

Kinda boring (unless a little kid)

This is a ride found at every regional park in America.

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6 The Magic Carpets of Aladdin

It wasn't as magical as the Dumbo one. Reasons due to hot location, bad views, and less carpets. The spraying camel doesn't help either.

What a huge waste of space in Adventureland. Another dumbo spinner?

7 Enchanted Tiki Room

It's an Original for Disneyland and Magic Kingdom, which mean's it's pretty old but still is fun (especially with a Dole Whip at hand).

Come on, guys! Grab a Mickey Bar! The burning heat of Florida is worse than you think! And this is less annoying then the Bear Country Jamboree!

THE WORST. Complete waste of time. And you can't leave in the middle of the show. Why do they still keep it? Disney world needs major renovations.

Ugh I hated this so much

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8 The Barnstormer

What? I get that it's not exciting but come on it's a kiddie coaster and fits the theme

9 Universe of Energy

You know this is closing

Long and boring

They got rid of it

too long

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10 TriceraTop Spin

I love it it is like dumbo you like dumbo right?

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11 Carousel of Progress

This ride is not terrible at all. You people musthave a pineapple where your brain should be. This is one of the BEST rides in the Magic Kingdom.

Ok what? Walt Disney created this attraction. And it's perfect and the only place where it's not the rainbows and princesses. It's actually a good ride.

There's a great beautiful tomorrow shining at the end of every thing

Hated this one. Creepy.

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12 It's a Small World

This is a classic ride and it brings back great memories. It teaches people that there are more cultures and more things than just their homes.

There is so much to look at, the song is catchy, and it makes me feel very nostalgic - JaneMoffat

I went on this ride when I was 3 and I never went on it again. The dolls are evil

The hippo is evil

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13 Primeval Whirl

It's not a bad ride its very underrated

It so painful and not the quality for Disney, it's a ride you find at a local carnival.

You would see this at a carnival.

Teacups on wheels.

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14 Tom Sawyer Island

I wish they still did the hidden paintbrush thing...

No one cares about this attraction, it is just a waste of good useful land.

How is 10,000 leagues under the sea gone and this is still there?

Hey; its 20,000 leagues.

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15 Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros

Awesome ride that shows the true beauty and compassion of the Mexican culture. Although not as good as its predecessor "El Rio de Tiempo" it is quite an awesome show.

Should still be "EL Rio de Tiempo" if you ask me, but hey they just closed maelstrom at Norway for Frozen and it doesn't even take place in Norway!

It was fun for kids. I love the night and shops. Nothing wrong with it.


HFJRGEFRGTOKRTR5OTHY (srry for caps rage)

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16 Frozen Ever After

This is just truly disappointing from epcot, in my opinion, this whole ride was a cheap excuse to use up space, and there is almost nothing having to do with Norway except for the music on the lift chain, overall, it's just a cash grab

Not even educational to the Norwegian pavilion. Why do we need a terrible ride based on a terrible movie?

This is the sole definition of Disney Parks fall from greatness

Excellent ride that makes you feel the Frozen buzz all over again! Don't listen to the haters, they probably didn't get the ez pass and are mad at the world because they have no life and need to hate on Disney rides...

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17 Captain EO

People! It closed!

This show was a waste a space

Old, poorly scripred, makes no sense at all, just dumb in general. Also, I couldn't care less how the stupid thing was made 26 years ago, yet alone stand in the slanted room for 8 minutes watching the making of movie hurting my neck looking at the screens over head...did I mention old?


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18 Mission: SPACE

It's a weird ride since as an adult I get motion sickness on any spinning ride (I almost puked on the tea cups), but I handled this ride fine. Even though it's spinning, your eyes don't see it so it effects people different I guess.

The reason why I put this here is because it killed several people and it made me vomit, good thing they have barf bags. - bruinsfan

I never get motion sickness, EVER! I almost threw up after getting off, it gave me a terrible headache as well...

There's a reason, it's caused 200 paramedic 911 calls and sent 1000 people to the hospital ER from 2003 to 2006, and the G-forces are unrelenting and will actually traumatize you.

They made it so that it perfectly simulates what it's really like to go to space.

This Disney ride is without a doubt, more violent than any other you will EVER go on, you can't even breathe, yet your bones crack, and you can't even have consciousness during and after this ride, and I'm not an overreacting chicken, yet I've been on every other ride around.

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19 The Land

This ride is not bad. Just because this ride is Educational doesn't mean its bad.

It think it's pretty miserable to see the alligators and fish waiting for their death. Plus it's a bad location.

I have bad memories of this. Parents really enjoy this one because it's relaxing, but it's really really boring too. - airbb

Most boring waste of time ever.

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20 Space Mountain

Why is Space Mountain on here? Space Mountain is such a great and awesome ride.

Because it's too dark to enjoy it anymore. If you went on it before 2009, then it wouldn't make sense being on here. - railfan99

Space mountain is the best Disneyland ride in my eyes.

People have died in this ride. Must've been traumatic and violent, not to forget it's so dark, so yeah, worst nightmare for ride haters.

This ride is awesome! It doesn't belong here! Country Bear Jamboree isn't even on here yet! This makes no sense!

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