Top 10 Worst Division 1 College Logos

This list is looking at division 1 colleges whose logos are outdated, stupid looking,or just plain suck. This list is relevant through 2017

The Top Ten

1 Jackson State Tigers Jackson State Tigers

This is one logo I will just let speak for itself. It’s pretty self explanatory - Randomator

2 St Louis Billikens St Louis Billikens

Get rid of this freaky looking elf troll thing - Gametheorysucks

If you are like me and a majority of college sports fans then you have no idea what the hell a billiken actually is. This logo is just stupid looking. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to have this “thing” on my jersey. - Randomator

3 UMass Lowell River Hawks UMass Lowell River Hawks

So UMass has a decent looking logo but.. there’s one major problem. The stupid smile looks cheesy and stupid. If they remove that it’s fine - Randomator

4 Arkansas State Red Wolves Arkansas State Red Wolves

This logo could have worked but the white strips ruined it. They make the Wolf look like he’s crying. Other than that it’s okay - Randomator

5 Maryland Eastern Shore Hawks Maryland Eastern Shore Hawks

Honestly this logo just plain sucks. - Randomator

6 South Carolina Gamecocks South Carolina Gamecocks

Way too busy - Randomator

7 Campbell Camels Campbell Camels

See my comment on South Carolina gamecocks - Randomator

8 Maine Black Bears Maine Black Bears

This black bear just looks stupid and doesn’t really fit with the color scheme. There’s about a million other ways to make this logo better - Randomator

9 Alcorn State Braves Alcorn State Braves

This logo just looks bland. There really could have been more to it - Randomator

10 Western Kentucky Hilltopers Western Kentucky Hilltopers

This has to be one of the stupidest logos of all time - Gametheorysucks

The Contenders

11 Tulsa Golden Hurricane Tulsa Golden Hurricane
12 Washington State Cougars Washington State Cougars
13 South Alabama Jaguars South Alabama Jaguars
14 Southern Illinois Salukis Southern Illinois Salukis

Looks like a logo for a restaurant - Gametheorysucks

15 Mississippi Valley State Delta Devils Mississippi Valley State Delta Devils

Is he related to the Duke blue Devil?

16 Wofford Terriers Wofford Terriers

I’m not a fan of this dog and it doesn’t help that their W looks exactly like the Wikipedia W. - Randomator

17 James Madison Dukes James Madison Dukes
18 Bowling Green Falcons Bowling Green Falcons
19 Indiana State Sycamores Indiana State Sycamores
20 Georgia State Panthers Georgia State Panthers
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1. St Louis Billikens
2. Jackson State Tigers
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1. St Louis Billikens
2. Jackson State Tigers
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