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21 It's Tough to Be a Bug

Fun and entertaining, but NOT for small children.

Absolutely terrifying, especially for small children and those scared of/squicked out by bugs. Also lots of grossouts and things that poke you. Oh, and all this is in 3d.

22 The Great Movie Ride

This is actually a great ride with classic movies

This is kinda not the same... It is really freaky now

But they knew Mary poppins

This ride is closing in Aug 13 to be replaced by Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railroad
Shame they decide to take away a great attraction for that.

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23 Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith

Legend, who ever put it on here... they can ride the elevator of THEIR LIFE TIME!


Too fastmotin sickin and

24 Planet Hollywood Observatory

I used to love this attraction, and took my son there 4 times, but afterI heard about the new design outside and inside, along with the really bad service they have now, I'm not sure anymore about thinking about going. - Gregory

The old one was awesome, but this new version sucks.
I can't believe Disney ruined a great restaurant attraction.

It's the same thing. Just with a different exterior...STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT DISNEY SPRINGS.

It used to be awesome, but they ruined the whole place, not only the exterior, but also the interior. There is almost no memorabilia and it's not a magical theme anymore, nor a space-scifi observatory inside, just barely, it's just like any other restaurant (with the exception of an OMNIMAX screen).
Also food service is poor and the prices are inflated to huge proportions, the waiters/waitresses are rude and the food is not very well made anymore, just messy.
Disney really ruined the restaurant, shopping center, and the overall resort in general.

25 Dinosaur

While waiting in line, it feels like it's going to be an exciting ride. It's actually just riding around in a jeep looking for a dinosaur, with some bumps and fast movements. Only ride if you have extra time and the line isn't long. Younger kids who like dinosaurs might enjoy. More sensitive ones could be frightened.

I HATE this ride. It is horrifying, terrified me as a child, and is a seizure machine. Blinking lights, a furiously shaking car thing, and dinosaurs eating each other isn't a good mix, especially in a Disney park.

Too loud and not exciting enough :(

Yeah, it is really loud. I agree that it's not that exciting, but there is a drop at the end with a giant dinosaur that gave me nightmares when I was younger. And maybe you just feel that way because you've ridden it so many times or you've ridden other rides that are more exciting and therefore have too high of standards. I've ridden it too many times, which is why I don't think it's very exciting. - JaneMoffat

This ride could use a rehab. Change the name back to Countdown to Extinction, change the plot (malfunctioning time machine), and replace the Carno with a T Rex

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26 Sounds Dangerous

I'm a huge Disney fan and I've never heard of it. Must not be very popular.

They shut this down for a Star Wars movie

Glad they took it out.

27 Kali River Rapids

This ride made me miserable. It soaked me in the places I didn't wan't to be soaked -- my butt and my face/head, and it didn't even cool me down! The ride was way to quick. It felt like I was on for about 30 seconds and then off. It was also really uncomfortable to be sitting face to face with complete strangers. The worst part of the ride was the line. I stood in line for an hour and a half. Half of the time was outside, and the other half of the time was inside a small room with about three small fans to keep us cool, but the body heat was insane. I would have rather kept waiting outside in the Florida heat at the end of May. Definitely my least favorite ride. Definitely not worth it.

This ride was way too quick and because it's a water ride I had to take my glasses off which meant I couldn't see anything and furthermore I got soaked from head to toe and even had someone say "woah she got real soaked" so after I was walking around looking for my mum in the dark whilst soaking wet... not great

28 Mad Tea Party

I think it's fun. Classic ride, right in Fantasy Land, and the Alice and Wonderland character meet and greets are right around it.

Classic ride!

My mom HATES the teacups. Even watching makes her sick.

29 The Many Adventures Of Winnie The Pooh

For weirdos I guess its babyish but its still fun

You guys have gone bananas... BEST DARK RIDE

Too babyish Too boring

to baby

30 Jack Sparrow Jack Sparrow Captain Jack Sparrow, played by Johnny Depp, is a fictional character and the main protagonist in the Pirates of the Caribbean film series. He is a pirate in the film series.

You wait an hour for a sleezy drunken Johnny Depp 5 minute electronic/laser projected badly choreographed presentation. All about the $.

31 Astro Orbiter

Nothing new or original, just going up in a sweaty elevator to have the same ride experience as Dumbo or Aladdin without any classic Disney feel.

2 THING long lines AND Waste of time it is just a reguler caroseill

Astro orbiter
Vietnam flashbacks ensue

32 Jungle Cruise


33 Illuminations: Reflections of Earth

It's a firework show, so it needs to be loud and bright.

This is only here because of the New Year finale, it's not normally like that every night, but on New Year's Day, during the finale, it's like warfare. - Gregory

ARE YOU SERIOUS?! YOU MUST BE SICK MINDEED TO THINK THAT! I guess the NY version could be true, and we don't want our health to be in danger, but seriously, this is one of the best things at Disney World.

It's not too bad on a normal night, but on on the New Year, there's a spooky countdown that might frighten children, along with a finale that will Punch you in the face, make you deaf, and cause small earthquakes, along with epilepsy and concussions.

WAY too scary for all ages that time of year no matter what.
Sorry for spoiling you guys that didn't go for the new year.

34 Fantasy In The Sky

Idiots who put the best attractions on this list

Anyone afraid of fireworks will hate this and Illuminations.
Though Illuminations during new year's ends with a thundering, earth shaking, seizure-inducing and concussive finale.

Why is this on here? It’s no different than your usual show, and even the end is not to flash your life, though the New Year’s Day finale at Epcot would do that.
On a normal day, every second is like a walk at the park. - Gregory

35 Country Bear Jamboree

Aw this was adorable and it was indoor fun

My Family Went Into Here For Air conditioning We were stuck so we were forced to watch this awful show with horrid animatronic bears the only thing worthwhile in my opinion were the animal heads and the air conditinion

36 The Jack and Sally ride

That ride was at Disneyland and was called haunted mansion holiday

37 Body Wars

Looks interesting to me, but it makes people sick, probably due to the setting or the rapid spinning and moving. If you don't like being in bodies for too long, ride the Haunted Mansion.

I disagree, it's not even open anymore so this should be a nominee at most

Every child's dream is to have a disgusting adventure in someone's stomach right... THROW UP.

Body Wars doesn't even operate anymore, heck, the simulators were removed years ago. - railfan99

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38 Honey, I Shrunk The Audience

This one closed in 2010, it was a 3D show, I think, a bit like it's tough to be a bug. I only remember it being scary for young kids. We didn't ride it very much. - airbb

so boring

39 Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

This ride is epic. It is not bad.

A must-ride. I have no idea why this is on the worst list.

It's pretty boring compared to the rest

to bummby

40 Star Tours

It's a great ride but it is anyone

The original one was okay but the new version was very awesome

Worst ride ever, you are constantly jolted out of place and leave the ride sick to your stomach.

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