Worst Dog Names

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61 Poopy John
62 Stains MC Arpet
63 Peanut Wigglebutt

I laughed for like 5 minutes after reading this name

Wiener dog Shake that wigglebutt wiener dog.

I love you peanut wigglebutt and u are so cool

64 Ploik
65 Casino
66 Dammit

Here dammit! Come here dammit! Fetch dammit!
It sounds like the owners cursing

V 4 Comments
67 Luna V 2 Comments
68 Le Roach
69 Murphy
70 Pepper
71 Sandy V 2 Comments
72 Goby the First

Please it's definitely not worth the name

73 Snoop Dogg

Really a dog named after a rapper?

74 Stinky Socks V 1 Comment
75 Ivana Goda de Bafroom V 1 Comment
76 Garfield


77 Pussy

The most retarded name. EVER for both dogs and cats

78 Stalin
79 Cooper

My neighbours have a dog called cooper and it is an annoying mutt that doesn't shut up...

80 Bella

Terrible name for both humans and canines (so is Belle, Isabelle, and Isabella)(basically any version of Belle)

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