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1 Avery Jennings

She's just perfect at everything! New talents come out at the drop of a hat! I was okay with her being smart and a good artist. I really was. But then she suddenly was an a amazing singer. Okay. Now she's an awesome fashion designer! I'm fed up with it now. That's too many talents! She's also a boy magnet! Say what you want but she's had more actual relationships than anyone in the series. Even Tyler! Next thing I know she'll be amazing at sports and out BMXs Tyler!

The show only revolves around this boy crazy idiot. She is an annoying, stuck up, know-it-all who criticizes everyone just because they aren't as smart as her. - Minecraftcrazy530

Ok... the first time I watched this show, I actually thought Avery was kinda funny, and one of the better characters, but after that, everything went downhill. She got more annoying, she was more of a know-it-all, she was WAY more bossy, and she got SUPER boy-crazy! IT'S SO ANNOYING!

It is a T.V. show. WHO CARES

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2 Ellen Jennings

Her jokes aren't funny at all. In every episode I hear good one ellen. Wrong! Bad one ellen

She is annoying and she doesn't do nothing when her children disrespects her

She is a weirdo and really crazy

OH GOD how is this not number one! - Bubblegumrage456

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3 Chloe James

She isn't that cute, and sassy, smart mouthed kids aren't cute.

She is ugly sassy their parents should spank them but the parents are silly too.

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4 Tyler James

Another stupid Jewish actor who is ugly

A very fugly creep, doesn't care about anything but his hair and his bushy eyebrows

Embarresed about his smarts but his smarts isn't the thing he shouldn't be embarresed about (its his hair)

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5 Stan

Stan is the best character he shouldn't even be on this list. I love how funny and kind he is.

Stan should not be on here :'(

Stan is 2 dogs because the first 1 (kuma) had a heart attack so the ouner took him out of the show and replaced him with (mick) a younger dog

Stan is hilarious. Whoever doesn't like him should be aahamed

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6 Nikki Ortiz

SHOW OFF she's always say how good of an actress she is

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7 Bennett James
8 Carl V 2 Comments
9 Lindsay
10 Max

Max is deep and dark but in a cool way

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11 Ellen James
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1. Avery Jennings
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