Worst Doctor Who Companions


The Top Ten

1 Peri Brown
2 Adric Adric


3 Adam Mitchell Adam Mitchell
4 Mel Bush
5 Polly
6 Liz Shaw
7 Jackie Tyler

She wasn't exactly a companion, but if she were, she'd give her daughter a good competition in being the worst.

8 Jo Grant
9 Barbara Wright
10 Clara Oswald Clara Oswald

Clara is good! I love her - RickyReeves

Acts like she doesn't want to be there... well, that makes two of us!

Shes the worst of 2005 onwards - Harri666

The Contenders

11 Bill Potts

Literally the worst Amy is a savage compared to her (and I hate Amy). First why did Doctor Who have to bring a Gay person to the show. Like I have nothing against gay people, but some people do not want to see that crap on T.V.. So yeah just get her off this show - 2storm

Thank god they killed her off quickly

Bill was great

12 Grace Holloway
13 Dodo Chaplet
14 Romana I Romana I
15 Amy Pond Amy Pond

Whiney, Needy.Nasty & a big tramp - pdr313

16 River Song River Song

River was a fantastic character when we were first introduced to her, but the various plot points and twists they introduced during Series 6 ruined what was an otherwise flawless character.

17 Mickey Smith Mickey Smith
18 Rose Tyler Rose Tyler

Rose is the worst character ever! She no needy, jealous and the way she treats Mickey and Jackie and anyone who has anything to do with the Doctor is just horrible. Don't get why so many people like her so much.

So overrated. She's a horrible person.

Absolutely the worst. Thoroughly annoying.

I didn’t find her as interesting

19 Martha Jones Martha Jones Martha Jones was one of the companions to the 10th doctor. Her actor is Freema Agyeman. Her first appearance is "Smith and Jones" and her last is "The End of Time."

I don't like her - jaythomo

Poor acting

20 Donna Noble Donna Noble

Annoying and whines

According to my 4 year old, "Donna's the worse! "

She complains too much - jaythomo

21 Danny Pink

I just didn't like the fact that Clara was choosing him instead of the doctor

22 Katarina
23 Kamelion
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