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The Chihuahua is the smallest breed of dog and is named for the state of Chihuahua in Mexico. Chihuahuas come in a wide variety of sizes, head shapes, colors, and coat lengths.


Terrible breed. Poops everywhere. I have owned dogs my entire life. Eskimos are my favorite. Have a friend and family member who own Chihuahuas and I have spent some time around them. They love there dogs to death but will never get another one as the are growling, howling, and come off vicious even though they could not hurt a fly, very unpleasant to be around. Poop, poop, poop... Cry, cry, cry... Bark, Bark, Bark. I have had plenty of dogs to know these brainless rodents are not a good breed.

Chihuahuas are questionable dogs. One, they're spoiled so they're hard to give basic training to. It took my Chihuahua 8 years to stop peeing and crapping on the carpet. Two, for a small dog, Chihuahuas have one of the loudest and most contagious barks of any dog breed. My Chihuahua only barked when someone knocked on the door and when we turned the vacuum on, but some of them bark for literally no reason. Three, Chihuahuas will never hesitate to bite you if they don't like you, and I've experienced that many times. If I even got close to my Chihuahua, she would've started growling at me and ready herself for the attack. Overall, Chihuahuas are not too much of a bad breed. All you have to know is that they're pamper dogs. They want to be spoiled, and if you can't handle that, then it's best not to have one as a pet. - Mcgillacuddy

Chihuahuas are ugly, stupid little things. I would say they're like rats, but rats are intelligent creatures. Chihuahuas are anything but intelligent. All they do is yap with that annoying high pitched bark. Hate them.
If you want a dog, get a dog, not a rodent.

So your bad experience with knowing maybe, what, one or two chihuahuas like that makes the whole breed bad? you shouldn't be so short minded. You sound like a angry, bitter individual. - foreverafs

They suck. Sorry. They just yap and yap and yap. Especially at places like a coffee shop, if my German Shepherd barked constantly like that, everyone would be to afraid to sit outside and drink their coffee. God. And the owners should shut up their damn dog instead of dress them in jackets and clothes.

Especially the stupid retards that say they care for animal cruelty, then they dress up their dumb little chihuahuas in tuxedos and frilly dresses. Dumbasses. - Tomboy101

You, like most people that slam chihuahuas, blame the dog but it's the owners that own little dogs like Chihuahuas that treat them like babies and don't understand dog instincts and it perpetuates the dominance of the little dog and makes them like that. The ones to blame are the owners. You should realize that and quit being one dimensional minded. - foreverafs

I've had dogs for over 40 years. Several breeds over the years. German shepherd, pointer, dachshund, beagle, Irish setter, shih tzus, bichon. We currently have a shih tzu & a bichon mix, while our housemate has 2 chihuahuas. And, those chihuahuas are the dumbest dogs I've ever seen in my life. Nonstop barking (at nothing), pooping wherever the hell they feel like (They know they aren't supposed to), constant whining etc, and the most annoying retarded bark when they get excited. They are nice dogs, but boy are they stupid.

Nasty, domineering little dogs. The worst of the worst. Would never, ever trust a chihuahua with a child. They seem to get overly aggressive. Also they are notoriously hard to house train. Yes, I we had one years ago and although we loved him and he lived to a ripe old age, we would never bring another one into the home. You have to constantly be in control or they will take advantage and be nasty.

Chihuahaus are horrid little creatures. I am a huge animal lover, cats, dogs, you name it. But not with these things. I have the extreme misfortune of having a new'ish neighbor in an apartment building who has one and the thing is insufferable. Barking incessantly, it pooped on the entryway, nipped at my pant leg for no reason and I kicked it away (the "owner" is useless, but he probably gave up trying with this thing). I volunteer in a shelter and currently every last dog there is a chihuahua. I work with the cats, thankfully. People who get these things have no idea what they're getting into because they haven't done research, and then they give them up like that. I feel badly for the beasts, but I understand why people want them out of their lives.

Stupid, stupid breed that barks at anything without provocation. I knew a lady in Napa who owned 4 or 5 of these "cute creatures." The things would bark for hours after someone arrived. This calm and educated upper-middle class lady would lose it some time and yell at these things to shut up. Some say little dogs just have Napolean complexes and over-compensate for their size. I know a guy with both a pug and chug(Chihuahua pug mix.)Feel free to take a moment and guess which one won't shut up. The only people who don't mind these things have to have advance stage hearing loss and a touch of dementia, as they'll drive any normal person insane. If Mike Vic had lied and said he grew up with chihuahuas in his house, he would have gotten sympathy for his callous treatment of dogs.

I own a rescued chihuahua and she's a delight to have! She learns tricks very quickly and is extremely food motivated. She has a harder time understanding verbal commands and does best with gestures while being clicker trained.
She was house broken within 3 days, all it took was a consistent schedule. She knows sit, wait, off, go lay down, come here, wait, heal, jump, spin, beg, bring me your toy and shake.
I have taught my dog to retrieve wallets, credit cards and cash from people's purses (I kid you not). She's smart. She's from the streets. She knows the meaning of a dollar.

Whaa? Chihuahuas are in my opinion, the BEST dog breed! I figured out that they are loving and overprotective, and sometimes they can be REALLY difficult... But I still love them. My chihuahua sat next to my cat and they are best friends, and my siblings love him too! The only thing is you are supposed to train dogs of you do not want them to bite. Of course they won't bite you but that doesn't mean they don't bite. Chihuahuas are spoiled if you spoil them. They can't just be born with ten toys and their own bed, unless you wanted that. They are very kind and cute, and the chihuahua I have cleans himself everyday. The only thing bad is that if you do not train them they can bite and poo in other people's yards and they get so scared of... Rain... - Puppytart

These are the literal creatures of hell. Never have I ever seen a more aggressive dog and it's always pooping the worst of itself. If I had to own a chihuahua I would rather kill myself before I have to clean up it's feces, no thank you. I can tame a lot of aggressive animals, but not the chihuahua, as it can have rabies and I can't even tell the goddamned difference if it bites me.

