American Pit Bull Terrier

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The American Pit Bull Terrier is a dog breed. It is a medium-sized, solidly-built, short-haired dog whose early ancestors came from the British Isles.


Yes but I grew up with pit bulls and only own Pitt bulls, I have been bit by more small dogs than anything else it is not the dog it's the owner

I can't believe that you people put the pit bull in this category. You obviously don't know anything about the breed. Pits where actually breed to be Nanny Dogs by farmers to watch over their children while they went to work in the fields. I have friends who have a 20 month old little girl and my pit watches over her when she visits, I have seen several times when my dog has seen her walking toward the steps on my deck and walked in front of her to make sure she didn't get to close. When she walks out on my property he is always right by her side. Yes they are strong, yes they are tough, yes they are loyal, BUT ISN'T THAT THE DEFINITION OF WHAT A GREAT DOG IS SUPPOSE TO BE?

Why? I wish humans would treat them better. They are very sweet and kind and they actually do not bite if a heartless brainless human did not hurt them and abuse them. Saying they kill everyone in the world and (I know this is hyperbole) is like saying because this guy smacked someone they should be banned from the universe and thrown out into jupiter just kidding that's hyperbole but there's nothing wrong with Pit Bulls there's something wrong with humans they are stupid and just want to release their anger on animals. Why don't they just talk to someone? Hitting a dog isn't going to satisfy you and why do shock collars and spiked collars exist? - Puppytart

I have friend who owned a pit bull, she raved that it was the best dog ever. Then one day while she was sharing a hamburger with it bit her face and wouldn't let go. Multiple surgeries. So all of you pit lovers be aware who say its not the dog it's the owner. Hopefully this never happens to you. It's not that they are all bad, but even the potential of knowing if it turns on you there will be damage and possible death. To much to risk when there are so many more breeds out there that don't have this potential.

Stats and historical facts don't lie. It's always been a bad breed the whole nanny dog thing was a myth. You can certainly get some nice pit bulls and many are nice but their also the most likely to attack and seriously injure a human. Many people have sworn by their beloved pit bulls only to be bit by them. Just because you've got seemingly well behaved pit bulls doesn't mean others won't get a bad one that seriously injures them or someone else. It's a gamble getting one of these the odds are you'll be fine and get a good pet but there's also a small but very real chance the dog may be a bad one. The occurrence of these "bad" dogs is far more prevalent in this breed than any other. So you can never truly trust this breed like you would another breed. It's in their dna and sometimes their attacking instinct pops out. Save me the my pittbulls great stories because there are many great pittbulls I'm aware of this however there are enough pittbulls that turn out bad to be of concern. If ...more

Our family pit mix that we had since a puppy had an unexplained attack & mauled my 2 year old. I always fought for these dogs & the bad rap they got, but seeing the other side and taking this chance I have ruined my baby's life. There is no way of changing their instinct & genetic make-up. Deadly animal.

Dude not cool, pit bulls are always said to be vicious dog breeds and all that, but if you think about it they were raised by humans since the day they were made so pretty much, it's not the dog that's so bad but the person who raised it, like let's just say there is a dog and you look at it and say, I don't know what dog that is but it's probably not a poodle. It's not the dog that is the mystery it's what you do and don't know. So blame yourself instead of the dog itself.

It can be the owner, but there is nothing anybody can do to change instinct... Aggressivness is in their blood and nothing can change that. One day my mom was running in town and two cornered her and attacked her. Now she is missing the bottom half of her leg, oh and after that the owner (with a family consisting of 4 kids all under the age of ten) said that they have never done anything like that before. Just goes to show that instinct overpowers any kind of training. Now imagine if those dogs would have gotten one of the owners children, I don't think that they would have been as lucky as my mother was.

I own a pit, a Doberman, a boxer, and a pug. The pit is always the most aggressive when it comes to eating and its territory. It's not really a fun loving dog either like the rest of my dogs, it has a much darker nature even though we've had her since she was a pup. I love her and put up her, but that's the most hard headed dog I've ever had. My neighbor also has one, and we agree they're horrible with kids because they don't understand not to jump on them. I would never get a pit again, and really recommend people seek a second opinion before listening to overly empathetic people who don't own the dog, but think it's awesome for some reason.

