Top Ten Worst Doctor Doctor Jokes

These are the absolute worst jokes I have ever concocted. Read them and groan. Or weep. I hope they're not that bad :)

The Top Ten

1 Woman: Doctor! Doctor! You gotta help me! I'm horny! Doctor: Well, that sounds serious. Let me see if I have some medicine for that. I must warn you, though, my fee is $80 an hour. Woman: That's not so bad. How much for the whole night?

Lists like these are the lists we should all be seeing. Bravo, Dom. Bravo. - PositronWildhawk

Oh yeah---6th-grade humor. By all means, "bravo."

2 Man: Doctor! Doctor! I have a fear of wearing pants! Doctor: Well, I can clearly see you're nuts

Such lame jokes! By the way, that was a compliment. - styLIShT

This is so bad! It actually made me laugh! :D - Britgirl

Ba dum tss - Martinglez

3 Man: Doctor! Doctor! I think I'm a kleptomaniac Doctor: Have you taken anything for it?
4 Man: Doctor! Doctor! I just had a heart attack! Can I still have sex? Doctor: Yes, but only with your wife. Your heart isn't ready for any excitement yet.
5 Man: Doctor! Doctor! My leg hurts! What can I do? Doctor: Limp
6 Woman: Doctor! Doctor! I took your advice and took Weight Watcher pills but I actually gained weight! Doctor: Those aren't Weight Watcher pills. You've been reading them upside down.
7 Woman: Doctor! Doctor! Do you agree with the statement "You are what you eat?" Come on! Tell me! Hurry up! Doctor: Stop being such a dick and I'll tell you
8 Man: Doctor! Doctor! I got an STD from my partner and I'm afraid my other partners might have got it from me! Doctor: That sounds serious. Bring your family in and we'll have them tested.
9 Man: Doctor! Doctor! I have a disgusting taste in my mouth! Doctor: Sorry about that. I'll start using flavored condoms from now on
10 Woman: Doctor! Doctor! Am I going to die? Doctor: Don't worry. While you're with me, the last thing that will happen to you is death.
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