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1 Cat

Pretty weird for a dog name - Peppapigsucks

Cat dog if any one knows the reference

Best name ever

If you name your dog cat might as well name your cat dog and if your have a hamster... - Norrisofchuck

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2 Bitch

Well... female dogs are called that... but I would definitely NOT call a dog that.

This is a cruel name who would name there dog this

How dare you? You can't say that about animals! You are the name! You are a son of the name

Who's cruel enough to do this?!

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3 D.O.G

We know it's a dog.

Why would you name your dog D.O. G that's the dumbest name I ever heard

Why would you name your dog D.O. G

D.O. G Really? Geez people...

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4 Buddy

Whenever I hear this name, it brings a mental image of a VERY grizzled dog (over 20 years old and very gray) hugging his owner... Not the best name for any dog that doesn't match that description in my opinion. Especially bad for rebellious dogs who bite/avoid their owners, or abused ones... You'd expect a dog with this name to LOVE his/her owner and be very loving.

I'd like this name if it wasn't overused. Pal is cuter, and it means the same thing

Terrible name that makes your dog seem like the most loving thing in the world. It's most likely not!

Don't bring up those atrocious puppies from Disney again...

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5 Lizard

That is a stupid name

I don't think I've ever met a dog named Lizard but since it's here I guess some actually have. I cannot understand why you would name a dog Lizard. It doesn't sound cool, cute, or masculine so what are you going for here? It isn't creative. The only redeeming quality to this name is the fact that you could shorten it to "Liz"

I had a dog when I was three named lizard

I'm now going to name my dog lizard... so original and cute!

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6 Anus

Yes that's So bad

I love you

Come here anus

Stupid and innapropriate

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7 Fido

Awesome name

Awesome name

I actually like this name for a dog
by the way my neighbors named there daughter princess!

8 Poo

Why would you name yer dog poo here poo come here poo poo wanna treat good boy poo stupid name - meggy678

I have a dog named pee - Joshuakhang123

I tried to name my cockatiels "poo" and "pee" when I was 9

Why would ya call a cute dog that!

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9 Shoe Shine

Its from underdog

Who the hell would name a dog shoe shine

does this imply that you use your dog to clean off dirty shoes

Does that mean your dog looks CDs your shoes to make it clean?


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10 Cimba

It means lion, when it's a dog!?

Isn't that the lion king cat?

Its not cimba its simba

I like cimba it is cute

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11 Whatamess

Eeeeat eat you eat your key out your little daddy video you just don't really like you don't know we want to go to doozies please please please read this is his new movie love you please please please please follow me and I don't know what how

Stupid name

12 Wave

It's kinda cute

I like this name because I am a ocean bady

This is zen


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13 Bob

I like that name - Cygeniks

People who say bob don't even think about it they just say bob

Our neighbor's name is Bob. :-)

Who names their dog after Bob Barker, Bob Crane, or Bob Harper?

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14 Knucklehead McSpazatron

Spongebob likes this


This name is amazing, if you're naming a goat!

Best Dog name ever

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15 Boobs

Here's our awesome competitor boobs

Who would name a god that! Come here boobs!

What the heck

This name is innapropriate

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16 Chocolate

I like it - Cygeniks

Unless his skin is very brown

Awesome name


17 Poochy

It's just as bad as the name doggy it's a pooch and all they put is an " y" on the end?!?!

It rhymes with poopy


18 Fart

Now I'm going to get a dog, just so I can use this name!

Love it

Who names a dog fart well unless he/she farts a ton maybe two tons

Come here fart

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19 Bonnie

Sounds to much like a bonnet.

I actually think this name is pretty cute!

It's a five nights at Freddy's

20 ReDizzleMcFizzleGizzle

Amazing gonna get a dog just to call him that then gonna get another dog and call it Alan

My friend had a "rapper dog"

Amazing dog name

"Hi ReDizzleMcFizzleGizzle! C'mere boy! "

21 Queensie

You smell and I hate you

22 Toto



Iā€™d love this, everywhere I went Iā€™d be serenaded with Africa

23 It

That's what my family use to name me

Strange movie.
Bad name for an animal.

Dad: "it's running away!
Mom: "... what?

It the clown

24 Bakster

My brother just rescued a boxer mix named bakster. the more I say the name the more I dislike it andthe dog doesn't look like a bakster either. I asked him why he didn't decide to change the name and he said because he felt weird changing a 3 year old dogs name but the problem is that the people at the pound probably named him and the dog didn't answer to the name anyway.

25 Crap

Unless your dog likes poop so much that they want to be named after it, your dog will attack you if you address it by this name.

Here Crap! Come here little Crap! Good Crap! No. it. doesn't. work.

Why on earth would you name your dog that?! What the heck is wrong with people?! - aquaman1998

Imagine if he/she got out and your outside HERE CRAP

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26 Hitler


By far the best name. Would name my child like that

27 Dicksmasher


Hot name

Haa! Hilarious

Hello here's our winner for the decade.. Dicksmasher the dog

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28 Dutchess

This is a great name. My neighbor's dog is named Duchess. It's on the wrong list and you spelled it wrong.

29 Lola

I am named Lola!

30 Copper

I named my dog copper, so how is it bad

I think it's a cute name

31 Stains

Come Stains!

32 Poopsie

Very good name. I like that name

My friend had a dog called Poopsie... I don't know what he was thinking.

So so so so so so so so so so so so so funny

33 Sumtingwong
34 Lunatic pension
35 Dad

Seriously considering this one.

36 Airbubble McMuffin

Hi big fat air bubble Mcmuffin

37 Tape

In Lithuania yes is said tape although I'm not quite sure of how to say it. English transolation) Come here yes ooh no! Don't roll in that horse poo! Let's get you to the house.that's my yes.

Do I really need to explain why this is a terrible name?

"Come here, tape! "
"That's a good boy, tape! "


38 Rudy

I love this name for a dog - PositronWildhawk

39 Mr. Weenie

Stupid name

LOL! Enough said.

40 Supercalafragalisticexpialadoshus

This is gay

Try not to kill your self saying that name.
Either way that names a first.


I posted that... :D

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41 Barbara
42 Pee

What the hell?
This name is stupid


Here pee! Come here pee! Fetch pee! Good boy pee!

43 Luna

I actually like this name

Luna's a very nice name

I love this name.. a good name for a golden retriever šŸ˜šŸ¶

44 Douchebag

Stupid and retarded

45 Simba

I think it is so cute

In African It Means Lion!?!?

This is my cat's name

Simba lion in swahili besides the African lion panthra leo leo is from the genius panthradea only

46 Noah

This will sound too much like the word "No" and confuse your poor pet. Think of every time you have to correct your dogs behavior by saying "No! " and now think about calling him to come over. Confusion!

As a dog trainer, I have to vote for this name. I can't believe owners don't have the foresight to stay away from this one.

Stay, Noah! No! No Noah, stay! Stay there, Noah! No! Ugh! Noah!

47 Adolf

That name needs to make one hell of a come back just like 'take that' get rid of (robbie Williams / murdering 6 million Jews. Come on guys they're basically the same thing) I know I will be calling my children this name for years to come!

48 No name

"Come here no name " so stupid

49 Tinkerbelle

Such a cute name but sometimes it! right have to go with the right dog

50 Laggington Sir Spazington
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