This dog has the ability to kill you and the predisposition programmed to do so. If I asked you if you thought it was safe to put your child on your lap while you drove your car, you would likely reply.. NO - that would be unsafe.. a risk I would never take with my child. So, why would you risk having your children around an animal with the very real potential to kill them?

I am in love with all dogs, but to admit this is brave for me. I am deathly afraid of pit bulls. I can live with any dog except one of these. I become SO uneasy around them. Even though the only one I have ever met was really friendly, I am and was still afraid.

If Pit Bulls are so friendly, why do I see news about a pitbull attack every week? People say that it's their owners that made them aggressive, but I have seen other dogs abused like Pit Bulls, but they don't become so aggressive that we hear about their attacks all the time.
Another thing-Pit Bulls were BRED to be aggressive. It's in their name! "Pit bull." Pit bulls were bred to kill bulls in a pit. They are naturally aggressive dogs.

No no no. I have seen pit bulls bark at me for no reason! They have been mad at me and wanted to bite me. This one pitbull just glared at me like it wanted to kill me. Yes, this may feel like I am overreacting but, seriously, some pit bulls just felt like wanting to kill me and my friends and sisters. - MissRWBY202

Very well written opinion and I think very accurate. A good point that we tend to choice a dog, partly alligned with our own personality. A well trained Lab will be dangerous 1 of of 100 times. a poorly trained lab will be dangerous 5 out of a 100 times. A well trained Pit Bull will be dangerous 5 out of a 100 times. A poorly trained Pit will be dangerous 25 out of 100 times. and of course, any incidences with the Pit will result in much more serious injuries.

Now don't judge these guys by their covers, Pit bulls are aggressive breeds that have caused a lot of people deaths, but's that because they were not treated right. Pit bulls are actually dogs that were bred to be strong and were bred for fighting. A lot of people actually think these are great dogs.When a pit bull is raised, socialized and trained right at an early age, they can become the most loyal and wonderful companion.

Pit pulls can be sweet and sour it all depends on its ownre and poodles bite more than pit bulls I have a pit bull and he is only aggressive to other dogs that try to be aggressive to my family she's one of the sweetest dogs and even though I've been bit by a pitbull I still love that it is not their fault it's the owners fault for abusing them and if the owner shows love the dog shows love if the owner shows hate the dog will show hate it all depends on the owner

I myself own a and he's a wonderful dog, in fact he's becoming a therapy dog. I think everything that was written about them in this article is all crap and it's just someone's opinion. It's definitely not based on facts that's for sure and like they say opinion is like an ass everyone's got one. HA!

I have NEVER met a mean Pitt Bull in my life. They just have a bad reputation, all because of dog fighters and irresponsible owners. Yes, they can be as mean as snakes, but so can Golden retrievers! It all depends on how the dog, any dog, is raised. - Survivor101

Pit bulls are amazing I live with three pit bulls and they are always being nice pit bulls should not be treated like this I'm calling 911

Why the hell do you think Pit Bulls should be on here? Just because you've heard stories of untrained pit bulls attacking people doesn't mean they're bad. I love these dogs and once you train 'em well, they'll love you and even strangers - Paris4Lyfe

Like the people below, it's the owner, not the dog. I own a pitt and she is the sweetest thing that you have ever seen. She will lick you forever and ever. Sometimes her tail wags so hard that her butt shakes. She has never bitten a single human being in her life.

The american pit bull terrier, was not bred to fight, or be an attack dog. They were actually bred to be family and companion dogs for the elderly. Many people tend to reject the fact that they were the american poster dog. There are more pitbulls registered as hospital assist dogs, than any other breed because of their love for people. Yes, if trained to attack, and kill, they will do it to the best of their ability, but it is also a fact that the pit bull, is the only breed that has the highest rehability rate even having dark pasts. The breed isn't the problem, the humans are.

My golden was attacked by one of these for no reason. It sought out my dog and attacked. If you own one of these dogs, the least you can do is be careful

To the person who's niece's fingers have been bitten off, I feel really bad for him/her but you still put the blame toward the dog? You said the dog was unprovoked so perhaps it was abused or had a bad experience with people, think about it.

It's not the dog it's the owner I have 2 now but I have had 3. The dogs are loyal energetic big loving the dogs are nice too. They are great and if you don't like them than you have never met one they just have a bad rep by us!