Worst Doctor Who Companions


The Top Ten

1 Peri Brown
2 Adric Adric V 1 Comment
3 Adam Mitchell Adam Mitchell
4 Mel Bush
5 Polly
6 Liz Shaw
7 Jo Grant
8 Jackie Tyler

She wasn't exactly a companion, but if she were, she'd give her daughter a good competition in being the worst.

9 Barbara Wright
10 Grace Holloway

The Contenders

11 Dodo Chaplet
12 Romana I Romana I
13 Amy Pond Amy Pond

Whiney, Needy.Nasty & a big tramp - pdr313

14 Clara Oswald Clara Oswald

Clara is good! I love her - RickyReeves

Shes the worst of 2005 onwards - Harri666

15 River Song River Song

River was a fantastic character when we were first introduced to her, but the various plot points and twists they introduced during Series 6 ruined what was an otherwise flawless character.

16 Mickey Smith Mickey Smith
17 Danny Pink

I just didn't like the fact that Clara was choosing him instead of the doctor

18 Bill Potts

Literally the worst Amy is a savage compared to her (and I hate Amy). First why did Doctor Who have to bring a Gay person to the show. Like I have nothing against gay people, but some people do not want to see that crap on T.V.. So yeah just get her off this show - 2storm

19 Katarina
20 Kamelion
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