Worst Disturbed Songs


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1 Mistress

I hated at first but this actually grew on me! Doesn't diserve to be here

This was pretty bad! But I do feel the album is underrated

The top 3 on this list are really good songs in my opinion and don't deserve to be on this list

This song is actually really good

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2 Darkness UListen to Sample
3 My Child UListen to Sample
4 Devour

Strange the song sample isn't the disturbed song - christangrant

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5 Get Psycho

Are you kidding there is no Disturbed song called this your thinking of Meaning of Life which is not a bad song - christangrant

6 Enemy

None of these are bad plus this is called conflict and get psycho is called meaning of life

7 Living After Midnight UListen to Sample
8 Breathe UListen to Sample
9 Ishfwilf

The most Boring Disturbed song ever lol - Disturbedpotato

A disspointing cover song - christangrant

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10 Remember


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The Contenders

11 Believe

*this is a great song*

I honestly don't get what makes this one of the best songs on believe its boring the riffs are pretty weak here the vocals are good but that's about it - christangrant

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12 Sacrifice

Thank you Disturbedpotato, I feel the exact same way!


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13 Forgiven UListen to Sample
14 Bound UListen to Sample
15 Glass Shatters

Ok here's the deal out of all these songs my child is the best Mistress is certainly not the worst all these songs are amazing but this one is my least favorite disturbed song sure it's catchy but it's very repetitive

Stone Cold Steve Austin Is going to whoop your ass for putting his theme song on the list. - christangrant

16 Conflict UListen to Sample
17 Torn

A disappointing track on Indestructible - christangrant

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18 Divide UListen to Sample
19 Sound of Silence

Why is this here this is one of their best songs its also their comeback song - christangrant

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20 Numb UListen to Sample
21 Want UListen to Sample
22 Droppin' Plates

Easily the worst Disturbed song. It IS funny to listen to though... "A little something for your ear-hole" - SoulOfBlack15

Who said it was a good idea for David Draiman to rap? only bad Disturbed song in my opinion

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23 Innocence UListen to Sample
24 Fire It Up UListen to Sample
25 Down with the Sickness

Good music, but the lyrics scare me... - Userguy44

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