Worst Dog Names

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21 ReDizzleMcFizzleGizzle

My friend had a "rapper dog"

Amazing dog name

"Hi ReDizzleMcFizzleGizzle! C'mere boy! "

22 Toto


23 It

That's what my family use to name me

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24 Bakster

My brother just rescued a boxer mix named bakster. the more I say the name the more I dislike it andthe dog doesn't look like a bakster either. I asked him why he didn't decide to change the name and he said because he felt weird changing a 3 year old dogs name but the problem is that the people at the pound probably named him and the dog didn't answer to the name anyway.

25 Crap

Here Crap! Come here little Crap! Good Crap! No. it. doesn't. work.

Why on earth would you name your dog that?! What the heck is wrong with people?! - aquaman1998

Imagine if he/she got out and your outside HERE CRAP

Come here, you piece of Crap!

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26 Dutchess

This is a great name. My neighbor's dog is named Duchess. It's on the wrong list and you spelled it wrong.

27 Lola

I am named Lola!

28 Copper

I named my dog copper, so how is it bad

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29 Poopsie

My friend had a dog called Poopsie... I don't know what he was thinking.

Very good name. I like that name

So so so so so so so so so so so so so funny

30 Airbubble McMuffin

Hi big fat air bubble Mcmuffin

31 Dicksmasher

Hello here's our winner for the decade.. Dicksmasher the dog

Neighbors dog named it. Animal abuse...

32 Tape

Do I really need to explain why this is a terrible name?

"Come here, tape! "
"That's a good boy, tape! "


33 Hitler
34 Rudy

I love this name for a dog - PositronWildhawk

35 Stains

Come Stains!

36 Dad

Seriously considering this one.

37 Barbara
38 Pee

What the hell?
This name is stupid


Here pee! Come here pee! Fetch pee! Good boy pee!

39 Merry legs

I literally saw a dog up for adoption named this

40 Douchebag

Stupid and retarded

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