Top Ten Worst Dora the Explorer Episodes

Only added the first 10 because i didn't have any ideas.

The Top Ten

1 The Big Red Chicken

Thank God there's only 14 episodes on here, it's a toddlers show lol.

My goodness the animation is beyond awful it makes other horrible cartoons look like Finding Nemo amimation!

WHAT IS THIS ANIMATION IT LOOKS LIKE BARF what IS WRONG WITH DORA'S FACE the animation is meh for like one song but its awful especially when they try to find a jey

2 Hic-Boom-Ohh
3 Lost and Found

I don't know about you guys, but all of them are really bad. Especially the magic stick one (I forget what it was called). She sings "Magic STICK! " And sometimes it sounds like she's saying magic D! CK

4 Beaches
5 Ice Cream

Is this the one where they lick ice cream down to the cones and throw away the cones in the trash? Wasteful!

Basically they freak out because there is no ice cream oh no we are dead

6 Choo Choo

Talking trains what

7 Treasure Island
8 Three Little Piggies
9 Big River
10 Berry Hunt

The Contenders

11 Sticky Tape

That's totally not how balloon physics work. Dora the Retard.

12 Backpack

The sixteenth episode of Dora the Explorer isn't a terrible episode.

13 Dora's Fairy-Tale Adventure
14 Dora's Big Birthday Adventure
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