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21 The Girl Who Waited

This is my favourite episode of series 6. I don't understand the hate it gets. It is an emotional character piece with great writing and acting. 10/10

Complete bull, like most of series 6. this was all about the retarded Amy/Rory/Doctor love triangle.

I agree. It's very mean-spirited and massively overrated.

Slow, without any new star, and full of flows

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22 Time and the Rani

Time and the Rani was great! Why do people hate this episode! The part 1 cliffhanger is one of my favorite cliffhangers in Doctor Who. - RickyReeves

This is just unfortunate. It is not bad because of the stars and crew, it is bad because the BBC clearly did not care anymore about DW at this point.

Poor Sylvester McCoy. What a terrible start. A first episode worse than Colin Baker's.
This episode is full of uninspired dialogue and plot points, ridiculous monsters, pantomime-ish performances, and, worst of all, it's SO dull.

23 Let's Kill Hitler
24 The Web Planet

Why is it we can't see The Myth Makers or The Daleks' Master Plan, but we're forced to have this?

It's just absolutely boring.

I like it - cameronbrown

25 Nightmare in Silver

This episode is why I don't like Clara she was an idiot she took the kids the baby sits on the trip and left them in a room of cybermen? It was also a really boring episode - goinsane413

This one would probably been decent, if it had been kept in it's original two-part format.

Only problem they made the cyber men to over powered.

Disappointing but not bad. 7/10

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26 Amy's Choice

Who put this on here it was so unnerving and creepy and was just so clever!

Bad, very bad,

What's great about Amy's Choice?
It stars Toby Jones as the main villain - Need I say more?
That aside, it's creepy, it's unsettling, it's rather unpredictable, and it also says a fair bit about the characters of Amy, Rory and even the Doctor. Toby Jones was endlessly entertaining and unsettling as the Dream Lord.

27 Resurrection of the Daleks

Doctor Who with all of the life drained out of it. Tegan was right to leave after this story. It just wasn't fun anymore and it shows that Eric Saward had learnt all the wrong lessons from the success of Earthshock. With a Producer too busy with "Doable Barkers" and a Script Editor flailing about in search of a style to call his own and failing to come up with one, the show was doomed.

But I actually liked this episode. Julian Bleach will never match up to Terry Mulloy's performance.

God-awful, continuity-obsessed rip-off of Earthshock, with a terrible Davros, plot holes galore, stupid hats, tons of overacting, a Doctor who makes quips as he commits genocide and no plot to be found.

It is epic. - cameronbrown

28 The Sensorites

Extremely underrated. I think it's an intriguing story, especially the mystery aspect of it.

I'm surprised it's this low on the list

29 The Trial of a Time Lord

No, just no. Trial was epic! This episode proved why Colin Baker deserved a chance as The Doctor - RickyReeves

I don't really count this as a story. It's more of a story arc.

30 Daleks in Manhattan

Daleks needing pig slaves+ Daleks feeling the need to make human dalek hybrids despite hating them+ a compassionate human-dalek that somehow survived through almost all of part 2= the absolute worst dalek story you could ever imagine. - lolimmaninja

Woeful, but with some good supporting performances.The thing I hated the most was the Doc being hit by lightning and shrugging it off. SUPER-MAN!

The pig slaves are nightmare fuel.
Why does Dalek Sec sound like Owen Wilson after becoming a hybrid?
David Tennant arrives at the pinnacle of his narm in this episode.

31 The Gunfighters

I'm from the US and I think this is GREAT! The tooth scene is genius!

Absolute bull. I could have fallen to sleep while watching this Western crap with a annoying song.

1) The song was terrible.
2) It was extremely slow, with not much story.
3) The accents were horrible, and hard to understand.
4) The plot with the Doctor's tooth was too gross.
5) It wasn't historically accurate.

32 The Crimson Horror

I really liked the Crimson horror. Gaming's best. 8.5/10

33 Blink

Why would anyone list this episode as bad? It's arguably one of the best Doctor Who episodes.

34 The Eleventh Hour

I actually love The Eleventh Hour - it's a great story and introduction to the Eleventh Doctor. Why is this even on this list?

Absolutely horrific, they should never had of gotten rid of David Tennant even if he wanted to leave, and Russell T. Davies too! What is the world coming to! Terrible start for a new doctor, series and head writer Steven Moffatt! I'm glad he is leaving this series, good riddance!

35 The Doctor's Daughter

Completely abysmal.

36 Destiny of the Daleks

Classic Daleks at their absolute worst!

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37 The Space Pirates

It's a bad episode, but no lost episode should stay lost.

Here's one lost episode that should stay lost.

38 Attack of the Cyberman

A great performance by Colin and the plot wasn't actually that bad... Although the theme tune was so overused and annoying!

Underrated, but the story goes nowhere until the Cybermen appear.

A very disappointing episode. Way too violent as well.

39 Underworld
40 The Name of the Doctor

I hate this one. It's a horrible conclusion to the impossible girl arc, and the monsters in it do pretty much nothing.

I liked the atmosphere of this episode, but I wish it made more sense.

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