Evil little rats. Their brain is tiny all it can fit in there is the purest kind if evil. No room for common sense, intelligence, or kindness. EVIL!

My ex girlfriend had a chihuahua that was the worst behaved, nastiest creature on earth. It must have bitten me 50 times and I never did a single thing to provoke it. Granted, my ex was a poor dog owner, but I think poor dog owners are attracted to these dogs. They are so small that their awful behavior has no serious consequences.

My chihuahua is kind and not aggressive to me and my family. Well of course, these species poop and pee everywhere and bark constantly. But I recommend to adopt a newborn chihuahua. If you raise them the good way like giving them care and love, they will be nice and loyal to you. Of course, they will not be nice or kind to strangers. If treat them the opposite way, they will be little demons. But, adult chihuahuas can not bond with young children. I understand why people hate them but NOT ALL OF them are mean and aggressive

I don't think they are the WORST dogs unless whomever is training them babies them. In my experience they're loyal dogs but only to their owner. So in that sense they're annoying. Socializing them is hard. Also they're too clingy for me personally. Too needy, they shake all the time and they do poop wherever the hell they want. Not for me but I'm sure there are sweet non-clingy, well trained chihuahuas out there. People need to stop dressing them up and leaving bathroom pads inside the house until they're like 3 years old.

I rescued 2 Chihuahuas 7-8 months ago. I watched them wandering around the neighborhood, seeing them usually at least 3 sometimes 4 a day. It seemed to me that every day they looked skinner than the day before. Finally I went out and bought them in, a boy and a girl.---wouldn't you know that the girl was pg. I put fliers up called the shelters who put u up fliers etc. She had 5 babies, tBoth the boy and girl along with their babies are very sweet and hardly even bark. They love everyone &have not groweled or bit or tryed to bite anyone. I too thought that they were vicious snappy little dogs but these ones have changed my mind. I do and have been for a log time raised toy poodles. I never thought I'd say this but the poodles are louder than the Chihuahuas' and they all get along well with each other well. I have had many different types of dogs and other animals and I would have to say that these Chihuahua' are very smart little dogs. Anyone who says that they are dumb does not know ...more

Prefer to go poop or pee inside. Dumb. Shake. Have to be lifted or stairs built. Tend to focus obsessively on one owner. Not nice personality's. Severely inbred. Somebody long ago was focused on the smallest dog for smallest sake and forgot to breed for other positive attributes.

I have 2 of them and they are the most sweetest animals I've ever had and for someone to say they are dumb and vicious? My one dog we have taught to walk on to legs, speak, sit, to play dead just about every trick there is he knows and is the most loving dog. I get it if you don't like the breed but don't talk down about them. I don't like pugs but I don't sit her here and say pugs are the worst animal ever and are stupid and shouldn't b bread. People need to keep some opinions to them selfs.

I myself own a Chihuahua, (Ernest) and he is the sweetest dog ever. Very friendly, easy to take care of, they are chill (mostly) and THEY ARE ADORABLE! My family and I (I'm ALMOST 12) take him on hikes, he loves it. Take note that they can fare better in warmer climates, keep them away from drafts. Please consider taking this exquisite breed of this list. My Ernest and other breeds DON'T DESERVE THIS!

I'm sick and tired of this whole these are bad breeds, the breed barely matters what really matters is how their raised and that specific dogs personality, some are protective, some are vocal, some prefer silence, and others prefer just their own special person and none of those attributes are bad but people never take time to understand the dog instead they just decide that's a bad dog. Sometimes there are bad dogs but that shouldn't make everyone hate the whole breed!

My whole family who are dog owners have these hoes or dogs that are half of these hoes, most of them are not so sweet. Like every time I do a dance move that looks like I'm about to get into a fight, one of them gets so angry and starts biting my toe. Hence why if I get kids and they want a dog, I will get something that's NOT a Chihuahua

These dogs are vicious by nature and are way too overprotective of there owners. I have two dogs. I eventually chose one chocolate Labrador and a Golden retriever. I tried out chihuahuas but they were nipping from 3 weeks and they wouldn't budge from their owners feet! I am also 11 years old but a boy.

They should be 'dogs to flats', but they are notoriously hard (read almost impossible) to house train. Really not smart: so teach them anything becomes a pain and frustrating if right beside you have second much smarter dog breed, who can figure out the commands in few lessons. Very strong headed, always challenging the owner.One of the main down falls here is the recall: you better keep your chi all the time at the leash, as 'well recall trained chi' suddenly decide just run and jump right into road, fully ignoring the commands. Surely not pleasant always pulling the dog on the leash and yet with the type of personality who is not willing to follow the owner direction. And those 'pea pads' with which you will get 'friendly' in every chi owner house.. Sorry just nooo;-( Agresive, or anxious but always headstrong, almost all of them nagging for food and owners not being able to stop it, usually too hyper to be great house pets and tendency to be very jelaus on anyone, being other pet ...more

This is bull. They say don't judge pit bulls and other dogs with bad reps. It's the owner not the dog. Same go's for the chihuahua. If you raise them like babies and pamper them, they're going to be mean. If you treat them like any other dog, they'll be sweet, loyal, and protective.

I hate these awful little beasts. No wonder the shelters are full of them. My boyfriend has one, and I'm taking a night off, because I need peace and quiet. That beast could wake the dead. And, they are totally stupid and psycho. Loving you one minute, biting you the next.